Tips For Choosing the Right Size Dumpster For Your Renovation:

Tip #1: Make certain the rental of your dumpster is central to your renovation project planning. If you leave the rental of the dumpster to the last minute, you’ll run into several problems; first among these being, you may forget to book your dumpster rental until after the renovation has started. Unless you have a dumpster on-site at your location before renovation begins, you may find garbage and material starting to pile up in various areas on location. For safety and a timely disposal of materials and trash, call Trash King the moment you know you have a project on the horizon. Their drivers can even deliver same day if you call before 10 in the morning!

Tip #2: Assess your project to determine how much waste there will be. While this may sound easier said than done, it’s good to know Trash King’s specialists are always just a phone call away to discuss your project. They’ve been renting bins to the community for a long time and have developed the expertise necessary to help their clients save money by renting the precise size of bin for the job. Speak with a specialist now by calling 604-433-5865- they’ll be happy to help.

Tip #3: Assist your dumpster rental agency with recycling for the best price. When you book your bin, let the agent know what type of materials you’ll be throwing in the bin. They can let you know which materials aren’t allowed in the bin due to regulations, and which ones should be separated. If you have large amounts of certain types of materials, such as concrete, drywall, wood & nails, etc., you can save money by renting a bin designed specifically for those materials; otherwise, you’ll simply throw everything into one bin. Trash King’s website offers free resources designed to assist with the bin renting process. Feel free to visit online to check out a few of these resources.

Tip #4: Visit the website and click on the ‘Our Bins’ link to see specifics on their bins. Sizes include 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30 and 40 cubic yard bins, so you will not have to rent a dumpster that’s too large for the job at hand and pay for space you won’t use. Trash king rents mini bins that are the perfect size for smaller household bathroom and kitchen renovations, small basement or garage close-outs and such. Feel free to contact the company to talk about your needs.

Don’t leave your project’s dumpster rental for the last minute. Make sure you have a centralized location where your driver will drop off your bin so that your crew will have convenient access to it, keeping materials and trash off of the ground where it will not only pose as a safety hazard, but will take more time to clean up after the project is completed. For more tips on renting a dumpster, visit or call 604-433-5865.

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