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Glass Recycling & Removal

Are you looking for glass recycling? Please call before booking a glass recycling dumpster. We are constantly working with new partners and solutions to find you the best value and may have a solution that exceeds our current website pricing. Please call 604-433-5865 and ask about glass recycling dumpsters pricing and disposal guide.


Glass Recycling Service

Let’s all celebrate the brilliance that is glass! No matter what it has been used for, glass is 100% recyclable. What’s more, no matter how many times glass is recycled, it never loses its quality or flexibility of use. Our glass recycling services include blue box and blue bin glass, plate glass, colored glass, Pyrex, laminated glass, toughened and low e glass. Once we get our hands on it, we take it to a facility where it is sorted, broken down, cleaned, dried and sifted into specific sizes or cullet. The cullet can be used in a wide variety of materials.

Glass Recycling Bin Rental

When speaking with a disposal technician, it helps to have the following information:

  1. What is it you want disposed of and how much is there? What and how much waste your company produces in a week or a day matters greatly in choosing an appropriately sized bin.
  2. Ongoing rental or One-time deal? You should never have to worry about schedules, space or safety.
  3. Where is the bin going to go, what is the access point, and what time do you want it to be there? Help us get your bin exactly where you need it.
  4. Touchless and secure payment options. Now that we have a schedule, let’s make a payment plan.

Glass Recycles Bin Rental

When you call Trash King Dumpster Rentals & Bins, know that you are calling the professionals. In order to keep it simple, our bins make for safe storage of all glass waste, no matter what. We are happy to create a custom pickup schedule so that you can go about business as usual. For single-use orders, keep the bin as long as you need it and, when it’s full, we are just a call away. We take all COVID precautions very seriously and are always covered-up to keep us all safe. Removal is swift and transport is secure with Trash King.

Commercial Glass Recycling Services

The plate glass market is huge in Canada. Many people enjoy seeing the majesty of the sky through their rooftops and that requires a lot of glass. Canada’s automobile sector is a big one as well, with over 2 million vehicles manufactured at Canadian plants each year. This creates a lot of waste and, between Trash King being there for the safe and effective storage and removal of this material and places like Blue Planet Recycling managing the sorting and crushing of this material, you can be sure that all of your glass waste is being treated effectively and with the utmost care.

Glass Disposal Service

Our commitment to fast, friendly, safe and effective service has been our mission from day one. Since we decided that we wanted to build the most professional and reliable waste disposal company in the country, we have been dedicated to doing just that. We are licensed, bonded and insured both by the individual municipality and for worker’s compensation. Our service record is impeccable and bin rental is usually available for same-day service. If we can’t accommodate you today, we guarantee the next available appointment, which normally happens within 24 hours. Trust Trash King Dumpster Rentals & Bins for all your glass disposal needs.

Industrial Glass Recycling

Believe it or not, glass is one of the most versatile materials on the planet. It is right up there with plastic for its diversity of uses, though glass is 100% recyclable. Industrial uses for glass include fiberglass and fiberglass insulation, rockwool for soundproofing and rooting small plants, sandblasting, pain-tinting and a myriad of others. All of these industrially manufactured products must come from somewhere and that is what recycling facilities do; they turn your household and commercial glass into cullet, or small particles, for use in industrial manufacturing. The by-products of these processes are also recyclable, and Trash King can handle it all.

Manufacturing Glass Waste Disposal Services

Just as recycling your paper really does save trees and recycling your plastic containers saves on energy diverted to plastics manufacturing sectors, recycling your glass saves resources, energy and it also creates environmentally-friendly jobs. The companies who require the glass you recycle to be transported by Trash King, washed, dried and broken down by places like Blue Planet Recycling and purchased to be used in the manufacture of their goods also require recycling services for their waste. These fiberglass and plate-glass odds and ends all find a home in Trash King bins and, once we pick them up, the whole process starts all over again.

Glass Recycling Facility Directory


  • Enviro Corp Recycling
  • 30 2nd Ave
    Abbotsford, BC V2S 0A8
  • (604) 557-9901
  • Disposal Yes
  • Recycling Yes
  • Innovation Yes


  • Aldergrove Return-it
  • 27482 Fraser Highway
    Aldergrove, BC V4W 3N5
  • (604) 856-2992
  • Disposal Yes
  • Recycling Yes
  • Innovation Yes

Bowen Island

  • Bowen Waste Solutions
  • 1065 Mt Gardner Rd
    Bowen Island, V0N 1G2
  • (604) 947-2255
  • Disposal Yes
  • Recycling Yes
  • Innovation Yes


  • Burnaby Return-It
  • 3931 Graveley Street
    Burnaby, BC V5C 3T4
  • (604) 294-2827
  • Disposal Yes
  • Recycling Yes
  • Innovation Yes



For the residential complex and the small business owner, glass can really pile up. Just as useful as your top-loading garbage and grease-recycling bins can be, renting material-specific bins for separating recyclables can assist greatly in keeping your waste storage space clean and organized. Trash King is equipped to service all forms of recycling needs and is happy to work with each individual client to design the most effective plan for your situation. No matter what type of glass or combination of glass you have to be disposed of, we are here for all your recycling needs.


Trash King Dumpster Rentals & Bins takes pride in having all types of bins for all types of materials. We have sizes of bins ranging from your home blue box to our 10 and 12-yard dirt bins, all the way up to our 40-yard industrial-sized bin. Our safe and sound delivery system will keep your lot damage-free and all of our products are guaranteed to hold all that you have to put in them. Our custom-designed pickup and delivery schedules are flexible enough to fit any circumstance and our trained experts will be there on time, every time, no sweat.


It is estimated that Canadians produce upwards of 100,000 tonnes of waste each year and all of it needs to be dealt with properly. If not, many types of waste would poison waterways, soils and our people and environments would suffer illness and worse. Though we are a small piece of a large puzzle, dumpster rental companies are important because we are the transport, the middle manager which takes the waste from source to solution. With trash King Dumpster Rentals & Bins, you can be sure that all your waste, from garbage to glass recycling is properly taken care of.

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Don’t worry about what the neighbours will say. We have tonnes of bins, each designed to fit a particular need and to fit a particular space. Our bins are a safe and sturdy receptacle for all of your waste. All you have to do is tell us what you want it for, what type of space you have to put it in, whether you want it on an ongoing basis or as a one-time deal and when you want it delivered. We do the rest in a secure and COVID-protected manner and our touchless payment and personal protective measures ensure you and our teams are kept safe.


We do not only handle glass recycling. The list of what we are willing to take is just about limitless. All that junk from the garage or attic, all those materials left over from the recent renovation, roofing tiles, dirt, sod and other landscaping materials, old beds, old electronics, even cars – we take it all. If it is junk and you want it out of your face, there is a deal to be made with Trash King. Our trained, licensed and insured waste disposal technicians always remain COVID-safe and we have bins for every situation, no matter what the material.


Trash King Dumpster Rentals & Bins has been serving local communities for many years. We have delivered well over 80,000 bins of all shapes and sizes, to all sectors of home, business and industry. We have always prided ourselves on our dedication to maintaining the very height of effective and environmentally-friendly service and continue to work to fulfil this ideal. Fast, friendly, safe and efficient, there is a reason why we are #1 in Canada. Next time you have a project, trust Trash King to ensure that all your waste is dealt with professionally and by the most ecologically sustainable means possible.

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