Waste Bin Rentals

What is a  Waste Bin Rental?

Proper waste management for commercial businesses is imperative if the business is interested in saving money and participating in caring and nurturing the environment. Observe how the new waste management system operates vis-à-vis the old system, and make the necessary arrangements so as to make it more efficient.


adopt the 3Rs in your businesses

Reduce – Is there a possibility to avoid the generation of certain kinds of waste or reduce their production by changing the way certain goods and service are produced?
Reuse – amongst the generated waste, are there possibilities that there may be some local businesses which would be interested in the waste as their materials for their processes?
Recycle – from the generated wastes, are there materials that can be targeted for recycling?

Search for local collectors for recycle materials

Now that you know the amount of waste generated and you already have an idea about the ones to target for recycling and reusing, the next step is to identify the most suitable waste and recycling collectors in your locality. This is also the time to designate commercial waste bins used within business for collecting different wastes targeted for recycling, reusing and those designated for the landfill so that when the collectors come, it becomes easy to for them to sort out the garbage.

Have waste and recycling collection contract

Reliability is very important when it comes to managing commercial waste. You should strive to work with a reliable waste and recycling collection contractor who will honor all the collection dates and times so that you are not left with lots of garbage pilling up within your commercial premises. Normally, you would be emptying the commercial waste bins into the garbage collection trucks without sorting the waste in any way.

How To Buy Waste Bin Rentals

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Low Cost Commercial Waste Bin Rentals

Is it time for your business to rent commercial waste bins? We can help. Since 2005, our waste recycling company has been offering waste bins for rent to business and industrial customers looking for affordable disposal solutions that encompass ethical disposal practices, on time delivery and industry leading customer service. We have commercial bins for waste, garbage, trash, rubbish, junk and other disposal materials. Call 604-433-5865 today and get your commercial waste bins rentals today.

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