VOIP Phone Systems Edmonton

VOIP Phone Systems Edmonton

VoIP first launched in 2003 and has developed over six years to accommodate a diverse range of devices and communication channels. There are so many businesses today that use VoIP systems, becoming they have become a norm in how we keep telephone connections.

Why should you consider VoIP?

The Voice Over Internet Phone system uses cloud technology and is more flexible, mobile, and accommodating than the old phone system. Businesses can communicate with this system to hold video conferences, voicemail emails, and many more. This channel does not compromise on quality, and you will end up saving a lot of money because you are not paying the usual high telephone bills.

Applications that use VoIP services

Phone calls over a distance

Using the Internet over a standard phone means you are not reliant on the landline phone or a local number to speak with people. You have the option to call numbers that are far off, such as in another country, because you are using the Internet to make the connection. VoIP gives us the ability to make these long-distance calls at reduced costs, which is advantageous to businesses with multiple locations or clients across the country or globe.

Mass text messaging

The Internet’s phone system sends text messages in a much easier and better way than a traditional phone. Without all the confusion and high monthly fees of a typical text-messaging package, you can use the service to send and receive as many text messages as necessary.

More Edmonton IT solutions of better business analytics

VoIP is an Internet service which means you have access to data and platforms that you cannot get with a landline service. These insights and analytics are helpful when you want to make informed decisions based on the numbers you get from the service. Businesses find the service valuable when they want an in-depth report on all their communication services, so they can save money and possibly offer better customer support.

VoIP is a needle mover and will do a lot to make the best of your business. Read along to know more about the VoIP phone system options you can get from an IT company in Edmonton.

Types of VoIP services by the best software companies in Edmonton

  • Residential – The adapter connects to the Wi-Fi and makes and receives calls depending on the chosen plan. Most people get unlimited service for both texts and calls and only pay one consistent bill every month.
  • Device-based – The service plugs into your existing phone and allows you to make calls within the country at no extra charges.
  • Software VoIP – This option is the most common among all VoIP services because you only need an app or software to make a connection and call or text to anyone with the same app and an Internet connection.
  • Business – The VoIP uses cloud and on-premise services, which means you get better features for essential technical support. Some VoIP services include video conferencing options, call reports, automated attendants, and voice responses.

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VOIP Phone Systems Edmonton
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VOIP Phone Systems Edmonton