Trash Bins

What is a Trash Bin ?

A trash Bin is not just a receptacle for your unwanted goods and garbage. A trash bin is something which helps you or your business keep your garbage in one place – a safe place. A trash bin ensures the integrity of the property and the surrounding environment and makes trash easy to collect. When you order a trash bin from Trash King, your home, business, commercial and industrial job-sites and properties have a place for your unwanted materials. When the bin is full, all you have to do is call and we will be there, COVID-protected for contact-free removal and disposal.

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All businesses generate waste and with well over a million employer businesses throughout the country, Trash King keeps pretty busy. We have been serving Canada’s commercial sector for a number of years now. All of our technicians are trained and experienced in all forms of commercial waste removal and disposal. Our service centre experts know just what you need in order to get all that waste out of the way and we are always happy to generate ongoing schedules for the more permanent establishments we serve. Call Trash King today for all your commercial waste disposal needs.


More and more, this pandemic crisis is pushing people to the brink of cabin fever. This has continued to push an increase in home renovation projects and, for those locked in their apartments, online ordering has generated a lot of waste. Whether you are planning on restructuring your home or yard or are a residential property manager in need of another dumpster for all that garbage and recycling, Trash King is ready to come to the rescue. No matter what your need, we have the right bin for the job. So, don’t hesitate! Call Trash King Dumpster Rentals & Bins today!


With recent years seeing an increase in Canadian manufacturing and international imports, there is a rising need for waste management services in our industrial manufacturing, processing and warehouse communities. Factories and steel mills, automobile manufacturing, recycling, fabrication services, storage buildings, distribution facilities and so much more all generate a need for our dedicated service. We are happy to assist Canada’s industrial sector with all their waste management needs while maintaining the highest environmental standards. No matter what type of waste your industrial facility is producing, you can trust Trash King to make its storage and removal hassle-free.

How To Rent a Dumpster

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Specialized Industrial Dumpsters

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Recycling Dumpsters Rental

Recycling is more than just something we have to do. Recycling preserves precious resources, creates jobs and saves money. Recycling is the one combination of actions everyone can take to ensure that landfills are kept free of the hundred thousand tonnes of reusable materials which would otherwise poison surrounding ecosystems. Plastics, glass, foams, mixed paper products, metals and food waste can all be recycled. There are very few materials which cannot be recycled in this day and age and Trash King is here to take it all. So, give us a call today for a free quote and get started with Trash King.


Open Top Industrial Dumpsters

Those in Canada’s industrial sector never need to worry about where they are going to store their off-cuts, recycling and other waste materials. Our roll-off system can squeeze these bins into any lot or loading bay and you can keep them as long as you like. We have ongoing rental options and we also provide permanent bins with continued removal and disposal services and adhere to strict environmental standards. No matter what type of material you need to store in your industrial situation, open top industrial dumpsters from Trash King make it easy to toss your trash.


Dumpster Rental Company

Our mission from day one has been to become the number one waste removal company in Canada, and we continue to strive to learn, adapt and grow in an ever-changing industry. The services we consistently provide assist millions across the country with their rubbish removal requirements. All of our staff are trained, licensed, bonded and insured by the municipality and for worker’s compensation, and we take every COVID precaution to ensure you never feel concern over your safety or ours. When you want a dumpster rental company you can trust to get the job done right, trust Trash King.


Trash Dumpsters

Everyone has seen and nearly everyone has used trash dumpsters. Restaurants, shopping centres, automobile dealerships, donut shops, gas stations, warehouses, factories and distribution centres, just to name a few, all utilize a bin to house their hordes of trash. Our dumpsters are designed to hold up to the punishment of daily drops and, when you need that bin replaced with an empty one, we are always just a phone call away. No matter what your business, job-site or residential requirements, Trash King Dumpster Rentals & Bins is here to deliver the right bin, for the right price, every time.


Residential Dumpster

As it is all across the planet, Canada’s population is continually on the rise, so it is no wonder why residential zones are ever-expanding. Residential high-rises such as those in our city centres, condo complexes in our transition zones and our sprawling suburbia all require waste disposal services. If you are planning a renovation in your home or require a dumpster rental and waste disposal company to take care of your residential property, Call Trash King. We have been servicing Canada’s population for years. We are schooled in the ways of waste and are always available at a moment’s notice.


Waste Dumpster Rental

Renting one of these beauties is simple. Call any one of our numerous locations across Canada and speak with one of our helpful service agents. Tell us what you need or what you are planning, and we will work with you to come up with a plan which works for you. We generally only need a day’s notice before we can have your bin to you, and sometimes we can even accommodate same-day service. Keep your bin as long as you like and call us when it’s full for speedy and safe removal. Touchless payment is simple, and all pandemic precautions are taken.

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