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Early learning Montessori

Early learning Montessori

You’ll find affordable early learning Montessori toys available online at Montessori To You. We make it so easy to teach your child math and language skills that last a lifetime, relying on the traditions of authentic Montessori methods for hands-on learning children love. If you’re thinking about homeschooling and are not sure how to get started, or have made the commitment to home-school your children and are searching for the best way to start, browse our website for information. Early learning Montessori empowers parents to teach in a way that is truly transformational.

Do I Need Special Skills to Teach Montessori?

If you’re a parent or guardian who can legally homeschool your child in the state where you reside, you’ll succeed with Montessori. The good news is that even if your state does not recognize you as a legal home-school, you can still use Montessori in your home to ensure your child does well in math in their school environment. Maria Montessori designed these tools so that any child can pick them up and immediately begin a unique journey through discovery. If you can teach your child numbers and letters by sight, they can learn to read, spell, count, add & subtract, and comprehend more complicated mathematical and language concepts.

Is Montessori For Geniuses?

Early Montessori is for children of all learning levels- using the tools will almost certainly create a love for learning in your child that will assist their intellect in emerging and growing over the years. Montessori To You focuses on the two most important subject matters your child will need throughout their lifetime: language and math. If your child has a hidden creative or intellectual genius to be discovered, Montessori will bring it out in their earliest learning years.

Why Choose Montessori To You?

Our early learning Montessori tools are designed to last for many years, so they can be passed down from sibling to sibling and still have resale value when your family is through using them. You’ll discover many inferior-quality Montessori products on the Web as you search for the right discovery toys for your child, most of which will only last one learning year. We recommend you avoid cheap, knock-off Montessori items and take a closer look at the quality built into our language and math kits. Unlike other companies, we have a return policy that ensures your satisfaction with every item you purchase from us.

A Journey of Discovery

Give your child a gift that will keep on giving year after year- quality Montessori early learning tools that make learning fun. Our Montessori kits take the worry out of home-schooling your child, so you can spend more time focusing on other matters.

We make Montessori affordable with free shipping throughout the US and Canada and everyday affordable prices. Consider our language and math kits as one of the best investments you’ll make in your child’s education. See our FAQs section for more information about our company and our Montessori products.

Early learning Montessori
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Early learning Montessori