Organics Recycling

Organics Recycling, Disposal & Composting

Recycling organics and green waste has never been easier. Please give us a call in your local city and see if we can offer you a cost effective organics recycling solution. This often depends on municipal restrictions and monopolies that exist in your current jurisdiction.


Farm Organics Recycling & Fertilizer Utility

Our organics recycling bins and organic dumpsters are delivered by a roll off truck. The process involves calling our dumpster rental hotline and telling us what kind of organics you are looking to get rid of. We can accept tree trimmings including branches, clippings, leaves and other shrubs, foliage and green waste.

Green-Rubbish Recycling Service for Homeowners

You can pick the date and time of the dumpster delivery and we will do our best to accommodate. We even have a same day organics recycling dumpster drop off guarantee where if you call before 10am any day of the week, we will get you a rolloff dumpster the same-day. simply call our fast dumpster pick up hotline and get yours removed from your property in a jiffy.

Residential Organics Recycling Collection Service

When you have loaded up your food scraps, vegetables, salad, fruit, paper towels, napkins, paper plates, compostable take out containers, meat, fish, poultry, bones, bread dough, pasta, grains, floral arrangements, egg and dairy products including cheese scraps, coffee grounds, coffee filters and tea bags as well as table and plate scraps and soiled paper and card stocks.

Commercial Organics Recycling Service

There are a lot of important moving parts functioning within a commercial operation. There is one in particular which is of the utmost importance to the health of our entire planet, its important ecosystems, and the flora and fauna which inhabit them. Recycling is a crucial waste management tool all organizations have at their disposal. Businesses must keep up with their environmental responsibilities. Being stewards of the planet is a role we all share and there are many reasons why being green is good for business. Adhering to the 3 Rs, reduce, reuse, recycle can save your business money in the long-run.

Green Waste Recycling Service

No matter what types of organic waste you have, we want to take it off your hands. Green waste is all your coffee grounds and tea bags, fruit and vegetable ends and skins, cooking gone wrong and everything else from beans to bones. Though we like to keep it separate, due to the necessity of nutrient ratio management, natural papers, paper towels, tissues, newspaper, and soft cardboard are also beneficial to all the micro life in the mix. This all gets blended, macerated, and composted into the rich top-dressing anyone would be happy to use to boost the health of their home garden plot.

Soil & Fertilizer Components Recycling Services

Speaking of garden plots, we are happy to offer soil and fertilizer recycling as well. Soil is made up of hundreds of natural materials which when combined, generate a fantastic medium for plants to grow in, packed with micro life. The fertilizer side of it is composed of the macro-nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, micro-nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and sulfur, and trace elements like boron, zinc, copper, chlorine, and manganese. When this super soil is used and drained by plants of its nutrient value, it must be amended and composted, so that we can be free to use it again to feed ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Top Soil Recycling

Part of reimagining a more pleasurable exterior to your home or commercial enterprise and getting to work is that oftentimes, entire properties must be stripped of what is there to install what is not. Much of the time, this involves removing large amounts of top-soil which usually ends up in a cumbersome pile at the edge of the yard or property. If this sounds like your kind of issue, rest assured that we have the dirt bins you need to stow such a pile and, when the bin is full, we will take it away for eco-friendly processing.

Organics Recycling Facility Directory

Surrey, BC

  • Super Soil
  • 5333 – 176th Street
    Surrey, BC V3S 0L5
  • 604-334-3915
  • Disposal Yes
  • Recycling No
  • Innovation Yes

Pitt Meadows

  • Meadows Landscape
  • 17799 Ferry slip Road
    Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 1Z1
  • 604-465-1315
  • Disposal Yes
  • Recycling No
  • Innovation Yes

Vancouver, BC

  • 8655 Cambie Street
    Vancouver, BC V6P 3J9
  • 604-322-8771
  • Disposal Yes
  • Recycling Yes
  • Innovation Yes


Green Recycling Services

Never fear, we also have the bins you need for all the bushes, trees, branches, sod, and mixed mosses and weeds that come naturally with those big landscaping projects. When you first look at the rolling green with some trees, it does not look like too much. However, when you start to dig in, it quickly becomes apparent that some receptacle or receptacles are going to be necessary. Generally speaking, we will not need more than a day’s notice before we can deliver your order and guarantee that your precious green materials are put to good use.

Organic Recycle Collection

As long as the waste comes from a natural source and has not been contaminated through the use of chemical buffers or synthetic fertilizers, we can certify it as recyclable organic material. In North America, each of us humans produces well over a thousand pounds of waste per year, and most of it can be recycled, repurposed, or reused. Some of it can be composted and what little remains can go to a landfill or be incinerated. It is the responsibility of each one of us to do our part and we at Trash King are dedicated to providing the most effective and eco-friendly recycling services.

Compost Recycling Collection Services for Homeowners

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibility. It requires much time, energy, and expense to keep a household running smoothly, so you can well imagine what kind of work Mother Nature has cut out for her. The average North American home produces a lot of food waste. Not dealing with all those scraps as a separate and valuable entity would be ecologically irresponsible and out of line with respectable sustainability practices. Simply give us a call to discuss your compost recycling requirements and we will find the best bin for the job.

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As long as it is green and organic, we will take it! Call us any time to discuss the materials you need to have removed and we will find the right plan for you. All you have to do is put the material in the bin, utilizing as much of the space as possible. This helps to balance the load for transport and, once we pick it up, you can dream of all the useful material it will become. We will sort through it all to ensure the materials are properly separated and chipped or mulched and, when all is said and done, your trash will be someone else’s treasure.


We are always excited to help all citizens be a little more responsible and to do our part for the environment. But we all have loads of garbage as well, stuff which cannot be utilized in making compost, top-soil, or mulch, though which very well may be suitable for repurposing or re-engineering, reusing or which may be recyclable after all. For all those boxes of junk, pieces of broken furniture, old electronics, and straight up trash, we are still King and we serve our kingdom well. Besides the fact that our planet is facing irreversible harm, we all benefit when we make a true commitment to our environment.


We love trees and they continue to support the environment long after they are dead. Depending on the species of tree, though we do take it all, mulched trees and shrubs make a powerful compost starter. Hardwoods can be utilized in all forms of farming, including composting and worm-farming, and the coniferous species make a great mulch around acid-loving flower gardens. No matter what you have to take down, we are prepared to assist in its effective transport and disposal. We will get all the logistics figured out in our first phone call, so when we get there, our team will be ready to work fast and get out of the way.

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