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How to order a Bin Rental Service in Langley


Call us

We need to know your bin rental Langley address to allow us to quote your project for disposal and recycling.


Approve our quote

We will give you a verbal or written quote and you can approve it by giving us your credit card to process


Plan the delivery

Together we can select the size , delivery date and your preferred spot to drop off the bin


Load the bin

We charge your credit card when the bin is delivered, and you simply load at your convenience and call us when you are finished with it


Removal and Billing

We will give you a verbal or written quote and you can approve it by giving us your credit card to process


Receipts & Review

We will send you a receipt by email and if your bin is overweight, you can request to see the actual dump receipt. If you are happy with our service, please review us here


Extra Large

40 Yard Bin

  • Disposal Fees
  • 4000 Pounds included
  • Rental Fees
  • 3 Days Included
  • Free Delivery
  • Free Pick Up
  • Up To 80% Recycled
arow-spin order
Medium Sticker

20 Yard Bin

  • Disposal Fees
  • 2000 Pounds included
  • Rental Fees
  • 3 Days Included
  • Free Delivery
  • Free Pick Up
  • We Recycle up to 80%
arow-spin order

30 Yard Bin

  • Disposal Fees
  • 3000 Pounds included
  • Rental Fees
  • 3 Days Included
  • Free Delivery
  • Free Pick Up
  • Recycling Available
arow-spin order

Mix & Match All Of The Waste Below In The Same Dumpster!

  • Lumber Off Cuts & Wood
  • Roofing Materials
  • Residential Junk
  • Appliances & Metal
  • Renovations Debris
  • Attic Clean-Ups
  • Old Office Furniture
  • Construction Debris
  • Old Decking & Wood
  • Old Books & Boxes
  • Wooden Furniture
  • Couches & Chairs

What Our Clients are saying

Our junk removal bin was delivered within hours and the price was really good. We recommend this disposal company to anyone in the Surrey area. ”

Cory Lewis, Homeowner near Langley, BC

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Waste Bin Rental Service

Perfect timing and invoice was as expected. Great work Chris and team.

– Donald Mark

Residential Bin Rental Service

Great Service, thanks.

– Eron Pip

Affordable Disposal Bin Rental

Great service and pricing in Surrey. Thanks.

– Kaila M. McDonald

No Contact Bin Rental Langley

The township of Langley is one of the longest-standing communities in BC. The small suburb of Fort Langley is considered the birthplace of British Columbia for its importance in the early fur trading and gold panning days in the early 1800s. This was once the former trading post of the Hudson’s Bay Company and the history of the place has been a huge draw for tourism. Although the historic site has been quiet lately due to COVID-19, this is generally a bustling little corner of the lower mainland. Prior to the global pandemic, throngs of people would come to explore the museums, antique shops, and Fort Langley National Historic Site adjacent to the Fraser River. No matter where you live in Langley, we have a great team of trash removal professionals that can help eliminate your junk problem.

The year 2020 forced many companies to pivot and change their operational procedures. Trash King revised some of its practices and policies to fall in line with the health authorities’ guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Long before this pandemic began to play out, we had rigorous safety protocols in place and our deliveries have generally been contact-free. Contact and billing information can easily be collected over the telephone for a bin rental. Once your card has been charged for the initial payment and the bin goes out for delivery, you do not need to be at home, let alone be distanced by six feet. Just leave our dispatch agent with a clear idea of where you would like the dumpster to be left, and our qualified employees will take care of the rest.

We visit a lot of busy construction sites and we know that some folks want to be around when their bin arrives. We will respect the landscape of your residential property and place the bin wherever it will have the least lasting impact. Driveways tend to be a much better location for a bin than the grass area of your front lawn. However, your time is also important, so if it ends up saving hours of your time and several trips up and down your stairs, maybe that means putting the bin on your front lawn for 3 days to conveniently throw renovation waste over the second-story balcony.

Dumpster Rentals in Langley, British Columbia

When your hobby farm, dairy farm or other agricultural property needs to be cleaned up, we would love to be the disposal and recycling solution you choose. Since 2005, our mini bin rentals company has been serving both the District of Langley and the City of Langley with dumpster rentals and junk removal services. Our inventory of waste bins has a size that is perfect for your reno project or your real estate clean up. We offer flexible rental periods and upfront pricing to make your bin rental experience as simple as we can make it. You do not have to be home when we drop off the bin and we accept credit cards so that you don’t have to worry about having cash on hand. Oh, and if you have a property or business in Langley, BC that is not a farm, don’t worry we can help you too. For example, if you are moving and need junk removal services to get rid of the excess household rubbish, we have a mini bin or dumpster that would work perfectly. If you are tearing up that old eye sore of a fence, we can get you a wood recycling disposal bin very quick. So the next time you need a waste solution, please call 778-806-5121.

Avoid Extra Dumpster Rental Fees in South Langley with the following Tips

Perhaps you are in the middle of a home improvement project or a construction work and you have decided to use dumpster rental Langley services to help you manage the debris or you are just running a completely different project and you think that using dumpster rental services would be an affordable means of managing the waste. Before you start dumping things into the dumpster, however, it is imperative that you understand all the terms and conditions of the dumpster rental, and especially the fees you are likely to fall for should you violate the terms. Use the tips presented below to avoid extra dumpster rental Langley fees

Ask the relevant questions to avoid extra fees

When you are talking to the customer care executive about renting the dumpster, remember to ask question related to the pricing as well as the terms and conditions, especially those that might attract extra fees if violated. Without asking such questions, you may get the rental at affordable rates only for the fees to shoot it up through the roof.

Other Cost Saving Tips in Langley, BC

Ensure the location is free from any forms of obstructions
When thinking about using dumpster rental Langley services, you must consider also the location where the dumpster will be delivered. It should be free from low hanging trees and wires and it should also be clear from any obstructions such as cars or buildings which might hinder smooth delivery and pickup. If there are obstruction and the driver fails to make a successful delivery, the rental company may charge you a fee for failed delivery.

The weight of the debris
Overage fee is always the most common extra charges that customers who rent dumpsters usually pay. This happens when the weight of the dumpster at the time of pickup exceeds the recommended limit. There is a common misconception about the volume and the weight of the container.

Even though you may be able to fit all the debris in the container, the permissible weight may still be exceeded and it is also possible to have large materials that won’t fit entirely inside the container but the weight limit may not be exceeded. Therefore, to avoid overcharges, watch keenly the weight of your debris rather than the volume of the same.

Don’t dump prohibited items in the dumpster
Dumpster rental Langley companies will let you know the kinds of items you are not allowed to dump in the dumpsters. In most cases, everything will be allowed except hazardous waste of different kinds.

If you go ahead and dump prohibited items in the dumpster, you are likely to attract extra fees for that. In case you are in doubt about what is allowed and what is not allowed, never hesitate to call the rental company for clarification.

Call for pick up in good time

In as much as you are allowed to use dumpster rental Langley services for as long as you want, every day the dumpster spends in your premises after the rental period will attract additional feels. Remember to call for pick once the rental period is over if you don’t want to be slapped with any extra fees.

Disposal Bin Rental & Recycling Solutions

When we ask who wants to pay full price for local waste solutions, the answer always comes back with no one. So, why would you call the 1-800 companies for junk removal services or big bin rentals? Let’s be realistic, those companies do a good job, but heck they should for the hefty price they charge. At TrashKing, we do our best to keep our construction waste bins cost down by recycling up to eighty percent of the materials in the bin. Its the little differences that truly stand out, and we trust that you will consider us the next time that you want to reduce your carbon footprint when you order a disposal bin.

Building and Renovating and Langley Bin Rental Services

If you are planning a Do-It-Yourself renovation or hiring a contractor to build something for you then we recommend checking out the City of Langley’s website first. Often, if you overlook some of the regulations then you will have more issues than its worth. Do it right the first time and get the approval of the city before starting any project. If you have questions about building permits and waste management, disposal and other garbage related queries please reach out to our team for advice. We are happy to help.

Dumpster Rental Service in South Langley, BC

Our dumpster rentals service is perfect for your next disposal project. We have roll off dumspters in our inventory that will be just the right size for you. Whether you need residential dumpster rentals or industrial dumpsters, our team of dispatchers can help you get the container that you need to get rid of all your waste.Don’t settle for a second rate dumpster company that practices unethical waste disposal, choose a licensed company instead that recycles as much as they can and helps reduce your carbon footprint from your waste disposal.

Construction Waste Bins Langley

Langley may not be one of the largest cities in the lower mainland, but it is certainly one of the fastest in terms of construction and development. Even though the city limits have not changed much in the last 100 years, architects and builders are working very hard to increase the housing density with new condominiums and multi-family townhouse designs. Every new building project needs a waste management plan and that’s exactly where Trash King comes into place. We have been serving the construction industry for more than 40 years and know the roads of Langley like the back of our hands! We have worked with many Langley-based contractors, as well as the do-it-yourselfers who are capable of adding something like a treehouse or backyard shed in their yard. Even if you think your home construction project will not generate much waste, it is likely going to be far more than what you can fit in your weekly curbside disposal can.

A disposal bin does not need to be an enormous eyesore. Sure, they are no piece of art, but our smallest construction bins (10 yard size) measure only 7 feet x 10 feet x 4 feet. Other container options measure 8 feet x 12 feet x 2.5 feet. These dimensions are approximate but will always end up giving you the same internal volume. Some containers, such as our rock bins or those sent out for concrete or asphalt recycling, have lower walls to make for easier loading. If you have a big job to complete in a set time frame, then an unsightly trash bin on the premises is going to be the least of your concerns. In fact, a full bin is a good sight to behold and represents the look of progress!

We can provide a large 40 yard construction bin to your low rise apartment building or strip mall for teardowns and upgrades. As with our residential loads, we always place a priority on recycling whatever we can from each load. This makes Trash King the most eco-friendly Wood Waste Disposal company Langley contractors have access to, and we are just a click or call away.

Recycle Waste Materials in Langley

We accept waste from all manner of locations within Langley City, and always do our best to put only true rubbish in the landfill and recycle everything else we can. An average mixed load can contain anywhere from 60% – 80% recyclable goods. These discarded materials can be processed and used in new applications. What we pick up from any of the following locations does not impact this success rate:

  • Households
  • Packaging companies
  • Manufacturing sites
  • Demolition sites
  • Construction sites
  • Wood processing factories

Recycling as a whole is a messy job, but Canada has a lot of catching up to do when measuring up against other counties in the world. Dumping our waste and shipping it overseas is not an environmentally sound practice. Regulations surrounding this practice changed in 2016 and since then the federal government has issued no permits for Canadian companies to ship trash overseas. Unfortunately, Canadian garbage is still showing up unwanted in Asian nations. Trash King is trying to be a part of the long-term solution by offering dumpster bin recycling services in Langley and surrounding areas.

Here is a list of some items that you may be surprised to find out that are recyclable and can be turned into post-consumer goods. Carpet, CD’s, clothing, appliances, sports equipment, shoes, drywall, and asphalt. Some of these materials can be mixed into residential junk loads, but others (like drywall and asphalt) must be kept isolated in a specialized bin. Some materials that we refuse to pick up (i.e., batteries & used motor oil) are still very much recyclable but are unsafe to transport in a large industrial container bin. You must take these to your local recycling depot yourself.

If you have a large warehouse of old paperwork to dispose of or need regular weekly disposal of flattened cardboard and shipping materials, give us a call. We can get you a great deal on a Monthly Garbage Bin Rental. Once your paper, plastic, or metal waste gets off to the right place, it can be fully recycled and brought back to life in a whole new way. Soil, fertilizer, gravel, clay, and sand all have appropriate re-use properties once they get into the right hands.

How Much Does A Bin Rental Cost in Langley?

Our Langley bin rentals range in price from $500 – $1000 depending on what and how much of it you are dumping.  We have standardized pricing throughout the Langley municipality, whether you are a private homeowner or managing director of a large construction company. Rates are inclusive of drop-off, pickup, and your first allotment of weight allowance (1000 – 5000 pounds, depending on bin size). We also offer you the first 3 days of bin rental included in the advertised price. You are welcome to keep the dumpster on-site for as long as you require, this just comes at a $10 per day add-on. If you know ahead of time that you will require the bin for longer than a month or would like to haul several loads away over a longer time span, talk to our dispatch representative about long-term bin rental discounts.

If you would like to dispose of your car tires through us rather than take them to a rubber recycling facility yourself, Trash King charges a flat fee of $25 per tire. For those who do not want to pay a tire removal fee, we suggest that you find an alternative use for the tire. Old tires can be used around the house for a rubber tire retaining wall, or you can incorporate them into a kid fort in the backyard. Ultimately the old adage is true that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, so maybe you can rehome your discarded tires to someone in the Langley area building an eco-friendly earth ship home. This is where car tires are crammed full of dirt with a sledgehammer and stacked like bricks to make a well-insulated wall. Repurposing junk is on-trend, however, sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is throw something away.

This is true also of old mattresses and box springs. These can be hard to find a new home for, and especially if there is any evidence of bed bugs or stains. We will haul away your old mattress or box spring with no questions asked for $45 per item. These are full of mixed materials that are hard to recycle. The only other thing that will end up increasing your overall bin rental price in Langley is going to be discarding prohibited materials (see list at end of this page) or coming in vastly overweight. In either situation, we will be transparent and show you the dumping slip that validates these extra charges. Our aim is saving you money, so we will give you all the information right here that you need to keep your bin rental costs to a minimum.

Residential Skip Rentals in Langley

The population of Langley hovers around 27,000 spread over 10 square kilometres. Based on school catchment areas, 6 major neighborhoods make up this sprawling community including Alice Brown, Blacklock, Douglas, Nicomekl, Simonds, and Uplands. On the outskirts of Langley City, many other developing neighborhoods are popular for young families and new college graduates trying to get into the home buyer’s market. Brookswood, Murrayville, and Walnut Grove are all within the overarching net of Langley Township. South Langley reaches past Fern Ridge and Campbell Heights stretches to the U.S. Border. This part of the region is largely covered in farmland and houses a relatively small proportion of the overall population. Wherever you live in the Township of Langley, you can count on Trash King to serve up a big or small roll-off bin to your home within 24 hours’ notice. Sometimes outside of our peak seasons, we can even get one out to you the very same day that you call.

When you first connect with us, we will ask you what kind of trash you have that requires disposal and also what size of a bin you require. We can be of some help in this regard but do suggest that you browse our website for an introduction to the different bin sizes and what each one can accommodate. Once we give you that rough estimate at the outset, we will then require your physical address and credit card information to be able to process your payment before the bin is delivered. We will commit to a time for the dumpster to be dropped off and then simply wait for your call to request the driver’s return for pickup. In alignment with our contact-free policies, we can email you a final receipt that shows the full breakdown of what you are paying for.

Langley: Industrial Bin Rentals

The industrial sector of Langley City is alive and pumping, with over 2.5 million square feet of industrial use floor space available. Langley has centralized access for both the trucking industry via the TransCanada Highway as well as the Fraser River. Recently bridged by the Golden Ears Bridge, which opened in 2009, Langley is now easily connected over the Fraser River to the other industry-heavy towns of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows. For shipping purposes, Langley is also conveniently located close to the BC Ferries terminal in Tsawwassen and the U.S. border crossings in South Surrey and Aldergrove.

There is a consistent flow of new additions to the skilled labor workforce in this region. With technical educators here such as Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU), there are many qualified apprentices certified every year ready to contribute to Langley’s industrial-based economy. You can find facilities here ranging from clothing and plastics manufacturing, metal fabrication, and warehousing, all of which may require a 10 Yard Bin Rental to live on-site for discarded scraps. PVC piping and MDF particle board are seldom recycled, but we can recycle things like scrap steel, used pallets, plywood, and plastic strapping. We maintain compliance with all provincial and municipal waste disposal guidelines and expect our clients to do the same. Items like steel drums and paint cans are forbidden in our dumpsters and we ask that you dispose of these directly at the local recycling plant.


One of the critical factors in maintaining profits in the industrial sector is a consistent rate of production. When machines jam up or when people do not arrive for their shift on time, this can mean serious consequences in terms of losses for the company. This is the same issue that arises when waste levels reach high volumes. Backlogged off-cuts or piles of broken pallets can not only lead to slowed productivity but can ultimately mean a safety issue for staff. Reduced visibility, falling debris, and even just the general drop in morale are all worthwhile reasons to be on top of your garbage game and have a disposal bin handy, instead of piling your industrial junk elsewhere.

Rent a Commercial Dumpster in Langley

The same is true for the many commercial centers in Langley. A business’s junk is better left unseen! Some commercial chains may have their trash solutions already decided on by a head office representative or district managers. Even if that is the case, we recommend you send out a polite memo to recommend our cost-saving company in your area. We deal with a lot of shared purpose workshops and warehouse rental units that are filled with all kinds of talented and respectable tradespeople. Door manufacturers, cabinet makers, auto body technicians, and distribution centers all have one simple thing in common and that is they generate garbage!

If you are starting your own business in Langley and considering your commercial leasehold options, remember that garbage removal is often left entirely on the shoulders of the leaseholder. Sometimes in a strip mall type scenario, a commercial landlord may have a shared option already put in place, wherein shareholders will pay into a collective cost in their monthly triple net fees. Regardless of the situation, you always have a right to speak up and at least ask if there is some flexibility in hiring a new bin rental company. Being around for 48 years, we are not a new company. But we are happy to bring a new sense of service and attention to detail when you are opening your own commercial bin rental account.

As with our industrial service bins, we keep a high priority on providing a quick turn-around time for our clientele and diverting as much waste from the landfills as possible. If your store, business, office, or facility generates any more than 3 pick-up trucks full of junk in a month, then a Trash King commercial bin rental in Langley may be right up your alley. If you happen to run your own landscaping company and find yourself accepting a job that has more waste than what you can manage with your pickup and utility trailer, give us a call. We are happy to partner with small business owners in Langley like you and will have a Yard Waste Bin Rental ready for you as soon as possible.

What is NOT ALLOWED in the Dumpster?

We have touched on a couple of the items that we are not able to accept at Trash King in the text above. For the sake of completeness, we will provide a list of the most important items that renters should NOT put in their dumpster bin.

  • Paint cans, propane tanks, or steel drums
  • Organic solvents, flammable liquids, household chemicals, and other corrosive materials
  • Batteries, fluorescent light tubes, or lighting ballasts made before 1980 (contain PCBs)
  • Food (frozen, canned, dried), animal parts, or any biological waste
  • Automotive parts or used motor oil
  • Tree stumps, boulders, very large rocks
  • Styrofoam, fiberglass insulation, PVC piping
  • Creosote treated lumber (most treated lumber made before the year 2003)

Many of these items can be recycled, but they must be transported in small batches to your local Langley transfer station or city recycling depot. Do not risk the unnecessary fines by trying to sneak these items into the load because it never works out in your favor. Recycling contaminants can be very costly to the facility, so there is a careful watch of what makes it out of each load.

We will also recap to remind you that if we drop off a drywall dumpster bin, it is meant for only drywall. A dedicated yard waste bin should similarly not contain scrap pieces of metal or broken appliances, as these materials are clearly not compostable. We appreciate your cooperation as we try to remain compliant with all the local dumping guidelines and municipal waste bylaws.

Final Thoughts

We have spent the last several years under new management, getting to know our long-term Langley clients and how we can help them better. If you have any remaining questions about the terms and conditions of your dumpster rental, please get a hold of us by phone at 1-778-806-5121 or email and we will do our best to get you a prompt answer. Check out the reviews on our website to see what other Langley clients are saying about us. We have had new management since late 2016 and are proud to be a leader in Fraser Valley waste management. There are larger waste disposal companies out there spending big dollars on billboard ads and radio commercials. Trash King is a small family-owned operation, and we choose to put people first and offer competitive rates.

On the day your Langley dumpster rental is to be dropped off, just remember these 3 important principles that will help keep your costs to a minimum and will help our drivers get in and out quickly.

Leave us clear access. The landing spot for your 10 yard or 40 yard dumpster must be left clear of debris, as well as the drive leading up to it. Our large trucks can handle muddy driveways and some low-hanging branches, but we will not wait around for parked cars to be moved or fallen trees to be dragged out of the way. Be organized ahead of time and have the space ready for drop-off

Do not dump restricted items. Including prohibited items in your load does not help anyone in the long run. This will only end up coming back to bite you in the wallet with extra fees incurred to us by the sorting facility.

Stick to the fill-line. This is important to make sure our loads come in within the safe weight restrictions, and also so that debris cannot fall overboard during transport. Your bin driver will tarp each load before driving off, and objects sticking up past the bin’s walls will interfere with this. You will be asked to remove them which could result in being billed for waiting time.

Thank you for choosing Trash King, we look forward to serving you in 2021 and beyond!

Bin Rental Services in the Following Langley Neighbourhoods:

District of Langley, South Langley, Aldergrove, Brookswood, Campbell Valley, Fort Langley, Glen Valley, Langley City, Murrayville, Otter District, Salmon River, Walnut Grove, Willoughby Heights

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