New Construction Waste

What To Do With Construction Waste

At any construction job the first order of business is going to be reusing and repurposing as many materials as you can to decrease costs. Once you determine that certain materials are not going to be able to be reused or reduced, it has become the time to dispose of or recycle them. This is where Trash King comes into the picture. We offer years of experience in removing construction waste. We are going to be able to help take this headache off your hands and ensure that waste is not going to cause any delays to your project.



A tiny little renovation might be able to get away with using your regular trash bins at home. However, anything a little bit larger is going to need a new solution. Renovation projects are going to produce kinds of waste that you’re not used to disposing of. There’s going to be larger items that won’t fit into your regular waste bins. This is when you want to have a rental waste bin to discard the renovation waste. Trash King offers bins of all sizes at affordable rates. We will drop it off when you need and pick it up when you are done.


Construction sites are going to create a lot of waste in a variety of materials. There’s going to be plaster, shingles, drywall, wood, roofing materials, just to name a few. A construction waste bin rental is going to be able to handle all of these and more. Talk to one of the waste bin rental experts at Trash King to find out which size of bin you’re going to need for your project. We have bins to suit projects of all sizes and budgets. Simply let us know when you want it there and when you want it gone!


Over the years there have been newspaper headlines of illegally dumped construction debris. This becomes a headache for cities and towns and is downright wrong. As citizens, it is our responsibility to safely and ethically remove the waste and debris that we make. While construction is going to create a lot of debris and require ethical disposal services, this does not mean the step can be skipped. At Trash King, we take construction debris disposal seriously. Give us a call today and allow us to handle this for you so that you never find your company’s name in the headline of a business killing story.

Jobsite Demolitions and Clean Up

When most of us hear the word demolition, our eyes light up and think of a wrecking ball careening for a building that is about to meet its maker. Some of us think of a controlled explosion with triumphant music in the background as a building comes tumbling down to earth. Unless you’re in the business, almost nobody thinks of the demolition clean up that will ensue. The successful cleanup of job site demolition is going to require proper removal of waste. There is no easier and cost-effective way of handling job site demolition and cleanup then working with Trash King and our bin rentals.


Our New Construction Garbage Bins are Great for: Construction Projects, Renovation Projects, Commercial Construction, New Home Construction, Re-Roofing Projects and Community Development.


Any successful construction project foreman will tell you that deadlines and tight time frames are the key to success. Unnecessary delays cause projects to go over budget and can be the difference between success and failure. Disposing of construction project waste should not be one of those reasons. Using a reliable waste management company like Trash King is going to alleviate any concerns around disposal. With decades of experience, our waste management experts are going to be able to create tailor made solutions that will allow your job to come in on time and on budget and ensure that you successfully move on to the next job.


As society moves towards environmental sustainability, it is always important to think of recycling when coming up with waste disposal solutions. Many job sites are going to have materials that can be reused and reduced as well as recycled. Recycling job site waste is going to allow those materials to be used in another project. Contacting Trash King to come and set up a recycling waste bin at your job site is going to let prospective customers know that you are environmentally conscious but also a shrewd business person. All of our waste disposal bins are competitively priced and can be fit into any budget.

Construction Waste Disposal Facility Directory


  • Bright Sky Disposal
  • 12863 116 Ave
    Surrey, BC V3R 2S5
  • (778) 395-8800
  • Disposal Yes
  • Recycling No


  • Greatwest Disposal
  • 7800 Anvil Way
    Surrey, BC V3W 2V7
  • (604) 599-8922
  • Disposal Yes
  • Recycling Yes



There are many items that are going to inevitably end up in the landfill. Unfortunately, this is just a fact of life. Helping keep things out of the landfill that don’t need to be there will save space for the items that cannot be recycled or reused. When you have recycling debris from your job site, household project or any other venture, we are here to offer a solution. Trash King has decades of experience with getting rid of your recycling debris in an environmentally conscious way at an affordable price. Order one of our recycling dumpsters today and simply give us a call when you need it removed.


Many industrial situations are going to need different dumpster solutions than your typical residential or commercial outfit. Industrial sites often are going to have much larger items that are going to need an open top for ease of access. At Trash King, we have dumpsters of all sizes to fit your needs. If you need a one-time bin to handle a retrofit or expansion, we are able to offer a solution. If you need something more permanent and ongoing then we can handle that too. Give our waste management experts a call and find a custom-tailored solution for your industrial dumpster problem.


There are a wide variety of dumpsters out there, and the same can be said for bin rental companies. Trash King has years of experience and prides itself on outstanding customer experience, affordable rates, and a solution-oriented mindset. We are a local company, so we are aware of all the local laws and regulations for waste and recycling disposal sites. This is one of the most important things that bin rental companies can offer you. Our affordable rates are also going to impress you. Furthermore, our delivery and pickup times are flexible to ensure that they meet your needs.

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The cost of construction seems to be rising every year. This furthers the need to look for ways to reduce costs and increase profit margins. Construction waste disposal could be one of the ways that you stretch that almighty dollar. When you are ready to save on construction waste disposal, call the experts at Trash King. We offer competitive rates and a wide variety of disposal options to suit every need and budget. If you have a long-term project and want reliable waste disposal that can be arranged and forgotten about, we have you covered!


There can be a fine line between utilizing all of the space in your bin rental and overfilling. Overfilling is going to be a negative experience as it inevitably drives up the cost and potentially requires you to remove items from the bin, making for double duty in the labour department. To make the most of the bin rental that you have, be sure that you strategically think about how you load it up. A little organization can go a long way when filling up your dumpster rental. Trash King has decades of experience and has seen it all so don’t be shy and ask.


Roll off bins are usually large, open top recycling and waste bins that are used for disposal of a variety of materials. They are delivered by a roll off truck that has a hydraulically operated bed. The container is going to roll off the bed fast and easy so that you can get started filling it up with whatever you need gone. When you are done, our skilled truck operators are going to come back and load it up and haul it away. They are ideal for special events, home renovations, yard clean ups, estate clean-outs and any type of large recycling or waste projects.

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