Mini Bins

Mini Bins

Benefits of Renting Mini Bins over Full Sized Dumpsters:

Value: If you're looking to keep your project on budget, a mini bin can work to save you a significant amount of money on your material haul off costs. Trash King rents mini bins throughout the greater Vancouver area, with sizes from 8 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards. Homeowners prefer mini bins to regular dumpsters for a variety of reasons- their community prefers them as well! Just ask your neighbor what they think about an oversized, smelly, rusty dumpster sitting in your yard for a month and see what they have to say about it.

Convenience: It's a simple fact that mini bins are much more convenient to a home remodeling project than a full-sized dumpster. Your small to medium sized renovation project will most likely not even begin to fill up a full dumpster, so why waste your money on all of that unused space when a mini bin can perfectly meet your needs? Mini bins have a small footprint on your location, are easier on your driveway or lawn, and are more aesthetically pleasing than a big green dumpster.

Regulation-friendly: If you live within a homeowner's community, you may find their regulations will allow mini bins on location sites but not full sized dumpsters. It's just another way of keeping your community cleaner and more beautiful. Such regulations are in place to protect the value of your property and that of your neighbors, so that when home renovations take place, garbage and rubbish is not strewn throughout the job site or left to decompose in a huge dumpster for months on end. Your mini bin from Trash King can be delivered on the same day that you need it, and will be picked up promptly at the end of your project, so your community will hardly notice its short-lived visit to your residence.

They Fit Better: For residential locations, nothing will more reliably fit into your driveway or yard than a mini bin. Select the 8 cubic yard bin for the smallest and most convenient option to your garbage disposal needs and have your trash hauled away in the timeframe that works for your schedule. Trash King's driver's can maneuver their mini bins into even the tightest locations!

Mini Bins are Perfect For Every Job: Rent a mini bin for your upcoming spring cleaning project, basement or garage clean-out, kitchen or bath renovation, mini construction project, carpet tear-out, roof tear-off, or other small to medium sized project at your residence. Speak with a specialist from Trash King to understand the limitations of what can and cannot be placed in your bin to ensure a seamless disposal process from start to finish.

Book your bin now by calling 604-433-5865. For same day delivery, simply call before 10am and your bin will be there when you need it. Trust Trash King to meet your disposal needs with affordable mini bins and full sized bins in a variety of sizes.

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Mini Bins