Things to keep in mind when it comes to garbage disposal
Are you confused about what to place within your garbage disposal? Read on to find out what should be put and what should not so as to protect yourself as well as the environment.
Consider composting certain things
If it is possible to compost your vegetable waste then do this. For instance you may dispose of vegetable peels, coffee grounds, seeds, cuttings as well as stems by composting them. When you compost you can convert waste into something precious for the soil which actually can be employed within your garden.
Liquids are allowed
If the liquid material is not hazardous and also not composed primarily of oils along with fats, you can put liquids within your garbage disposal.
Solid which cannot get composted within the trash
You should dispose non compostable things within the trash rather than putting them within the garbage disposal.

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Beware of fats, grease as well as oil
Do not put these down your drain and also in your garbage disposal. They are able to solidify within the sewer leading to blockages along with sewer overflows. You can put bacon grease, oil as well as other fats into some metal can that is empty. Let this cool and become solid before throwing it within the trash. It is a good idea to wipe your pan with some paper towel if it has a bit of oil or even grease, preceding washing it.

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Chemicals and medicines are not allowed

These items that are hazardous including paint, motor oil, solvents, various cleaners, unrequired medicine as well as pesticides should be gotten rid of via the Household Hazardous Materials Program.

Hard and fibrous materials should be avoided
Flower stems, seeds, eggshells, corncobs as well as bones can be harmful. You should compost then or throw them in the trash.


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Keep it clean by putting in a bit of dish soap and letting your garbage disposal function for about a minute with water that is cold after washing your dishes.


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