What is a Dumpster and How Can You Use It?


Dumpsters are used for garbage disposal, recycling products, or removing junk that just isn’t needed anymore. Front-load garbage dumpsters can be as small as 2 cubic yards, while the roll-off dumpsters can hold up to 50 cubic yards. They can be used to remove just about any type of material, including mixed materials, so you can clear out your home, office, or industrial building with ease. Read below to learn more about dumpsters or give us a call if you’re ready to rent one today.


What Types of Dumpsters are There?


There are three main types of dumpsters you’ll want to be aware of. These include the front-loading commercial dumpsters, temporary residential dumpsters, and open-top steel dumpsters.

  • Front-loading Commercial Dumpster – These are permanently placed outside businesses and have lids that can lock. They are emptied by lifting and dumping the trash into a truck, then can be refilled by the business.
  • Temporary Residential Dumpster – This is a steel container used for garbage, waste, trash, and household junk that isn’t needed anymore. These are delivered by a roll-off truck and there are no damages when the bin is dropped off or picked up.
  • Open-top Steel Dumpster – These are roll-off dumpsters that tend to be larger than the ones used for residential purposes. These often include a rear door for access as well as ladders to climb for access from the top.

Dumpster Rentals: A How-to Guide for Using Them


Using a dumpster rental is easy. There are just four steps you’ll need to worry about.

  • Give Us a Call – You’ll want to call us and let us know your city, the type of trash you’ll be disposing of, and the bin size. If you are unsure of the bin size needed, we can help.
  • Delivery of the Dumpster – On the scheduled delivery date, your dumpster will be delivered on-site and will be set up so it’s ready to use. Make sure you plan ahead of time where the dumpster will go so the delivery goes smoothly.
  • Fill the Dumpster – While the dumpster is by your home or business, you’ll have the ability to fill it with any junk, waste, garbage, soil, or concrete that you no longer need.
  • Call Us to Pick it Up – When the dumpster is full, you’ll just need to call us. We’ll pick it up and take care of the rest from there.

Sizes of Dumpsters Available


We have a variety of dumpsters available to rent, depending on your specific needs. It is often better to overestimate and end up with a little unused space at the top of the dumpster rather than rent one that is too small and will need to be removed and emptied frequently, as that can slow down the job you’re doing. Our most popular commercial option is a 30 cubic yard dumpster. For residential purposes, the 20 cubic yard dumpster is the most popular and for industrial dumpsters, most companies will rent the 40 cubic yard dumpster.


Other Disposal Containers Available


We do offer other types of disposable containers as well. One is the trash compactor, which is a small dumpster that can compress any materials inside of it. This can hold more per dump, so it has to be emptied less frequently. This is a great option for businesses that may need to have cardboard, paper, and other products disposed of frequently.


Work with a Reliable Dumpster Company

It’s crucial to work with a reliable company that has your safety and wellbeing in mind when delivering and picking up the dumpsters. We offer a variety of different dumpsters and can deliver the same day if you call before 10 am. This way, you don’t have to waste time waiting for the dumpster to arrive. We are licensed, insured, and bonded, giving you peace of mind for any project you’re working on.


Choose the Right Size Container for Your Project


It’s best to call and schedule the rental as early as possible to ensure the appropriate size is available and will be delivered before the trash starts to pile up as the project begins. However, if the project has already started, we do offer same-day delivery if you call us before 10 am. Before you call, do think about the amount of waste that will be created with the project. Every project can differ, depending on what the project entails and how much will need to be removed.


You can check out our website to get more specifics on the sizes of bins we have available and get a better idea of what will fit in each one. We rent mini bins that are perfect for smaller renovations or clean-out projects, as well as various sizes up to 40 cubic yards for residential use. When you call us, we can give you the details needed to help you determine the right size and can help you determine what can and can’t be placed in the bins.


Tips to Get the Most from Your Rental


When you call us to discuss your project, make sure you tell us what types of materials you’ll be disposing of. We can let you know what materials are not allowed and which ones may need to be separated from the other materials. In most cases, you’ll simply toss everything in the same bin. If you do have a lot of certain materials that will need to be disposed of, like concrete or drywall, you may want to rent a bin specifically for those items.


If you are in need of a dumpster for your business or a residential project, we can help. We offer a variety of bin sizes as well as different types that could be perfect for your needs. We also offer fast delivery and can help you with any questions you might have about the rental. Give us a call today to schedule your rental or to talk with one of our specialists about the options available for your project.



There are two kinds of dumpsters for business. The first is front loading styles that you see as a permanent fixture outside shops, restaurants, and hotels. These dumpsters have lids and locks and are picked up by special trucks that simply tip the bins overhead and empty their contents on site. These are front loading dumpsters and are a great option for businesses. These large waste dumpsters are often used on construction projects including high rises, condominiums and townhouse complexes.


A residential container is a generic term for a steel container that you put garbage, waste, trash or household junk into it. Dumpsters come in many sizes. These open top steel containers are typically delivered by a roll off truck. The lift system on the truck can both slide the dumpster off the truck and pick it up back up when its full. There is no damage to your driveway or alleyway as dumpsters have castors that are used to roll safely and without scraping or sliding.


The other type of business containers are open top containers. These steel containers are larger than the residential dumpsters and delivered by similar rolloff trucks. There is a rear door in these bins to access and often ladders on either side to climb up on the side.

Dumpster Rentals: A How To Guide

> Step 1

Give us a call and tell us your city, type of trash and bin size.

> Step 2

The disposal dumpster is delivered to your home or business on-time.

> Step 3

Take your time to fill the garbage-dumpster with junk, waste, soil, concrete or garbage.

> Step 4

Call us to pick up the dumpster-bin and we will come and get it.

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Industrial Dumpsters in Canada

There are a few different kinds of industry dumpsters and often sites will have each type located somewhere in the facility. The first type are trash compactors. These are just specialized dumpsters with a motorized system that compresses materials inside the dumpster. These are used for garbage and trash as well as cardboard and recyclables. The benefit to this type of waste management plan is that it can be emptied less frequently and hold more per dump.


Industrial & Commercial Recycling Containers

Industry often creates waste of source materials from everyday operations. For example, a manufacturer often has incredible amounts of cardboard coming through its shipping and receiving bays. This corrugated cardboard is a commodity and holds value that follows the price of oil, steel and resources. Sometimes a bin rental company can offer a recycling dumpster rental for free or even pay the company for the contents of the container.


Steel Drop-Off Dumpster Rentals For Metal Recycling

Scrap metals are often the most common for this, as steel, aluminum, copper, tungsten, tin, stainless steel and other metallic and non-metallics hold lots of value. A roll off container can hold thousands of dollars of scrap if the metals are dense and the market price is right. Often, several commercial bins will be on site and get emptied once a week each or more depending on the garbage that is produced by the site.


Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals For Commercial Disposal

There is very little difference between a commercial disposal-dumspter and this type of industrial container. Sometimes, industry put lids on them to keep the contents from being sifted through by people or animals. Often, these can be owned by the manufacturing company or industrial site and they only sub contract the trucking of the dumpster to dump and return.


Reliable Dumpster Rental Company

Trash King is a rentals company that offers opentop dumpsters to rent for homes, businesses and industry. We have an inventory of garbage dumpsters with sizes perfect for residential projects, commercial projects or industrial dumpster services. Our disposal services include waste dumpster rental that is a cut above the competition. We have a sameday delivery promise if you call before 10am and we divert thousands of tons of garbage from the landfill each year. We are also licensed, insured and bonded and ready for your next residential waste, commercial wastes or industrial waste dumpster rental so call today.



Sizes for these commercial containers range from about 2 cubic yards to 10 cubic yards. Since the garbage that goes into these containers often includes perishables and organics, it doesn’t make sense to have larger dumpsters because they need to be emptied more frequently to keep the smells and decomposition down. Typically, businesses would set up a pick up schedule like Monday and Thursday every week and would be charged a fixed price per month for this commercial dumpster service.


Dumpsters Rental For Residential Projects

There are several disposal bin sizes for a homeowner to rent and roughly 7 cubic yards to 20 cubic yards in size. A cubic yard is about 1.3 cubic meters or three feet tall by three feet wide by three feet wide. We recommend 20 cubic yard dumpsters for most home projects. They take up less space on your driveway than larger options. When you talk with our customer service team, they can help you decide what size is best for your project for cost efficiency and practicality.


Tips For Choosing the Right Size Waste Container For Your Renovation:

Tip #1: Make certain the rental of your dumpster is central to your renovation project planning. If you leave the rental of the dumpster to the last minute, you’ll run into several problems; first among these being, you may forget to book your dumpster rental until after the renovation has started. Unless you have a dumpster on-site at your location before renovation begins, you may find garbage and material starting to pile up in various areas on location. For safety and a timely disposal of materials and trash, call Trash King the moment you know you have a project on the horizon. Their drivers can even deliver same day if you call before 10 in the morning!

Tip #2: Assess your project to determine how much waste there will be. While this may sound easier said than done, it’s good to know Trash King’s specialists are always just a phone call away to discuss your project. They’ve been renting bins to the community for a long time and have developed the expertise necessary to help their clients save money by renting the precise size of bin for the job. Speak with a specialist now by calling our dumpster team and they’ll be happy to help.


Dumpsters For Rent Tips & Secrets of The Trade

Tip #3: Assist your dumpster rental agency with recycling for the best price. When you book your bin, let the agent know what type of materials you’ll be throwing in the bin. They can let you know which materials aren’t allowed in the bin due to regulations, and which ones should be separated. If you have large amounts of certain types of materials, such as concrete, drywall, wood & nails, etc., you can save money by renting a bin designed specifically for those materials; otherwise, you’ll simply throw everything into one bin. Trash King’s website offers free resources designed to assist with the bin renting process. Feel free to visit online to check out a few of these resources.

Tip #4: Visit the website and click on the ‘Our Bins’ link to see specifics on their bins. Sizes include 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30 and 40 cubic yard bins, so you will not have to rent a dumpster that’s too large for the job at hand and pay for space you won’t use. Trash king rents mini bins that are the perfect size for smaller household bathroom and kitchen renovations, small basement or garage close-outs and such. Feel free to contact the company to talk about your needs.

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