Dirt Removal in Greater Vancouver


For dirt, fill, soil recycling projects we offer clients the choice of:


Dirt, fill, soil etc. is a very heavy product that can only be placed into smaller bins called rockboxes. We often can recycle these materials, so you are not contributing to landfills. The recyclers usually filter the dirt and then add nutrients and re-sell as soil or fill depending on the grade. Our customers call these services renting dirt bins, dirt dump and dirt hauling and we known as the dirt removers in Metro Vancouver.

For dirt, soil etc, it is very important that its not contaminated. Sometimes we might ask for a test to prove that the soil is clean because the liability from contaminated soil is a great burden for companies like us, if we don’t take the proper steps.

If you are looking for dirt removal, then please give our office a call at 604-433-5865 and discuss your project details with our dirt specialists. We can help you make the most economical and informed choice about how to remove your unwanted top soil, dirt, earth and sand.