In the Surrey Centre area we can drop a bin off for rental at your home or construction site. If there is a deal to be had, call the best Bin Rental Surrey services provider in the Guildford area. We aren’t necessarily the cheapest bin rental in Surrey, BC but ethical disposal practices put the onus of cost on the vendor, whereas we all pay as a society for the environmental decisions of the cheap bin rentals company. Call TrashKing today at 778-806-5121 and talk to our Surrey mini bin experts. We can help you choose the best disposal bin with the lowest cost and highest value. Simply give us a call and we can talk about your bin rental needs.

Is your real estate development in need of a disposal bin rental? Then, you have come to the right place. Since 2005, TrashKing has been providing local bins to dispose of construction waste and renovations materials. In hiring a professional disposal company, you are taking a stand for ethical disposal practices and by supporting local, you are keeping your community economy flowing. Our bin rentals in the city of Surrey are available to all residents and businesses.

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