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Spokane boudoir photography takes your romantic relationships to the next level. This form of photography shows your significant other that you genuinely care about them. Kelly Tareski is a seasoned photographer backed by an award-winning team ready to make you look genuinely outstanding for your partner.

What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir refers to a very private area of a woman’s home, the bedroom. The term is of French origin and refers to the act of offering your significant other an enticing gift, generally on your wedding day. It represents theater of the mind, the presentation of desire and appeal.

The subject in a boudoir shoot typically dresses very lightly. Expert photographers place people in provocative poses guaranteed to gain the attention of the receiver.

This type of photography is especially popular for weddings. The pomp and circumstance demand a formal dress and serious air. The ceremony is meant to show commitment more than romance.

Boudoir photos allow you to show off. They go far beyond what others see at the wedding without presenting the unenticing morning after shots to everyone on your social network. They are artistic, thoughtful, and professional private imagery whose mere mention shows the depths of a couple’s commitment.

Contemporary boudoir combines the provocative with the interesting. Our company uses rustic settings reminiscent of our small Washington town, placing you at the center. We even take photos outdoors in the dead of winter if our clients so desire. Why restrict natural desires to the modern bedroom.

Spokane offers the perfect small-town atmosphere in the American West. You can truly embrace the feel of the wild west with our free spirit and long history. The rustic and the new are both within reach.

What can I expect at a boudoir photo shoot?

A session is informal yet professional. Clients can partake in provocative poses for their soul mates, generally in the comfort of their own home. While you are the art, the atmosphere is professional.

Kelly and her team are particularly professional in their work. They make clients feel welcome and at ease without departing from the order of the day. Simply bring your best lingerie and best personality to a shoot.

The entire session is meant to allow you to discover what sexy means to you and your partner. We help you choose wardrobes, pick the scenery, and employee a highly regarded makeup artist on staff. Simply provide us with what you consider best and allow our firm to help make your special day even better.

A typical session ranges from $50 to over $400. However, you get what you pay for. Complexity adds to the price. However, you are marking your special day with photographs to share with your partner and even friends and family.

An award-winning firm knows how to take the best shots without compromising your true inner spirit. We work to accommodate our clients within reason and want you to look your best for your Spokane boudoir photography session.

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Spokane Boudoir Photography
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