Residential Services

What are Residential Services  ?

Residential Services -Junk Removal Services
This service is often associated with 1-800 type companies and very expensive pricing. 1-800-GOT-JUNK is a Vancouver based residential junk removal services company that essentially created the industry. We use garbage bin rentals in all Residential Garbage Removal Services jobs. See “Dumpster Rental Services” for the first half of the play by play.



TrashKing, offer junk removal bins that are for the DIY or do-it-yourself homeowner who wants the convenience of temporary disposal bin on their property but doesn’t want to pay the huge price that the full-service junk removal companies charge. Once your bin has been placed on your property at the specified date and time, you can have the bin until you are finished with it.

Rubbish Removal Services

Essentially a synonym for junk removal services, rubbish removal is exactly the same thing. Two hard working people come to your house with a truck remove your rubbish while you supervise.
For homeowners looking to do the work themselves, we offer Residential Rubbish Removal Disposal Bins that come with free delivery and perfect for the job. All you have to do is call us to pick up your garbage bin and we are on our way to the landfill or transfer station recycling facility in your community.

Garbage Removal Services

When your household creates more garbage than your municipal provider will pick up what do you do? We offer Residential Garbage Removal Services where a waste container is dropped off at your home and you can fill it at your convenience. We pick it up only when you call us to tell us its ready. Take your time, get the job done right and hire TrashKing for your next garbage removal services project.

How To Rent a Dumpster

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Drop Off Bins Rental Services

At TrashKing, we drop off all of our bins free of charge. You will never pay for us to do a drop off on any Home Bin Rental Services that you order. We charge for the time that the bin is on your site and for the contents inside. Dropping off the bin is always free. Order you next drop off bin today by calling 604-433-5865 now.

Pick Up Services

Recycling Dumpsters

If you just ordered a sectional couch and wall unit but needed to get rid of the old ones, we have you covered. All you have to do is order Residential Pick Up Services and we will come to yo...

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Drop Off Services

We offer free delivery of all our bins. This means drop off services are free. You are only charged for the price of the bin and the contents. We don’t add any fancy drop off fees to pad ou...

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Delivery Services

That’s right, you read correctly. We offer Free Residential Delivery Services on all of your bins. So you are never paying to have a bin dropped off. Don’t be fooled by other companies wh...

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Bin Rental Services

Since 2005, when we had a dream of becoming the top Residential Bin Rental Services Company in Greater Vancouver, we have been offering our services to happy customers. We rent mini bins and ...

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Mini Bin Rental Services for those Tight Spots

In some urban areas the space that is available for a homeowner to use when doing a construction project is limited. Residential Mini Bin Rental Services and mini bin rentals are key to help ...

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Disposal Bin Rental Services. What do you mean?

Bin rentals are also referred to as disposal bin rental services. A truck is dispatched to your home or business and the disposal bin is moved off the truck with hydraulics and a rail or pull...

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