Dumpster Rental Company

What is a Dumpster Rental Company?

Our Dumpster Rentals Blueprint in Metro Vancouver
TrashKing has partnered with Fleetwood Waste to bring you the best dumpster rental company in Vancouver, BC. Our dumpsters have been available in the Lower Mainland since 1972 that we have been servicing businesses and homeowners with cost effective and reliable trash bin rentals. What this means to you, the customers of Trash King is simple.

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Unparalleled Customer Service

We didn’t stick around in business for 45 years by providing subpar services. On the contrary, we have built a loyal customer base of contactors, roofers and homeowners who want exceptional customer service when they choose a waste dumpster rental company.

10 AM Same-day Service Guarantee

We know that no matter how hard you plan and try to stick to a schedule things come up. This is why we have created our dumpster drop off or dumpster pick up guarantee. Simply call before 10am seven days a week and have your dumpsters delivered or even picked up on the same day.


We cannot guarantee a time, but we will get it done. This service means that we have to keep an extra truck or two on the road but we believe that the added value to your business is worth the extra cost to us. The next time you find yourself with extra labor on hand and wishing you had pre-ordered a trash bin, give TrashKing a call and make use of that extra manpower.

How To Rent a Dumpster

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Specialized Industrial Dumpsters

Environmental Commitment: Divert Materials From The Landfill Through Innovative Disposal

Recycling Dumpsters

We know that both your shareholders, owners, employees and customers are all concerned about what impact your company has on the environment. With this in mind, and our own commitment to the ...

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Open Top Industrial Dumpsters

This includes choosing garbage disposal partners who are licensed, reputable and who innovate to find recycling solutions to divert materials from the landfills and help reduce your impact on...

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Dumpster Rental Company

One partner, Urban Wood Waste Recyclers in Coquitlam actually separates cardboard, wood and metal from your dumpster contents and repurposes and recycles those materials. We can often recycle...

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Recycling Dumpsters

Disposal costs are a real burden to waste haulers and often represent up to 50% of the expenses for a dumpster rental company in Greater Vancouver. In an effort to keep your costs down, we of...

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So, if you only have 1.44 metric tons and your bin includes the first ton, then you will be charged for .44 tons only. Don’t be fooled by dumpster companies who charge in block amounts and ...

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Waste Dumpster Rental

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