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Have you placed an order online and can’t wait to get your delivery? Unfortunately, it’s not always a guarantee that you’ll get your package even when it’s delivered right to your front porch. Notorious ‘porch pirates’ can strike at any time, leaving you frustrated and disappointed. Package theft has become so rampant, and the problem is only becoming worse as more and more people shop online. And although parcel companies have policies in place to handle misdeliveries and lost packages, they all involve providing evidence, filling out forms, then waiting for days on end.

Luckily, our automated smart lockers at Luxer One effectively do away with the uncertainty that comes with the traditional way of delivering parcels. When you choose Luxer One, you’re assured of the safety of your package.

The Pain Points We Solve for Each Sector

Below we highlight ways our smart locker software systems help different sectors, making their lives easier:


As soon as packages arrive, tenants receive alerts in real-time. Our package lockers ensure the safe delivery of parcels even when tenants aren't available to pick them. Additionally, tenants can retrieve their parcels at any time. Property managers, as well as building staff, also benefit by having our package lockers in their building. For instance, the lockers enhance their tenant's experience. They also help in maintaining a well-organized common area. Our intelligent digital locker systems do away with or eliminate overhead needed to coordinate deliveries manually. Further, they prevent incidents of parcel theft.


By using our intelligent lockers for colleges, universities save on labor required to manage multiple deliveries. Additionally, with our smart parcel lockers, stale parcels and package liability will be a thing of the past. Your institution will no longer have to deal with lost packages or worry about storing piles of uncollected deliveries.


Want to stand out from your competitors? You can reduce shipping costs for your customers with our intelligent lockers. Our lockers are the best last-mile delivery solutions that not only cut costs for customers but your business as well. Rather than shipping hundreds or even thousands of orders to each customer or organizing parcel transportation, we can install a top-of-the-line on-site package locker station.

Mail Centers

Digitize your mail center and streamline operations with our smart lockers. Your staff will no longer be overwhelmed by the flood of shipments and business correspondence. Our lockers are secure and store, process, and distribute packages accurately, quickly while boosting the profitability of your mail center.


Instead of employees taking time off from work on delivery day, you can save time and ensure their peace of mind by installing our locker systems in your office. That way, your staff will be assured of the safety of their packages and can retrieve them at the end of their workday.

Package Delivery Made Easier

Online shopping is the new normal, and our smart parcel lockers are the answer to safeguarding packages from 'porch pirates.' With us, you'll no longer have to worry about losing your delivery or going through the lengthy process of reporting a missing package to parcel companies. At Luxer One, we simplify the delivery fulfillment process.

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Parcel Companies