Roll Off Bin Rental

Roll Off Bin Rental

Are you considering a roll off bin rental for your upcoming project?

Let Trash King show you how they can save you time and money on your rental. If you're currently weighing your options, call a specialist from Trash King at 604-433-5865 with any questions you may have regarding cost comparison and choosing the right bin for your needs.

Don't let the name intimidate you, a roll off bin is simply a dumpster that is rolled off of the delivery truck and onto your site, being left for a designated period of time determined by the person renting the bin. When the roll off is full, or the project is complete, the client simply calls the company for a prompt removal of the bin. It really is as simple as that. Trash King champions the use of their roll off bins for several reasons. Consider the benefits for your upcoming project and then call Trash King to schedule a delivery:

A Convenient Option for Waste Removal

If you have a large amount of waste or debris to contend with, you'll benefit by having a dumpster dropped off at your site to use as needed throughout your project or during the cleanup phase. Most waste removal companies recommend having a dumpster delivered at the onset of your project to ensure debris does not accumulate in areas of your worksite, contributing to accidents and rodent populations. You'll experience a more seamless process during your project if you make your dumpster the focal point of your worksite and encourage immediate disposal of all materials that are destined for removal.

Options in Sizes

Feel free to speak with a specialist from Trash King to determine the appropriate size of bin you'll need for your project. A Trash King pro can help you save money on your roll off bin rental by ensuring that you don't overpay and rent a size too large, or opt for something too small for your requirements. When booking your rental, ask to speak with someone knowledgeable in project planning.

Recycle More of What You Throw Out

Trash King is committed to recycling as much of your waste as possible- typically about 80% of what they pick up. Through partnerships with various facilities in the region, Trash King is able to keep thousands of tons of garbage out of the local landfill, repurposing, donating and recycling into new items in an effort to maintain Vancouver's environment.

Trash King is dedicated to providing customer service that is a cut above their competition. Regardless of your needs, there is an affordable solution to meet your requirements. With more than 100 roll off bins in the inventory, no other local agency can serve the community in as dynamic a manner. Your roll off bin rental is guaranteed to be timely and convenient. Call before 10 in the morning for same day delivery of your bin and stay on schedule. Feel free to contact an expert from Trash King by calling 604-433-5865, or book over the website.

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Roll Off Bin Rental