This service is often associated with 1-800 type companies and very expensive pricing. 1-800-GOT-JUNK is a Vancouver based junk removal services company that essentially created the industry.

Other solutions like Trash King, offer junk removal bins that are for the DIY or do-it-yourself homeowner who wants the convenience of temporary disposal bin on their property but doesn’t want to pay the huge price that the full-service junk removal companies charge.

Our Junk Removals Alternative: Dumpster Rental

This simply is an index of anything that we might haul away. Did you know that junk removal is a category that includes anything and everything in the home, business or industry? Everything from trade spoil and waste to residential garbage collection services. Our junk removers company has pretty much hauled every item on the face of the planet.

We had a client that kept strange items for the theatre and film industry to use as props in feature films, documentaries and anything video related acted out by people on the silver screen and enjoyed by homeowners, families, and all for years to come. We removed dumpster after rolloff dumpster of garbage from a movie set like warehouse full of props and memorabilia of significant size and portion. This warehouse included racks that were 12 Feet in the air and often overloaded with props and set that we have to dismantle and load in our roll off bins for commercial film crew garbage including food waste receptacles and unique and large movie sets like massive clowns, whales and anything else that you have ever seen in a movie or television show.

We provided removals service to this Canam Enterprises in Burnaby, British Columbia over a period of time that was both interesting and exciting. Every day brought on new items to guess their purpose and implementation would have been and possibilities for new uses and plans. Our operations teams had to withhold the urge to save collectables from theme parks like carnivals, aquariums, and recognizable iconic symbols of our Hollywood tainted version of reality that resonate with our childhoods, better times and some unexplainable place of goodness.

Another method our junk disposals have been a source of table talk and neighborhood gossip is the fact that we prorate the tipping fees at the dump and transfer stations near North Burnaby, South Burnaby and Metrotown, BC. All it takes is one call to 604-433-5865 to get roll off services at affordable prices near the South Vancouver transfer station. We are quite happy to work with you to select the best dumpster for rental on your estate sale or moving clearance done on a weekend warrior theme with child and family labor and pizza and hotdogs for all.

Did you know that cardboard is valuable? You read that correct. Cardboard is a commodity, and is actually sold to scrap yards and recyclers. Its value follows the price of steel and interestingly enough, the price of oil plays a factor too. TrashKing once had a commercial warehouse customer who imported grapes from California and then helped his customer make them into wine but rather than take the wine right away, this vendor would store the wine properly for years as a package deal. The grapes were heavy and the corrugated cardboard was industrial. We ended up selling the cardboard from the removals job for $400 after being paid $400 to haul the corrugated waste These pulp containers that wine connoisseurs paid a hefty price to make a vintage that supported a taste in the premium category of wine but only costs the value standard.

In the many years that we have been providing junk removal to Surrey, South Surrey, White Rock and Semiahmoo regions of the Fraser Valley we have always enjoyed our famous customers.  One successful singer fell in love with a woman from South Surrey and Morgan Creek and moved up from Tennessee. For one reason or another when he decided to throw out his Star Wars collectables and GI JOE figurines, we were careful not to miss any materials that he might want to part with. It would be a terrible dis-service to allow him burdened with excess when our trucks had capacity to lend the brotherly support that he so desperately needs.