Dirt Recycling and Dirt Disposal Bin Rental


Do you have excess dirt you need to get rid of? Whether it’s from a landscaping project, from clearing out a lot, or leftover from a construction project, excess dirt can be easily removed from your property and disposed of or recycled. We offer dirt recycling bins to help you get rid of the dirt on your property that isn’t needed anymore.


Dirt is heavy, so it can only be placed in smaller bins called rockboxes. We can drop off a disposal bin at your property, then pick it up when it is filled. From there, it’s recycled when possible and sold as soil or fill. If you need to rent a bin to get rid of excess dirt, read more below or call us today.


Contaminated Dirt and Soil


When it comes to dirt and soil, it’s crucial to ensure it is not contaminated. In some cases, dirt recycling companies will require a contamination test to ensure any soil being picked up is clean. Contaminated soil needs to be dealt with separately from clean dirt or soil, and there is added liability of contaminated soil is picked up by a recycling company. This is why we take the proper steps to ensure there is no contamination in the soil we pick up and recycle for you.


Dumpster Bins for Dirt Removal and Disposal


We offer various sizes of bins to help you remove all of the excess dirt from your property. We also offer flexible rental periods, so you can take the amount of time needed to fill the bins and remove all of the excess dirt from the property. We also offer options like a dump truck rental to make it easier for you to get all of the dirt off the property so you can begin the next step of your project. If you aren’t sure what size bin you’ll need or whether you’ll need a dump truck, give us a call for assistance.


Affordable Costs for Disposal


We understand you’re on a budget and need to keep costs down. We offer a variety of pricing options so you can make the right decision for the job and your budget. Call our office to discuss the details of the project with one of our specialists today. Our specialists will work with you to determine the most economical option for the project and can go over the details of how to remove any unwanted dirt from the property.


Dirt: Is it Topsoil or Fill Dirt?


It may be helpful to understand the difference between topsoil and fill dirt before you start loading up one of our bins for recycling. Fill dirt is dirt that is used to fill land, such as when a swimming pool needs to be filled or to fill uneven land to get it ready for construction. Topsoil has more nutrients in it and is the top layer of dirt. This is what is placed down before planting grass, flowers, shrubs, or trees, as it includes the right nutrients for them to grow properly.


Dumpsters for Dirt Recycling or Disposal


When you rent a dumpster, we drop it off at the property and you fill it with the dirt. Once our dumpsters are filled, we pick it back up from the property and handle the disposal or recycling from there. Disposal of dirt means taking it to a landfill, where it can be used to fill in spaces or to help encourage the decomposition of different materials. However, there is often too much dirt taken to landfills, so we do recycle the dirt whenever possible.


What Happens After It’s Picked Up?


When possible, we try to recycle all of the dirt we pick up. This keeps it out of the landfills, so it doesn’t just take up space. The first step in the recycling process is to filter the dirt and remove any large pieces that need to be broken down further. The recyclers then add in extra nutrients and can sell the dirt as soil or fill, depending on how many nutrients must be added and what the intended purpose for the dirt will be. This can then be purchased by anyone who requires fill dirt or topsoil for their property.


Recycling Bins for Soil


Excess soil can be created when land needs to be cleared for any reason. When this happens, it is best to try to recycle the soil if possible. The soil can be mixed with added nutrients and then sold as topsoil to customers who need it for their yard, garden, or other purposes. Depending on the type of soil, it can be used for other purposes as well. We make it easy for you to recycle any soil that needs to be removed from your property by renting bins and picking them up when they are full.


Dumpsters for Fill Recycling


Fill dirt, like topsoil, should be recycled when possible. If a project requires a large amount of dirt to be removed from a property, a lot of it may be fill dirt. This can be sifted and have nutrients added to it to be used as topsoil or can be sold as fill dirt to someone else who may need to fill in the space left open when a pool is removed, construction is being done, or when a tree stump is removed. We can give you a quote over the phone for the cost of renting a dumpster to get rid of any fill dirt and have it recycled.


If you have excess dirt on your property that needs to be removed, we are available to help. We offer dumpster rentals, so it’s easy to load up all of the excess dirt and have it removed from your property. It can then be recycled and used elsewhere. Give our office a call today and speak with one of our specialists to learn more about dirt removal and the dumpsters that are available for you to rent.



For dirt, soil etc, it is very important that its not contaminated. Sometimes dirt recycling companies might ask for a test to prove that the soil is clean because the liability from contaminated soil is a great burden for companies like us, if we don’t take the proper steps.


At Trash King, we offer bins to help with dirt removal and dirt disposal. We offer different sizes and flexible rental periods. You can also hire a dump truck to haul your excess earth.


If you are looking for dirt removal, then please message our office and discuss your project details with our dirt specialists. We can help you make the most economical and informed choice about how to remove your unwanted top soil, dirt, earth and sand.



Do you have excess soil, top soil and other garden earthworks to get rid of? Our soil recycling bins are perfect for your next project, so get an online quote today and find out the Trash King difference.


If you have excess fill then our recycling dumpster are a great solution for your fill disposal and recycling. Simply give us a call or get an online quote and find out about whether your unwanted earth is eligible for recycling.


What is a dirt dumpster rental? Simply put its when we drop off a steel dumpster on your site for a period of time and then you fill it up with dirt and we take it out for disposal or recycling.


Surrey, BC

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  • Ecowaste
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  • Recycling No
  • Disposal Yes
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Mission, BC

  • Summit Earthworks
  • 32885 Mission Way #109
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  • Recycling Yes
  • Disposal No
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Langley, BC

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  • Disposal Yes
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  • Recycling Yes
  • Disposal Yes
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At Trash King – Dumpster Rentals & Bins we offer dirt recycling bin rentals to homeowners, business and industry. Often we can find recycling facilities that screen the materials and resell or use as a fill product. Give our dispatch a call and find out if your dirt can be recycled.


Getting rid of soil is becoming an increasingly popular option these days. Many people are looking to ditch their old school lawns and replace them with artificial turf to avoid the mucky mess that comes with wet weather. When looking for a soil disposal bin do not look any further than Trask King. Regardless of where your soil is coming from, the backyard, renovation site, or the local sports field, it is important to note that you can never mix anything else in with soil. Make sure that there are no bricks, concrete, asphalt, etc.


If you have got a lot of fill to remove, then you may be wondering what options you have. An old-school option is to call up your buddy with a pickup truck, grab a case of beer and get to work. Unfortunately, the end result of this is the fill clogging up the local landfill. At Trash King, we are going to be able to dispose of your fill in an environmentally friendly manner. This allows it to be reused and leaves you feeling a lot better about your choice. It also improves your environment and carbon footprint, so you can rest easy.



As many people who have done big landscaping projects in the backyard know, there’s going to be a lot of dirt to remove. Unless you love sifting through dirt and making endless runs in your truck to the landfill or recycling facility, it is best to call Trash King. We can come and drop a dumpster off at your place and then you simply fill it up with whatever dirt you have to get rid of and give us a call and we will come back and take care of the rest. Trash King is an industry leader and is going to be able to handle any job.


Before you order your dirt removal bin from Trash King, it is best to figure out what type of dirt you have to remove. Are you looking to remove topsoil, fill dirt, or a random collection of dirt? Whatever the answer is, we can help you expedite the process. We will come drop off a dirt removal bin add bin at an affordable price. Give one of our Specialists a call today so you can get started without delay. We pride ourselves on efficiency and environmentally friendly disposal practices. Just remember that one man’s dirt could be another man’s gold!


Excess soil can be generated anytime a piece of land needs to be cleared regardless of the reason. Sometimes this soil it’s going to be salvaged. With a few added nutrients this excess oil could be turned into topsoil and allow somebody to start a garden or yard with an environmentally friendly reusable option. Other soils are able to be recycled in a variety of different ways. No matter why or what type of excess soil you are looking to dispose of, be sure to give Trash King a call to get your disposal bin dropped off before the first shovel is in the ground.

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