Solid Waste Removal Services in Metro Vancouver

If you are looking for ethical waste removal services and are tired of getting promised one thing and delivered another, then give our waste disposal services a chance. That’s right, we are under new ownership with new waste remover trucks, new roll off waste bins in our inventory and new disposal dispatchers ready to help ensure your project is successful. We have 59 years of waste removal experience including junk removal and waste dumpster rentals. We haul everything from garbage and trash to new home construction waste and garbage from industry. We also turn waste bins into recycling by providing recycling removal services for materials such as cardboard, metal and wood where we can reuse, repurpose, and recycle the contents of your waste disposal dumpsters. If you want to get exactly what you are promised, every time you deal with a waste disposal company, then we urge you to consider our waste removal dumpster rental services and call for more information today.