Renovation Debris

Recycling Renovation Debris and Waste

Renovations lead to a beautiful new space, but during the project, a lot of waste is created. This waste can’t be tossed out with the regular trash since there will be far too much of it, so where can you put it? We offer help getting rid of renovation debris and waste. We can haul away all of the construction debris for you, so you have one less thing to worry about. We can handle large and small renovation jobs, so call us today for help or read below to learn more.

Disposal of Creosote Lumber

Creosote lumber is lumber that has been specially treated to protect the wood from pests. The creosote is created from distilled tar from wood or coal and is often used in pesticides that are sprayed on the wood to keep pests away. This wood can be used in basement construction as well as other construction purposes to help protect the building. However, when it is removed or when there are offcuts that need to be disposed of, it will need to be separated from other wood and materials. The creosote needs to be disposed of separately as it is a hazardous material and, therefore, cannot simply be mixed into the landfill with other materials.

How Much Will It All Cost?

The cost of the waste removal will vary depending on how much waste needs to be removed and whether some of the waste will need to be separated. It is important to separate the waste before placing the materials in the bin, as we do require certain items to be separated. We can discuss your project with you and let you know if there are any products that need to be separated. If so, we can deliver the appropriate size bin for the separated materials as well as a bin the right size to contain all other waste created during your renovation project.


Planning for Your DIY Renovation


Before you start tearing down walls or removing any materials, it’s best to plan out the renovation. This includes figuring out what you’ll do with all of the waste material that will be created during the process. Waste material is created from anything removed before the renovation, anything that is not used during the renovation like offcuts, and any packaging that will need to be disposed of as the new materials are put in place in the room.


When you call us, we can help you plan out how to handle all of the waste from the renovation. You’ll want a good idea of how much waste you may create to rent the right size dumpster for the project. However, if you are unsure, one of our specialists can help you decide. This way, you don’t have to worry about holding on the project while the dumpster is emptied or spending money renting a dumpster that’s going to be too large for the project or too big to fit near the worksite. If your renovation entails disposing of an old roof, this can oftentimes take up an entire large dumpster on its own.


If you’re planning a renovation, building a basement, or any other construction project, we can help you remove all of the waste that’s created in the process. Our specialists can answer any questions you might have about debris and waste removal or help you determine the right size bin to ensure you save money and have an easy way to dispose of any waste that’s created. Give us a call today to start discussing your project or, if you already know what size bin you’ll need, to go ahead and schedule the delivery to your worksite.


Disposal Containers for DIY Demolitions

If you’re tackling a renovation on your own, we can help by providing the proper size disposal container. We have dumpsters available to fit a wide range of jobs, depending on how much waste you expect to create while tearing out the old materials and putting in the new ones. We make sure you get the help needed so there’s no buildup of waste materials at your site. If you aren’t sure how big of a dumpster you’ll need, our specialists will be able to discuss your project and help you choose the right size.

Get Rid of Old Decking and Fencing

Perhaps the decking or fencing in your yard is not in good shape anymore and you’d like to replace it. Before installing the new decking or fencing, you need to take apart what’s already there and dispose of it. That means there’s going to be a lot of wood and nails that need to be removed from your property. We can help with this by providing you with a dumpster large enough to fit all of the materials. Give us a call today to rent a dumpster and make this job easier.

Removing Treated Lumber Off-Cuts

There are some materials that cannot be mixed together with other types of materials per regulations, such as treated lumber. When treated lumber has been used for decking and fencing or other construction that needs to be removed, it will need to be removed separately so it can be disposed of properly. These regulations come from the recycling facility, transfer station, or landfill in your community and are designed as a way to handle certain materials to minimize the impact on the environment.



Are you thinking about having a basement added to a home you’re building? Basement construction can add a lot of value to your home, but it is important for you to make sure it is done properly. Depending on the materials being used, some of the waste created during the construction may need to be separated when it is disposed of per regulations. We know all of the regulations and can let you know if any materials need to be separated before you begin. We can provide the dumpster needed to contain and remove the waste created during the basement construction and help ensure your worksite is clean, so you don’t have piles of waste that will need to be dealt with later.


It is vital to estimate roughly the money it will take to complete your basement project. This will enable you to decide if you really want to invest in this. It has been claimed that building a basement wall that is new is actually a large project. You need to do this correctly as well.

Creosote Lumber Disposal

You need to consider excavation. You will need hired equipment. The case may be present that the cost for excavation may be more depending upon the kind of soil that you have. For those who have many rocks within their building site, excavation of the basement can be a rather costly project.

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