Trash Bin Rental

What is a Trash Bin Rental ?

If you are a homeowner looking for a solution to get rid of your residential trash, then we have a trash removal service that is perfect for you. Whether you need a trash-bin-rental for a temporary solution where we schedule a trash bin delivery and it stays on your site for a period of time.



If you want the trash bin placed on a particular part of your property, then simply let us know where that is. Often, we can take notes during the bin rental order process and can pass on those details to our drivers. We have a very high success rate when you communicate where you would the like the bin placed.


After the trashbin is delivered on the date and time of your choice, we simply wait for your call to let us know that you are finished. Our rentals typically include a week on your property at no extra charge, but check with our bin rental dispatchers to be sure. Over the next week, you can load your trash bin at your convenience.


If your bin gets filled with trash quickly and needs to be emptied and then returned, its no problem. Just call and ask for a dump-and-return and we will do our very best to accommodate. Once you are finished, give us a call and we will come and pick up the dumpster.

How To Rent a Trash Bin In Canada

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Customized Trash Bins For Industry

Its better to have the trash bin a little early in case challenges present themselves and we are delayed. As bin rental services are subject to factors beyond our control such as traffic, accidents and road construction. We do our very best to be on time, and we are more often than not, but if a late trash bin delivery is going to have a significant cost for you, we recommend getting it early to be safe.

More Information About Trash Bin Rental Services

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Trash Bins For Industry

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