Bin Rental in North Vancouver, BC

TrashKing is now located on the Northshore and services the district of North Vancouver with bin rentals and other waste services. There is no need to pay expensive 1-800 type companies when affordable bins are available for rent. All you have to do is call 604-305-2032 and book your cheap mini bin rental today. We offer affordable garbage bins  as well as professional bin rentals to the city of North Van. Our licensed company is rated one of the best bin rentals in North Van and our drivers are friendly and licensed. If you need residential bins for rent, trust the team at TrashKing to drop off the bins in a timely manner. When you are finished with them, simply call our waste bin pick up line and they will be removed with out delay.

That’s right, TrashKing rents waste bins for commercial locations. We can leave them on your site for flexible rental periods and offer up front pricing to make your waste management experience a positive one. Simply give our local office a call at 604-305-2032 and speak to a commercial services representative. Our rates are affordable and our services are licensed and insured.

You can be rest assured that your materials are being recycled as much as possible because reducing greenhouse emissions and lowering carbon footprints is a core part of our business model. Talk to our waste management experts about the LEEDS program.

    • If you need a fast and affordable bin rental in North Vancouver, contact the pros at TrashKing by calling 604-433-5865.They have a disposal bin size for every job residential or commercial. TrashKing bin rentals come with upfront pricing and several options to pay. Take advantage of bin sizes from 5 to 50 cubic yards and a commitment to ethical disposal practices that include recycling up to 80% of junk that is collected and diverting as much waste as possible from the transfer station on the Northshore. The next time that you need cheap bin rental services, call TrashKing.

Looking for an affordable bin rental in North Vancouver? Trash King makes it easy and cost-efficient to rent a mini bin or dumpster on your residential or commercial location to take care of your waste needs. One call to 604-433-5865 and a bin will be on its way to your site. Use it for as long as you like and then just call again when you’re through.

Whatever project you’re working on, Trash King has a steel bin that’s perfect for your job. Be sure to ask your rental rep what types of materials are OK to combine as there are sometimes rules that have to be followed when it comes to transferring materials to the landfill or recycling your materials. If you have drywall or gypsum, Trash King can bring an additional bin just for those materials as they cannot be mixed into bin rentals.

There are many great benefits to bin rental in the North Vancouver area that include:

– Less clutter on the work site. Your workplace will remain clean and clutter-free when you rent a bin from Trash King. Broken down boxes, large amounts of paperwork, construction debris, home or business garbage and a wide range of other materials can be neatly disposed of and hauled away with no effort on your part.

– Eco-friendly. Renting a waste bin or dumpster allows your garbage to be recycled so that materials can be reused instead of going into your local landfill. Trash King will recycle everything possible so that those materials can be repurposed.

– Convenience. One of the biggest advantages to bin rental for your North Vancouver business is that you’ll save a lot of time over collecting and hauling off waste materials. Trash King can tailor a disposal plan that is perfect for your company, regardless of it size. Employees will find using a bin is one of the easiest ways to get rid of company garbage, especially when it’s placed in a location that allows the least amount of effort on the part of your workers.

– If you’re remodeling or cleaning out your house, a bin rental is extremely cost-effective and convenient. Having a single point of contact for disposing of all household garbage and debris makes the project all the more streamlined.

A bin rental for your North Vancouver construction project will give you the added benefit of knowing that as soon as you want the debris gone, Trash King will be there to get it out of your way. You’ll have the advantage of being able to take your time, but the peace of mind that with one phone call, it will all be gone.

For more information about an affordable bin rental in North Vancouver, contact Trash King by calling 604-433-5865. If you’d like to learn more about the services Trash King provides, visit online at and book a bin with free delivery right over the Internet.

If you’re facing a renovation project around your home, consider renting a mini bin in Vancouver. Mini bins come with a wide range of benefits and often meet the needs of residents much better than a full size dumpster or bin. If you live in the city limits or in a location with a small yard or tight driveway, a mini bin is probably the right choice for your disposal needs.

Mini bin rental in Vancouver provides a convenient way to remove junk, garbage, renovation debris or other materials from your home. Small businesses can even benefit from the use of a mini bin. They fit perfectly in the small footprint of your property and are perfect for every project that proves to be of limited space. Trash King rents mini bins at affordable prices their customers appreciate. If you’re thinking about a mini bin rental in the Vancouver area, call 604-433-5865 and ask to speak with a bin specialist.

Trash King offers mini bins in the following sizes:

– 5 yard bin, measuring 2’ x 9’ x 7.5’
– 10 yard bin, measuring 2’ x 16’ x 8’
– 12 yard bin, measuring 3’ x 16’ x 7’
– 20 yard bin, measuring 6’ x 11’ x 8’

Their 10 yard bin is ideal for renovation debris, roofing tear-off and green yard waste. Consider the 20 yard bin for most household garbage, wood and nails and new construction waste. Trash King understands how challenging it can be to try to guess what size of bin will work best for your project. Their customers often have questions about what kind of materials can and cannot be placed into the bins. That’s why their specialists are happy to answer any questions when you call their office at 604-433-5865. They’ll help you make the best decision possible with regard to your project.

Trash King also offers roll off mini bin containers for your North Van location. Their bins are made by CWB certified welders for exceptional weld equality and long lasting useful life. They can take just about anything you throw at them. Roll offs have double tapered sides and formed floor back posts as well as custom drop forged hinges. If you’re looking for a bin that offers improved structural strength with an easy to open door, this bin will be perfect for your needs. Some bins from Trash King even have 10-gauge steel for added strength and support!

To learn more about what you can put into the bins, call Trash King at 604-433-5865 and ask to talk to Chris or Nick about your project. TVs, mattresses, drywall and appliances all have special restrictions at the recycling facilities and these items will be discovered at the time when they are dumped.

For more information about renting a mini bin in Vancouver North, call Trash King or visit online at You’ll love working with the company that takes your trash disposal needs seriously.

Do you need a mini bin rental for your Vancouver construction project? Mini bins are smaller than dumpsters and can often prove to be the best option for smaller jobs. If you have limited space on your property, live in the city or have smaller needs when it comes to getting rid of your garbage, call TrashKing at 604-433-5865 for a price.

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