In recent years the focus of business has shifted and recycling is now a requirement of customers, shareholders and employees. Gone are the days, where we don’t ask and don’t tell and recycling and the environment are simply externalities and burdens placed on tax payers or a few green thumbed hippies pushing green initiative propaganda. Business currently recycles and is held accountable for not doing so.

Trash King is a recycling company who practices ethical disposal and innovation. We partner with local recycling facilities such as Urban Woodwaste Recyclers who take exceptional care to ensure the maximum recycling is occurring per ton of garbage dumped. An example of this is that all the garbage bins are dumped and separated where the corrugated cardboard, scrap steel, scrap aluminum, wood waste like pallets and plastics are taken out and recycled.

In Vancouver, we can recycle many materials that you place in our dumpsters. Drywall for example such as wallboard, greenboard, blueboard, plaster and other gypsum products can be recycled if it meets certain requirements. Call us to find out the requirements as some testing is needed depending on the age of the waste. We take the materials to New West Gypsum Recycling on the Coquitlam and New Westminster border. There are strict rules, because of hazardous waste concerns from incidents of contamination occurring recently. Our team of dispatchers can help you get your drywall disposal Surrey services completed in the most affordable, convenient and efficient manner possible.

In Greater Vancouver, we can recycle scrap metal if you separate it into a recycles bin. We can even pay you if the value of your scrap metal exceeds the cost of your metals recycling bin. Steel is sold by the pound, kilogram and ton to recyclers that load barges and ship the raw materials to China for processing. The rates for steel are a commodity and change with factors like interest rates, currencies and the price of a barrel of crude oil. Call our team of metal recycling experts to find out the rates that our recyclers are offering for your scrap metals today.

In the Lower Mainland, we can recycle dirt, soil, top soil, fill and other clean earth products. Often these materials get taken to a recycler who screens the dirty materials into common sizes so that they can be resold as one of the standard types of earthworks materials. Dirt is a heavy product and can only be loaded up to certain weights so that our trucks pick up the recycling bin once its loaded. Call and talk to our dirt recycling specialists for more information.

In the Greater Vancouver Regional District, we can recycle concrete, asphalt, cement, blacktop and other masonry products. The broken up parts of a driveway, sidewalk, roadway, foundation or other stone products. As these materials are heavy and dense, we can only provide certain bins for concrete disposal recycling. Call our dispatchers and find out what bin works best for your concrete recycling bin.

In the GVRD, wood can be recycled. To be eligible, the materials must be wood and nails only and separated into their own recycle bin. Pallets, lumber offcuts, fencing, decking, framing lumber, 2×4, 2×6, 2×8, 2×10, 2×12, 4×4 and other standard lumber pieces can be reused and recycled. Often the wood-waste is chipped up and used for fuel, dust control or for farming purposes. Call our dispatch team to find out about your economical disposal options with wood recycling at Trash King.

In the Fraser Valley, we can recycle asphalt shingles if they are at least 60% of the materials in the bin. Our recycling partner has a system to separate and recycle the shingles. We aren’t exactly sure what they do with them, but rest assured your carbon footprint is reduced when you choose Trash King as your roofing shingle disposal contractor. Call today to find out what we can do with your asphalt shingle waste.

In Greater Surrey, we can recycle construction waste. Simply let us know that your bin has less than 20% garbage and is primarily composed of wood, metal, cardboard and plastic then we can take it to Urban WoodWaste Recyclers and they recycle the construction waste. Call our waste disposal team at (604) 433-5865 and get your next construction project recycled with your partners at Trash King.

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