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Gutter Rash Repair

Repairing Gutter Rash On Alloy Wheel


Gutter rash is also known as alloy wheel damage found on the edge or on the outside parts of an alloy wheel’s design. This damage comes from the scrapping of the car when parking or the scratching of the wheel surface. It can also damage the seal thereby allowing the tire to leak air.

The process of repairing a gutter rash needs good quality equipment and a well-ventilated area. The process involves a thorough cleaning of the wheels. If the rash is too much, a file is used to remove it and making sure that the wheel’s shape does not change.

A sandpaper is then used to roughen the whole surface of the alloy. A wheel rim must be cleaned thoroughly as this is where the damage is more serious. The wheel and dents should be dry to enable the filler to adhere properly.

Water is then used to smooth down the filler with sandpaper. This makes a uniform wheel shape as well as on the rim. Thereafter, spray filling is used to plug any fine holes in the wheel or in the filler. This filling makes a matte finish. When the final coat of spray filler has been applied, any defects left behind must be checked and dry them for 24 hours. This allows the filler to harden properly. The surface of the wheel must be flat and smooth.

A primer that matches the finishing color must be used to clean the wheel. The coat is applied again to have an even coverage specifically in those places that are hard to reach. This coating is left to dry for a day and then proceed to the next stage. In order to achieve a smooth base under the paint, a sandpaper with water is used on the wheel. This is done so as to have a flawless result.

The inside of the wheel is then sprayed to also get an even coverage. The color must be the same throughout. We can also add the paint if we see it necessary to do so. The wheel is allowed to dry for another 24 hours. There is no need to wash the color coat but dust must not be on the surface.

Three coats are finally applied; starting with the lightest, then less heavy thereafter. The long process of sanding and polishing comes afterwards. The paint must dry thoroughly in order to buff with polishing. The wheel is then washed, dried and the application of sealant or wax is done to finish up.

After we have repaired and removed the gutter rash, we put the tires back on the wheel, the car becomes new again with added value. Our service is costs effective, reasonable and affordable. Our professionals repair even those wheels that are difficult to repair. When the wheels are cleaned and repaired the owner of the car will save money and time on purchasing new wheels. The use of good quality products makes good results.


Gutter Rash Repair
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Gutter Rash Repair