Things to keep in mind when it comes to garbage disposal

Are you confused about what to place within your garbage disposal? Read on to find out what should be put and what should not so as to protect yourself as well as the environment.

Consider composting certain things

If it is possible to compost your vegetable waste then do this. For instance you may dispose of vegetable peels, coffee grounds, seeds, cuttings as well as stems by composting them. When you compost you can convert waste into something precious for the soil which actually can be employed within your garden.

Liquids are allowed

If the liquid material is not hazardous and also not composed primarily of oils along with fats, you can put liquids within your garbage disposal.

Solid which cannot get composted within the trash

You should dispose non compostable things within the trash rather than putting them within the garbage disposal.

Beware of fats, grease as well as oil

Do not put these down your drain and also in your garbage disposal. They are able to solidify within the sewer leading to blockages along with sewer overflows. You can put bacon grease, oil as well as other fats into some metal can that is empty. Let this cool and become solid before throwing it within the trash. It is a good idea to wipe your pan with some paper towel if it has a bit of oil or even grease, preceding washing it.

Chemicals and medicines are not allowed

These items that are hazardous including paint, motor oil, solvents, various cleaners, unrequired medicine as well as pesticides should be gotten rid of via the Household Hazardous Materials Program.

Hard and fibrous materials should be avoided

Flower stems, seeds, eggshells, corncobs as well as bones can be harmful. You should compost then or throw them in the trash.

What to do when it comes to garbage disposal:

  • Keep it clean by putting in a bit of dish soap and letting your garbage disposal function for about a minute with water that is cold after washing your dishes.
  • Run the garbage disposal on a regular basis. This will aid in preventing corrosion along with rust. It will also let all parts to keep on moving as well as limit obstructions from forming.
  • Grind any food waste with water that is cold. It should come in a strong flow. Cold water will allow grease and oils to solidify allowing them to be chopped up prior to getting to the trap.
  • Grind various hard materials like small chicken as well as fish bones, small fruit pits and also egg shells, etc.
  • Cut those large items so that they become smaller pieces and put them within the garbage disposal separately i.e. one at one time.

What to not do when it comes to your garbage disposal:

  • Anything which is regarded as not being biodegradable food should not be put within the garbage disposal. Garbage disposals are not trash cans, they are for food scraps. Those items that are nonfood ones can harm the blades and also the motor.
  • Avoid grinding paper, glass, metal and plastic.
  • Combustible items should not be grinded.
  • Cigarette butts should not be grinded.
  • Stay away from pouring fat, oil and grease within the garbage disposal and drain.
  • Avoid employing water that is hot when you are grinding food waste.
  • Very fibrous material for instance corn husks, artichokes, onion skins, etc. should not be grinded.
  • Remember not to switch off the motor and water till the grinding has ended. At the time that grinding has ended start by switching off your garbage disposal. Allow water to keep on running for a minimum of 15 seconds allowing it to get rid of remaining particles. Turn the water off after this.
  • A lot of potato peels should not be put within the garbage disposal.
  • Much food should not be put down your precious garbage disposal. Put a small quantity at one time allowing the cold water to run whilst this is being done.
  • Expandable foods should be avoided being put down your disposal for instance pasta and also rice.
  • Large animal bones should not be grinded.
  • Coffee grounds should be avoided being put within the garbage disposal.
  • Avoid employing harsh chemicals for instance bleach and drain cleaners.

How to treat your garbage disposal

You can use ice so as to clean that garbage disposal of yours as well as for sharpening its blades moreover breaking up that pesky grease accumulation that may form. Simply put a few of those ice cubes within the disposal and allow it to run. Try doing this one or two times within a month.

Getting rid of and not allowing dirty smells to emanate

  • Put lemon or maybe some orange within the disposal periodically.
  • You can use ice cube trays so as to freeze vinegar which can be put down your disposal.
  • Stubborn odors could use baking soda poured within the drain. Allow this to set for some hours preceding running the disposal and water.
  • For those very stubborn odors you can utilize some safe cleaning product.

How to handle fallen objects

A hand that is unprotected should never be put within the garbage disposal. If you really need to utilize your hand so as to get rid of objects as well as debris then unplug the disposal. You may also switch off the precise circuit breaker. Safety gloves should be worn so as to keep your precious hand safe from the disposal’s sharp blades.

You may pursue a safer way to get the fallen object. Start by getting a flashlight to find out exactly where the object is. Employ needle nose pliers that are extra-long or a precise automotive finger gripper so as to get the object out. In some instances a coat-hanger that is bent may be used to dislodge as well as hook the object. Chopsticks as well as crochet needles may work.

Things to do when the garbage disposal tends to not grind:

Sometimes when a garbage disposal looks like it is not functioning, it only requires to be reset. You may find a red or maybe black reset button upon your disposal’s motor beneath the sink. Simply push it to reset.

Garbage disposals that are plugged within a wall outlet, be sure that the outlet does have power. See if there is some blown fuse or maybe a tripped circuit breaker.

You may need to provide the disposal with a push-start. Your disposal may have a hole at the bottom side which lets you hand-crank the disposal free when it experiences jamming. When cranking it you can employ an Alan wrench. A useful garbage disposal tool which can be gotten at some hardware stores can be used as well. These may end most jams that are non-serious ones.



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