HIPAA Compliance Certification

HIPAA Compliance Certification

As a health care organization, you are required to comply with HIPAA. But then, a lot of health care organizations endeavor to become HIPAA Certified. HIPAA certification means a health care company has been found to meet the security, breach notifications, and privacy rules of HIPAA. This usually means a 3rd-party HIPAA certification organization conducts an audit of your company to see if your practices match up with the requirements of HIPAA. If your organization is found to be HIPAA compliant, you can informally become HIPAA Certified.

Why Get a Third-party HIPAA Certification?

Since certification is not proof of HIPAA compliance, you may be asking yourself what the value of seeking HIPAA certification from third-party HIPAA certification is. There are a lot of reasons why this may be a good idea for your firm. 3rd parties have an in-depth knowledge of HIPAA rules and regulations. Since they have worked with multiple companies, they already have frameworks that you can work with to identify risks, tackle flaws, and adopt policies that fit your organization. Some of the other benefits of seeking certification from a third party include: 

  • You can outsource your HIPAA training
  • Guide you through a risk assessment.
  • A fresh perspective on your companies’ policies and procedures
  • HIPAA Compliance Certification can be a great tool for marketing

HIPAA Certification Courses 

You’ll have to take a HIPAA certification course to become HIPAA certified, and there are a couple of courses available both offline and online. Online HIPAA certification courses are particularly convenient because you can take them when it suits you. Also, you can undergo training in specific areas of the Act ranging from the complete understanding of its requirements and training in certain regulations encompassed by the Act.

The training helps train professionals who will eventually be responsible for managing these areas of HIPAA in their own health care organization. It is not firms that are directly associated with HIPAA that should receive the certification training, but also the people that do business with these organizations. 

How to Become HIPAA Certified

The first step to becoming HIPAA certified is to select a course that is suitable for the people that must take it. It makes sense to add all your employees to these courses, but if that is beyond your organization’s capability either in terms of finance or releasing manpower, then choose employees who can undergo the “Train the Trainer” course. This is a popular means in the case where every employee can’t be trained by a professional trainer. 

Your chosen HIPAA-certified employees can then hold HIPAA training courses on-site for the others. HIPAA-trained employees are valuable in any organization, and it is well worth investing in your employee. When you choose a HIPAA training course that is suitable for your organization, it won’t take time for your employee to have the training and knowledge to apply HIPAA correctly. 

At MP 1 Solutions, we help health care organizations attain and preserve HIPAA compliance. Our HIPAA specialists will also help your organization create policies and perform a risk analysis for you. Contact us today to learn about our HIPAA compliance certification.

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HIPAA Compliance Certification