What is a Dumpster?

Simply put, a dumpster is a steel container that is typically used for garbage disposal, recycling or junk removal. They vary in size from 2 cubic yards for front load garbage dumpsters and go up to 50 cubic yards for roll off dumpster rentals.

Commercial Dumpsters

There are two kinds of dumpsters for business. The first is front loading styles that you see as a permanent fixture outside shops, restaurants, and hotels. These dumpsters have lids and locks and are picked up by special trucks that simply tip the bins overhead and empty their contents on site. These are front loading dumpsters and are a great option for businesses.

Sizes for these commercial dumpsters range from about 2 cubic yards to 10 cubic yards. Since the garbage that goes into these containers often includes perishables and organics, it doesn’t make sense to have larger dumpsters because they need to be emptied more frequently to keep the smells and decomposition down. Typically, businesses would set up a pick up schedule like Monday and Thursday every week and would be charged a fixed price per month for this commercial dumpster service.

The other type of business dumpsters are open top containers. These steel containers are larger than the residential dumpsters and delivered by similar rolloff trucks. There is a rear door in these dumpsters to access and often ladders on either side to climb up on the side.

These large waste dumpsters are often used on construction projects including high rises, condominiums and townhouse complexes. Often, several commercial bins will be on site and get emptied once a week each or more depending on the garbage that is produced by the site.

Residential Dumpster

A residential dumpster is a generic term for a steel container that you put garbage, waste, trash or household junk into it. Dumpsters come in many sizes. These open top steel containers are typically delivered by a roll off truck. The lift system on the truck can both slide the dumpster off the truck and pick it up back up when its full. There is no damage to your driveway or alleyway as dumpsters have castors that are used to roll safely and without scraping or sliding.

There are several dumpster sizes for a homeowner to rent and roughly 7 cubic yards to 20 cubic yards in size. A cubic yard is about 1.3 cubic meters or three feet tall by three feet wide by three feet wide.

We recommend 20 cubic yard dumpsters for most home projects. They take up less space on your driveway than larger options. When you talk with our customer service team, they can help you decide what size is best for your project for cost efficiency and practicality.

Specialized Industrial Dumpsters in Greater Vancouver

There are a few different kinds of industry dumpsters and often sites will have each type located somewhere in the facility. The first type are trash compactors. These are just specialized dumpsters with a motorized system that compresses materials inside the dumpster. These are used for garbage and trash as well as cardboard and recyclables. The benefit to this type of waste management plan is that it can be emptied less frequently and hold more per dump. This means less trucking of the dumpster to the landfill which reduces both the carbon footprint of the business and ultimately lowers its waste disposal costs.

Recycling Dumpsters

Industry often creates waste of source materials from everyday operations. For example, a manufacturer often has incredible amounts of cardboard coming through its shipping and receiving bays. This corrugated cardboard is a commodity and holds value that follows the price of oil, steel and resources. Sometimes a dumpster rental company can offer a recycling dumpster rental for free or even pay the company for the contents of the container. Scrap metals are often the most common for this, as steel, aluminum, copper, tungsten, tin, stainless steel and other metallic and non-metallics hold lots of value. A dumpster can hold thousands of dollars of scrap if the metals are dense and the market price is right.

Open Top Industrial Dumpsters

There is very little difference between a commercial dumpster and this type of industrial dumpster. Sometimes, industry put lids on them to keep the contents from being sifted through by people or animals. Often, these can be owned by the manufacturing company or industrial site and they only sub contract the trucking of the dumpster to dump and return.

Dumpster Rental Company

Trash King is a rentals company that offers opentop dumpsters to rent for homes, businesses and industry. We have an inventory of garbage dumpsters with sizes perfect for residential projects, commercial projects or industrial dumpster services.

Waste Dumpster Rental

Our disposal services include waste dumpster rental that is a cut above the competition. We have a sameday delivery promise if you call before 10am and we divert thousands of tons of garbage from the landfill each year. We are also licensed, insured and bonded and ready for your next residential waste, commercial wastes or industrial waste dumpster rental so call today.