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EPA Approved disinfection Austin

EPA Approved disinfection Austin

The United States Environmental Protection Agency released an extended list of disinfectants that one can use against COVID-19. The file contains 200 new ingredients and 40 products that passed the agency’s examination and approval process. The agency is making sure that Americans have access to more products that are highly effective in disinfecting surfaces.

An EPA approved disinfection in Austin should be sufficient enough to clean off built dirt germ on high traffic spots in the house or company. The product list should have active ingredients that keep the surface actively protected for a moment after the disinfection.

List of areas that need an EPA approved disinfectant

  • Healthcare facilities – The risk of infection is critical with healthcare facilities because of high human traffic. Hospitals that fail to embrace the technology and products may suffer a loss of millions of dollars every year. Hospitals need excellent disinfectants that can clean overlooked surfaces with ease and speed.
  • Cruise industry – This industry gravitates towards massive amounts of human traffic per each square footage. The high risk of infection can be damaging to the business because it causes lethal effects on the ships’ users.
  • Office areas – Open offices should always adhere to a robust disinfecting process to ensure they protect the staff.
  • Service industries – The food industry and other applications like schools, universities, and daycares should be particularly aggressive about disinfection. They should include cleaning of complex objects such as chairs, desks, shaped objects, and other hidden surfaces to ensure children do not stand a chance of infections.
  • Worship areas – The government, restricts public gatherings that will aggravate the rate of infections. These areas should however, be vigilant about buying the right disinfectant options so they can keep a clean environment when their operation resumes.

Commercial cleaning that makes use of advanced technology can efficiently clean the hardest surfaces to clean. The best technology uses an electrostatic mechanism to sanitize and prevent reinfection of surfaces. Electrostatic disinfections are convenient for bacterial and mold outbreaks on all surfaces.

Benefits of electrostatic disinfection

This form of disinfection is an innovative method of saving time, energy, and costs while increasing efficiency. Below are some of the benefits of using an electrostatic system from GermWrap.

  • The product reduces the cleaning process by at least fifty percent, in comparison to other conventional ways.
  • The electrostatic process improves the infection control of more than Coronavirus because it controls the spread of HIV, influenza, and many more that contaminate and stick on surfaces.
  • The spray is more effective in controlling the manner at which one cleans the surface. These chemicals reduce the number of times you should spray the surface and has an equal effect on all types of surfaces.
  • The electrostatic EPA approved disinfection in Austin prevents the cross-contamination between surfaces. This advantage saves one extreme financial burden of cleaning several surfaces with many different products.

The cleaning method produces an electrically charged spray that wraps around surfaces for n even coating. The chemical attaches on available surfaces to collect unwanted particles to remove them from the environment. GermWrap is happy to demonstrate its effectiveness before you make a purchase. Call us today to book a consultation date that will convince you of the technology’s power.



EPA Approved disinfection Austin

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EPA Approved disinfection Austin