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Disposal Bin Rental Coquitlam


Call us

We need to know your address and type of materials for removal so that we can quote your bin rental Coquitlam service accurately.


Approve our quote

We will give you a verbal or written quote and you can approve it by giving us your credit card to process


Plan the delivery

Together we can select the size , delivery date and your preferred spot to drop off the bin


Load the bin

We charge your credit card when the bin is delivered, and you simply load at your convenience and call us when you are finished with it


Removal and Billing

We will remove the temporary bin and empty it at the local recycling facility or transfer station.


Receipts & Review

We will send you a receipt by email and if your bin is overweight, you can request to see the actual dump receipt. If you are happy with our service, please review us here


Extra Large

40 Yard Bin

  • Disposal Fees
  • 4000 Pounds included
  • Rental Fees
  • 3 Days Included
  • Free Delivery
  • Free Pick Up
  • Up To 80% Recycled
arow-spin order
Medium Sticker

20 Yard Bin

  • Disposal Fees
  • 2000 Pounds included
  • Rental Fees
  • 3 Days Included
  • Free Delivery
  • Free Pick Up
  • We Recycle up to 80%
arow-spin order

30 Yard Bin

  • Disposal Fees
  • 3000 Pounds included
  • Rental Fees
  • 3 Days Included
  • Free Delivery
  • Free Pick Up
  • Recycling Available
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Mix & Match All Of The Waste Below In The Same Dumpster!

  • Lumber Off Cuts & Wood
  • Roofing Materials
  • Residential Junk
  • Appliances & Metal
  • Renovations Debris
  • Attic Clean-Ups
  • Old Office Furniture
  • Construction Debris
  • Old Decking & Wood
  • Old Books & Boxes
  • Wooden Furniture
  • Couches & Chairs

What Our Clients are saying

I called TrashKing when my home was being renovated and they delivered a construction waste bin. The price was decent and the service was quick. If you are in Coquitlam and need a bin rental, I would recommend this disposal company.

N. Morrison-Barter, Homeowner in Coquitlam, BC

Order a Bin in Coquitlam, BC Now


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Coquitlam Junk Removal Disposal Bin Rental Service

Our friend recommended this bin rental company to us and since we are new homeowners, we gave them a call. The bin showed up on-time and the pricing was as quoted. We would call Trash king again when we reno next year.

– Jean Sebastian

Reliable Disposal Bins Rental

We have used Trash King in the past and found the service ok. But, we heard that they were under new ownership so gave them another chance. Wow is all I can say. From the dispatching to the delivery times we were really impressed. We used their same-day dumpster rental service guarantee where if you call before 10am you can get a bin the same day. That was great for us because we had another bin scheduled with a competitor and they cancelled due to snowy conditions. TrashKing actually saved the day.

– Rick Smith

Bin Rental Services

I decided to call this bin rental company despite the reviews on here because I had heard good things about them from a neighbor. To be fair, I think junk removal costs too much to begin with, but they actually charged me less than another company I had give me a quote. I would probably call these guys back when I tear down my shed.

– Glenn McBain

No Contact Bin Rental Coquitlam

In this day and age, many businesses are having to restructure the way they do things to accommodate for social distancing and shifting their employees to a work-from-home structure whenever possible. Trash King has been in the fortunate position with our telephone call centre and delivery drivers to keep everyone employed with no major setbacks to our procedures and policies. Simply browse our site and decide which size of bin is appropriate for your junk removal project. Once you choose a date, time, and place you would like the dumpster dropped off, our driver will drop it at the location in a quick and contact-free transaction.

With the sprawling cities of Burnaby and New Westminster to the west and Port Coquitlam to the east, there is no shortage of industrial and commercial waste being created on a daily basis. Canadians aim to be as clean and green as possible, but the reality is that we are one of the top garbage producing societies in the world! At Trash King we do our best to help minimize the impact on our landfills by recycling as much of each load as humanly possible. Coquitlam is also located just 15 kilometers east of Vancouver, which gives us ample access to recycling centers for materials such as plastic, metal, and even gypsum drywall board. We are an ecologically aware company and given the sensitive nature of Coquitlam’s geography, we take great care to protect every load that we haul through the city. The last thing we want to see is scrap materials or garbage waste falling overboard and polluting the nearby waters of the Coquitlam River or Brunette River which drain into the mighty Fraser.

The Name Coquitlam is said to be derived from the Coast Salish term meaning small red fish upriver, which refers to the salmon that once traveled up the Coquitlam River to spawn in Coquitlam Lake. It represents the land’s close relationship with the network of waterways that allows for our salmon populations to spawn and repopulate. We care about the health of our lakes and rivers as well as the health of our at-risk populations. This is why we respect all those who are self-isolating during this time who still require trash removal from their home or place of business. Although life has slowed down for many people in the last year, others are using this time at home to get motivated and plan their next home renovation project. Others are using it to deep clean their crawl space or garage. We can help remove the leftover garbage from any such task, with our contactless bin drop off service.

We offer Affordable Bin Rental Services in the following Communities:

Burke Mountain, Canyon Springs, Cape Horn, Central Coquitlam, Chineside, Coquitlam East, Coquitlam West, Eagle Ridge Coquitlam, Harbour Chines, Harbour Place, Hockaday, Maillardville, Meadow Brook, New Horizons, North Coquitlam, Park Ridge Estates, Ranch Park, River Springs, Scott Creek, Summitt View, Upper Eagle Ridge, Westwood Plateau, Westwood Summit

Dumpster Rentals in Coquitlam, BC

For eleven years and counting, TrashKing has been serving the Tri Cities area with affordable junk removal, mini bin rentals and other waste management solutions. We help homeowners with do it yourself projects like tearing down and removing a fence as well as deck demolition and wood recycling. Our rock bins work well for curb appeal clean ups like planting a new garden or removing an old driveway to make way for more green space. We have construction waste bins if you hire a contractor and want to disposal of the materials in an environmentally responsible way. We typically divert hundred of tonnes of garbage from the landfill and transfer stations each year. Some facilities that we take the materials that you dispose of in our dumpsters to, separate the contents of the bin and take out the usable wood, metal, cardboard, plastics etc. Often this means that the carbon footprint from using our service is lower than if you took the rubbish to the dump yourself.

Burquitlam Disposal Bins for Homeowners & Tenants

Trash King offers the best and the most affordable disposal bin Coquitlam and we are always ready to meet your specific needs as far as disposal bins rental are concerned. Irrespective of what you need the bins for we are confident that we have the right sizes and the right types of bins for you.

Whether you need the bins for a construction project, bin rental for soil disposal or you need a bin for normal garbage disposal, you can always rely on Tap roots if you want the best disposal bins in Coquitlam and the neighboring regions.

Junk Removal Services

Our junk removal Coquitlam services include but are not limited to the following-:

Household junk removal

Whether you have a garage, attic, or a basement full of junk, we have what it takes to take make your spaces clutter free. Our team of friendly professionals will carefully and respectfully remove all the items you no longer need in your home. We help you get rid of appliance junk, electrical items junk and furniture junk from your home.

Business junk removal

We are not just specialists in household junk removal alone, but also possess the versatility to offer safe and reliable business junk removal services. With these, we take care of construction debris, computer recycling, and printer as well as monitor recycling. Should you have what you are considering as junk within your business premises, just remember that the solution is just a phone call away. We will remove the clutter and leave you with more space which you can then put to some other nice uses within the business premises.

Residential Junk Removal

Estate Clearance and cleanouts

Are you clearing out the estate for a friend or family member or you are moving out of your home and you need a helping hand in removing the items with care? Give us a call and we will make it easy for you to sort and remove your items so that you can transit to your next phase of life with ease. We know how estate clearance and cleanouts can be overwhelming and we are ready to help you through.

Call us today

Feel free to call us today at 778 – 806 – 5119 if you need these or any other junk removal Coquitlam services. You can also call to ask for a free no obligation quote for your junk hauling needs.

Why Hire Trash King

Trash King has been providing rubbish removal services in Coquitlam long enough to know what it takes to leave a client happy. With awesome reviews as one of the top junk hauling companies in the city, we have continuously transformed the image of garbage and rubbish disposal services in this city with our uniformed and personable staff as well as modern equipment and machinery for trash collection.

Other than the experience and the equipment we use, our rates are the most competitive in the city. With our services, you are guaranteed of quality, professionalism, affordability and reliability whenever you need to do away with junk from your premises.

If you are planning on building or renovating then we recommend reaching out to the City of Coquitlam before you start your project.

Local Junk Removal Company

Trash King proudly provides junk removal services in Coquitlam and all the neighboring regions. If you are bothered with junk either at home or in your business premises, then we are the right guys to talk to for affordable, quick and easy junk hauling services.

We have a team of dedicated professionals whose only motivation is to put a smile on your face through the provision of quality junk removal Surrey services. If you ever you need our services, just as phone call is enough to get us to your compound and provide the much needed relief to your junk problems.

How To Book Junk Removal Waste Services For Your Next Home Renovation Project

All you have to do is call 604-433-5865 now or CLICK HERE and we can help you get a waste container to remove your junk in a hurry. We don’t mess around when it comes to junk removal and we recommend getting one size bigger bin then you anticipate needing. Stuff always comes out of the woodwork and better to be safe than sorry. The cost difference between bins is offset by having to potentially order a second bin at double the cost

Bin Rentals for Your Next DIY Project in Eagle Ridge

Summer is here, so it’s a great time to take advantage of the weather and get those do-it-yourself-projects completed. For your next deck repair and replacement, why not order a bin rentals service from TrashKing to help you with your construction waste and renovation debris? We offer competitive pricing, customer service and a focus on the details like getting your bin picked up quickly when you are finished with it.

Residential Bin Rental Coquiltam Service For Your Family

When choosing a dumpster rental company in Coquitlam, you might want to consider their pricing, availability and whether you liked their website or not. Our philosophy is that if a company can’t explain their pricing and other pertinent information in a clear and concise manner, than perhaps they aren’t a good bin rental vendor at all. We also believe in transparency for our pricing, so we post our prices online. Most companies don’t do this for fear of, well we actually aren’t sure. The pricing in the industry ends up being roughly the same for most vendors, so you might want to consider other factors instead of focusing on price when determining a waste solutions provider.

Ordering A Disposal Bin From Trash King

To make an order for your affordable disposal bin Coquitlam rental services, all you have to do is to make a call to 778 – 806 – 5119. You will have a chat with one of our customer service executives who will take details of you needs and propose to you the most appropriate disposal bins you need.

In case you are not sure of the exact type or size of bin you require, we will b delighted to offer you with the necessary guidance so that you are in a position to choose the best bin that will serve all your needs.

Reliability & Flexibility in a Bin Rental Company

At Trash King, we desire to make it for you as efficient as possible whenever you need disposal bin Coquitlam. We endeavor to avail the bins to you at affordable rates with flexible terms and conditions.

It will also interest you to note that we offer prompt pick up services so that you don’t stay with the trash longer than necessary in your premises. Try our bin rental services today and notice a difference in terms of quality, affordability and reliability.

Why Rent Disposal Bins in Burquitlam?

There are many reasons why people opt to rent than buy the disposal bins and we are always here to ensure that you have access to quality and affordable disposal bins renting services. The following are some of the benefits that come with renting the bins-:

You don’t have any legal responsibilities over the bins. We are the ones with all the legal responsibilities with regards to disposal of the trash.

You will save greatly on gas since you won’t make many trip to the dumpsters to dispose off your trash

They offer a safe and efficient method for soil, concrete and garbage disposal

You may be tempted to think that you will save a considerable amount of money by taking your trash to the local dumpsters, but that is not always the case, and if you analyze keenly, you will realize that you will be losing money instead. For instance, when you transport your own junk, you predispose yourself to a variety of risks, such as taking legal responsibility if anything goes wrong during the transportation.

Again, transporting your junk will consume a considerable amount of your personal time which you could have put to other uses. Finally, you always risk incurring hefty fines for improper disposal of your garbage. But you can avoid all these headaches by using the services of a reliable disposal bin Coquitlam companies like Trash King. We are professionals in this industry, with the skills and the knowledge to meet all your waste disposal needs

Disposal Bins For Homeowners & Tenants

Trash King offers the best and the most affordable disposal bin Coquitlam and we are always ready to meet your specific needs as far as disposal bins rental are concerned. Irrespective of what you need the bins for we are confident that we have the right sizes and the right types of bins for you.

Whether you need the bins for a construction project, bin rental for soil disposal or you need a bin for normal garbage disposal, you can always rely on Tap roots if you want the best disposal bins in Coquitlam and the neighboring regions.

Keeping Your Site Clean With a Rented Bin
When you’re doing something that generates a lot of trash – such as a construction project – you should typically think about how you’re going to deal with that trash before you even start. Otherwise you can find yourself in some deep trouble in the middle of the job, as a build-up of trash is not something you want to deal with on short notice. It’s best if you just arrange for some trash pick-up services to handle the situation for you on a regular basis, and if you don’t have any bins available for collecting the trash in the first place, you can also rent one (or more) from a professional company as well within Tri Cities area.

There are many different benefits of renting a bin as opposed to buying your own. For one thing, you’ll get a pretty good variety of options – there are many bin designs on the market nowadays, suited for different people’s needs, and you’ll find that some of them are much more appropriate for your needs than others. If you’re buying your bins, you may get to use them now, but if another job comes up later on that requires different equipment, you might find yourself out of luck.

Dumpster Rentals in Coquitlam, BC

For eleven years and counting, TrashKing has been serving the Tri Cities area with affordable junk removal, mini bin rentals and other waste management solutions. We help homeowners with do it yourself projects like tearing down and removing a fence as well as deck demolition and wood recycling. Our rock bins work well for curb appeal clean ups like planting a new garden or removing an old driveway to make way for more green space. We have construction waste bins if you hire a contractor and want to disposal of the materials in an environmentally responsible way. We typically divert hundred of tonnes of garbage from the landfill and transfer stations each year. Some facilities that we take the materials that you dispose of in our dumpsters to, separate the contents of the bin and take out the usable wood, metal, cardboard, plastics etc. Often this means that the carbon footprint from using our service is lower than if you took the rubbish to the dump yourself.


That’s right, we have economical waste bin solutions in the Coquitlam Centre area and the entire Tricities community. Simply give our bin rentals company a call at 778-806-5119 and talk to a disposal bin expert. We have some tips to help you get better value from your bin rentals solution. For example, its amazing how much household junk comes out of the woodwork when you are cleaning up your real estate investment. We suggest ordering a Coquitlam bin slightly larger than you think you should. Of course, we are happy to deliver whatever you request and we definitely prefer to rent more bins but underestimating how much materials that you have is a common mistake among our customers. Whenever we can share our 11 years of experience as an affordable bin rental solution with our clients, we provide better value and we hope this retains you a customer.


Welcome to our local bin rental Coquitlam page. We service the Tri Cities and Burquitlam areas with bins for rent services. Our operation is safe and environmentally friendly because we typically recycle up to eighty percent of what we collect from our customers. So if you are in River Heights and looking for Coquitlam Bin Rentals its a safe bet to trust the disposal experts at Trash King. We also offer waste disposal bin rentals, junk removal bin rental services and all sort of recycling bin rentals in Coquitlam. In addition, most companies that offer services can also give you a hand in collecting the garbage you’re generating. So instead of having to take the time to drive out to your local dump and dispose of everything there, you can just schedule a regular pick-up time with your garbage company, and they’ll come around to take your bin and replace it with a fresh, empty one for the next day.
And yet another benefit to working with a specialized company like that, is that you’ll be able to easily change the parameters of your deal with them in case you need to. So if you suddenly need more bins, or you need to change the model that you’re using, all it will take is a phone call to the company and that’s it.

Best Bin Rental Service in Coquitlam, British Columbia

To order a disposal bin for rent, the process is as easy as 1,2,3.
1) Call 604-433-5865 and talk to a bin rentals expert
2) With our help, choose the best most cost effective bin and select a date and time for delivery
3) Confirm the order with your credit card, email and contact information

Trash Bin Rental Services

We also service the Tri Cities area including Mission to Coquitlam and Port Moody to Belcarra. We have you covered, simply call (604) 433-5865 today and get your trash bin rental today.

Coquitlam Construction Garbage Bins

If you live in the Coquitlam area and are looking to Rent A Container For Garbage, then we have a variety of cost-saving options that could be right for you. The city has been growing consistently since the opening of the Lougheed Highway in 1953, and construction here is as busy as ever, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The need for affordable housing and the desire to keep essential construction jobs afloat have kept the wheels of progress moving along in a forward direction. We are ready to drop a construction bin at your home or work-site with a day’s notice and can offer rentals anywhere from 3 days to 3 months or longer. Talk to one of our informed sales reps about which size and type of construction dumpster will be the right fit for your job.


Some of the popular options we offer to local Coquitlam construction companies and contractors are the 10 yard drywall bin and 40 yard mixed construction waste bins. If you are disposing of used drywall, please note that no other foreign materials are permitted inside along with the drywall scraps. The recycling process for gypsum board is very clean and efficient, but it requires strictly no other waste products like steel or wood studs. Small amounts of hardware like drywall screws can be removed during the automated sorting process. If you are lining up to do a big tear down near Coquitlam Town Centre or Percy Perry Stadium, we recommend 2 bins side by side so you can keep the drywall separate from other construction waste.


Small home renovation projects like a bathroom upgrade or kitchen remodel can sometimes be accommodated by a single 10 yard mixed waste bin. However, if you are looking at gutting several rooms, and the entire basement, or redoing a large roof, you may have better peace of mind looking at our 40 Yard Bin Rental. This is our largest size in the fleet and measures 8 feet wide, 22 feet long, and 8 feet high. You can mix roofing materials, lumber off-cuts, cardboard, and steel strapping, as well as any broken tools or fixtures provided there are no batteries or mercury containing ballasts that could leak toxic materials when crushed or broken. When the trash can be kept out of your work area, this makes for a more efficient and productive work crew, so we work hard to make sure your full loads are collected in a timely fashion. Furthermore, if you have a steady flow of debris, we are happy to bring you an empty bin before the full one is hauled away for a seamless transition.

Disposal & Recycling in Coquitlam

As we mentioned, recycling is very important to us at Trash King. Most of the time, we can achieve an 80% recycling rate with our mixed load bins. There are some materials that cannot be disposed of or recycled through our bins, and we will recap those for you at the bottom of this page. Odds are that if you are cleaning your attic or crawlspace, or helping clean out an estate after the death of a loved one, you are not going to want to spend too much time looking at and analyzing each item. Just toss it all in the dumpster, but sure to stay below the fill line, and we will take care of the sorting and recycling. We are happy to recommend the size of bin that can get your job complete in a single dump trip, however, we also offer discounts for recurrent bin rentals.

Coquitlam is the sixth-largest city in the province of BC, with the last census showing a population of 140,000. The residential parts of the city feel fairly densely packed, but many folks do not know about the vast expanse of nature accessible in the northern parts of Coquitlam through Minnekhada Regional Park or Pinecone Burke Provincial Park. You can even be out on a hike with the family while we drop your bin discreetly in the driveway or other alternative location that you have communicated to us. The moral of the story here is that you do not have to let your junk rule your life. So many Canadians have experienced great relief and freedom through simplifying their life and reducing their burden of unused possessions. Recent documentary films like The Minimalists or decluttering shows like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo have inspired many residents to take their own life back by giving their junk away, for good. As you will see, getting a roll-off bin delivered to your doorstep is not as expensive as many people may believe.

How Much Does A Bin Rental Cost in Coquitlam?

The cost of a roll-off dumpster depends on many factors including the size, length of rental, and what kind of weight limits you are looking at. Our smallest sized bins start at around $550 – $650 while our largest 40 yard size is closer to $850. You can call our sales team directly at 778-806-5119 for a closer approximation of a bin delivery to your Coquitlam address. Our fees are inclusive of delivery and pick-up charges, as well as your first 3 days of rental. When waste bins are required for a longer period of time, there is a $10/day surcharge for short-term rentals. If you decide to keep your bin on site for a month or longer, billing discounts will be applied.

Depending on the size of the bin you order, you will also get a free weight allowance ranging from 2000 to 5000 pounds (1-2.5 tons). To reach full capacity, our dumpsters can carry up to 10,000 to 12,000 pounds (5-6 tons), but this will come with extra fees based on the total weight. We will be happy to show you the fee slip obtained from the landfill when your heavy load is dumped. Transparency is key to our simplistic billing procedure. You will always know what you are paying for in terms of added charges.

Another example of optional addons that are not included in the rates advertised on our page are for mattresses or car tires. Because these items need to be disposed of in a specialized way, mattresses and box springs will incur a $45 added fee per item. If you have automotive tires to dispose of, we will also take those away at $25 per tire. The only other thing that is going to add unexpected costs to your Bin Rental In Greater Vancouver BC is including any of the prohibited items listed at the bottom of this page. Keep your loads clean, well packed, and below the top edges and you will have no problems coming in on budget. We know that there are a lot of costs involved with any big renovation or landscaping project. Trash King is here to help provide an easy and economical alternative to hauling several loads of junk to the landfill yourself.

Residential Roll Off Bin Rental in Coquitlam?

Coquitlam is quite a large and sprawling city (over 120 kilometres squared) and is shaped like an hourglass. We can pick up in the southern communities of Maillardville or Austin Heights as well as in the more northern stretches of Coquitlam in Burke Mountain or all the way out to Westwood Plateau. As long as you have space cleared that is 10 feet wide by 25 feet long, our skilled drivers will be able to back in and park your dumpster in the most effective place for your Coquitlam junk removal project. You can alert us ahead of time if there are any strange obstacles to be aware of such as a steep driveway, muddy embankment, or heavily treed areas. Our smallest 10 yard dumpster size is 8 feet wide by 12 feet long, and there needs to be ample distance around all sides for clear access to dump your belongings.

We love speaking to new prospective customers on the phone to reassure them that you do not need to own your own construction company or be a demolition expert in order to rent your own dumpster. A bin rental does not need to run you thousands of dollars. Our introductory sized bins are closer to $500 (plus taxes and any additional fees incurred). When it comes to cleaning up after a home renovation or backyard spring cleanup, it can be both easier and cheaper to hire a 20 yard bin rather than take 8-10 pick-up truck loads to the dump yourself, especially when you consider all the wasted time sitting in traffic! We have residential roll-off bins ranging from 10 yards (bathroom reno or attic clean-out) up to 40 yards (large roofing jobs or basement renovations). Even though they hold many tons of household junk, our bins have a relatively small footprint that can fit easily on your driveway or empty building lot.

Rent an Industrial Bin in Coquitlam

With dozens of large industrial and commercial warehouses for lease and rent, Coquitlam is a major hub for manufacturing and technology companies, new and old. Some of these properties will incorporate a waste disposal plan into the lease agreement. If not, it is usually then included in the tenant’s triple net payments each month, which covers building operations and maintenance. If you are managing your own company’s waste disposal needs, you need to get in touch with Trash King to see if we can help save you money!

Renting an industrial bin from us takes only 6 simple steps from beginning to end:

1) Call us. Give us a call at 778-806-5119 and get connected right away with a real live agent based in our local dispatch center. They will collect your address as well as the type of junk you need to dispose of in order to prepare an accurate quote for you.

2) Approve Our Quote. Within the same business day, you should receive a verbal quote over the phone or alternatively, an electronic quote transmitted to you via email. Simply reply with your credit card details to approve the quote and move forward with your bin rental.

3) Plan the Delivery. Please give our dispatch personnel an appropriate window of time when our driver can drop off the bin as well as any special instructions you have about the location (i.e., driveway, lawn, or a certain corner of your company’s parking lot).

4) Load The Bin. We will charge your credit card at the time the bin is dropped. After that, you may load the bin over whatever time span you require. Please ensure that you follow the appropriate waste guidelines as well as the fill line clearly marked on the dumpster’s internal walls.

5) Removal and Billing. Only when you call to alert our team that your bin is ready will we send a driver back to retrieve it from its dropped off location. Your load will be secured on-site and then taken to whatever recycling depot or sorting station is suitable for the type of contents.

6) Receipts & Review. You will then receive a final emailed receipt that will include the initially billed amount, plus any added charges (tires, mattresses, overweight or prohibited items) If your load is overweight you can request to see the actual dump slip that we are bound to by the going city rates.

Commercial Dumpsters in Coquitlam

We started small with a single roll-off truck, and now decades later we run an entire fleet that can serve several individuals and companies consecutively on the same day! Whether you found us on Google, a Facebook ad, or just passing by one of our trucks on the road, you have come to the experts. We offer the same competitive rates to all of our Coquitlam and Vancouver clients. We offer an open-ended rental agreement that allows you to decide how long you need it as you go along. Some of our full-time commercial contractors have at least one bin out at all times through the year, and sometimes more than one bin if they are juggling multiple projects.

If you are going to be a frequent customer, we can retain your billing information and set up a commercial bin rental account for you. You can assign authorized users on your account for those you would like to have permission to order empty bins or call in pick-up requests. We are happy to accommodate your business’s unique needs to make our service work for you. If you make a simple search for Waste Bin Rental Near Me from anywhere in the Coquitlam or the Tri-Cities area, our commercial dumpster service should pop up in your results. We understand the pressures of owning and operating your own business. We provide consistent, predictable results so that your outgoing commercial waste does not need to take up any more of your valuable energy. Give us a ring today and see just what we can offer you.

Can All Materials Go Into the Bin?

We do our best to be a versatile, solutions-oriented company. We accept everything from yard waste and broken up drywall to concrete and asphalt. There are however a few categories of items that we simply cannot take because they cannot be transported safely in our trucks or we do not have access to the appropriate recycling centers. These include the following prohibited items:

  • Propane tanks, metal drums, or car parts (contain oil and other fluids)
  • Tree stumps, oversized stones, large boulders
  • Styrofoam, PVC piping, or fiberglass insulation
  • Paint, solvents, household chemicals, flammable liquids, or other toxic materials
  • Lighting ballasts or fluorescent light tubes
  • Batteries or other potentially corrosive materials/solvents
  • Biological waste (including animals or animal parts)
  • Any food material whatsoever (compost, frozen, or canned food)
  • Creosote-treated lumber (a tar-like by-product that does not break down)

Final Words

If you are looking to rent a dumpster in the Tri-Cities area, we hope you have come to the same conclusion that many of our satisfied clients have. Trash King is the way to go. We have been serving homeowners and businesses in Coquitlam and the rest of the lower mainland for more than 4 decades and have learned that the best way to get ahead in this industry is simply to provide prompt service, fair and transparent billing, and friendly customer service. You can expect professional and courteous service in your future dealings with Trash Kind waste disposal. We really do try to allow for as much freedom and flexibility on our client’s end, but request that you follow these simple guidelines in order to ensure a positive outcome and a great experience with your bin rental:

Leave us room for the bin. If you have instructed our team to leave your commercial bin or residential bin in a specific area, please be sure that this spot is left clean and free of debris. If a parked car is in the described location and no one is around to move it, our driver is under no obligation to stick around and wait for it to be moved.

No prohibited items. This one may sound simple, but you would be surprised at the number of folks who either do not pay attention to the instructions or simply ignore them thinking they will get away with it. Each load is carefully sorted and sometimes scanned by robotic cameras at the recycling center. Harmful or banned items will be detected and result in extra fees being billed out to you.

Stay below the line. Again, this is a simple rule. Just like you cannot hide a bucket of discarded motor oil in the bottom of your load, you also can not squeak in an extra 6 inches of debris over the fill line. Your driver will be up there securing the tarps before leaving and will ask you to remove any items that are exceeding fill limits. This is largely for the safety of our workers and everyone else out on the roads.

This concludes our introduction to the services provided by Trash King’s Coquitlam division. We are on standby ready to take your call and make your excessive clutter issues a problem of the past. Give us a shout on the phone or drop us a line by email to start the process of getting your no-obligation quote.

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