Same Day Dumpster Rental

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Dumpster Rental

What is a roll off dumpster rental? This is a service where we use a rolloff truck equipped with a specialized hook-lift or roll-off lifting system to get the bin off our truck and onto your property. We essentially roll the dumpster off the truck, slowly onto your property. This process is safe and efficient […]

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Junk Removal Bin Rental

What is a Junk Removal Bin Rental? This is a service where we deliver an open top steel bin to your home and leave it on site for up to a week. During that time, you can load all of your unwanted junk, rubbish, trash, cardboard, metal, boxes and other household garbage into the bin. […]

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Garbage Bin Rental

What is a Garbage Bin Rental? This is a service where we use an industrial truck to drop off a garbage bin onto your property for a period of time. We have lots of sizes and depending on what it is that you need to get rid of, we can help you find an affordable […]

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Effective November 1, 2016 new owners have taken over at Trash King. That means new dispatchers, new trucks, new bins and a new level of customer service.
Our partners at Fleetwood Waste Systems Ltd. and the Trash King thank-you for your patience during this transition. We are working diligently to improve some of the service challenges that our previous owners had. Check out out 10am same day dumpster rental guarantee. If you call before 10am for a drop off bin, we will deliver it the same day. Thank-you for choosing Trash King and we hope to be your garbage dumpster solution for years to come.

NORTH VANCOUVER JUNK BIN RENTAL SERVICE is your top Bin Rental company in North Vancouver. We are licensed, insured and bonded and have a bin that is perfect for any project. Whether you call requesting a dumpster, garbage bin, disposal bin or trash bin, you will receive the same great service and pricing that has built a reputation over the last ten years for efficient garbage disposal services with a smile. Call 604-433-5865 now and get a free quote for your project.

If you are looking for a dumpster rental service we can offer you an inventory of affordable dumpsters that are perfect for your project and customer service to help walk you through the dumpster ordering process. Call 604-433-5865 now and get a free quote for your project.


Spring is here and it almost summer so its time to start and finish all of those outdoor projects. We have the perfect bin rental service for you. Are you ripping up an old flowerbed in Coquitlam to put in a new one? Call 604-433-5865 and we can get a bin for you. Are you taking down a fence or deck in Burnaby? Are you looking to give your property that outdoor summer space that you have always wanted? We can help, simply call 604-433-5865 and book a Burnaby dumpster rental. Are you tearing up a driveway or old concrete foundation? No problem we have a bin that is perfect for your project in North Vancouver.

Simply call 604-433-5865 and get a TrashKing bin for your next rubbish disposal bin project.

DUMPSTER RENTAL BURNABY, BC is your top Dumpster Rental Company in North Vancouver. We are licensed, insured and bonded and have a bin that is perfect for any project. Whether you call requesting a dumpster, garbage bin, disposal bin or trash bin, you will receive the same great service and pricing that has built a reputation over the last ten years. Call 604-433-5865 now and get a free quote for your project.

When you rent a dumpster from TrashKing, you are supporting a local business who aims to recycle up to 80% of the materials in your dumpster. The materials are sorted out for salvageable materials and used in the production of various manufacturing processes. We offer residential dumpster, commercial dumpsters and industrial dumpster services.


What is a roll off dumpster rental? This is a service where we use a roll off truck equipped with a specialized hook lift or roll off lifting system. We essentially roll the dumpster off the truck, slowly onto your property. Don’t worry, your concrete driveway is safe with our dumpster delivery system. These roll offs can be placed with precision using our lift system.

We offer roll off dumpsters in sizes ranging from 7 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards depending on the size of dumpster that you need. We offer affordable roll off dumpster the Metro Vancouver area including North Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Coquitlam and West Vancouver.


TrashKing drop off bins are a great way to clean up your property and get rid of unwanted junk. All you have to do is call 604-433-5865 and discuss your options with one of our North Vancouver Drop Off Bins specialists. Once your pick a bin size, you get to choose a day and time window for delivery. Its no problem at all if you are not home, we can drop off the bin to your perfect location if you let us know where that is. Being onsite is not required and often we can call the customer when the trucking dropping off the bin is onsite to answer any questions. The next time that you need drop off bins for your construction, moving or clean up project, why not give TrashKing a call at 604-433-5865?


TrashKing knows everything there is to know about trash. We rent commercial trash bins and other trash services to businesses in Metro Vancouver. We work with your operations team to ensure that your trash containers are empty when you need them. We give you the option of set dates and times for our trash service or you can call us on demand instead. Whatever it takes to be your trash company, we want to try out. Our team of dispatchers are ready to help you plan your next commercial trash bin rental and figure out the most cost effective way to have your garbage trash removed. Call TrashKing today to find out why we are the best trash bin rental company in the Greater Vancouver Regional District.


What is a minibin rental? Simply put, these are the smaller versions of our dumpster, construction waste bins and disposal bins. These mini bins fit in smaller footprints for alleyways, city living and tight driveways. We offer 5 yard mini bins which are great for small concrete or dirt projects like getting rid of an old concrete patio or small driveway. We have 7 yard mini bins that are great for the same DIY home renovation projects but have forty percent more capacity. Our affordable minibins are available in the entire Greater Vancouver area including Richmond, Surrey, Coquitlam and West Vancouver.


Why use a Trash King Bin?

Efficient Dumpster Services – Save money from renting a truck to haul your debris, buying insurance, and fill up the gas tank before returning.

We offer bins ranging in size from 5 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards and can accommodate multiple disposal bin orders easily as we have 50 dumpsters in our inventory. Call 604-433-5865 now to book your bin rental in Vancouver West now. can get you a bin quickly if you call 604-433-5865 and order. Often we can deliver and pick up same day. Trust Trash King to respond to your requests quickly.


We get asked all the time, what is a construction waste bin and are the materials inside recycled?

Simply put, a construction waste bin is for wood, metal, materials etc. from a renovation or construction project that do not hold any value anymore and need to be disposed of or recycled. You keep these Burnaby waste bins on your construction site until they are filled up and then we come and empty it and return it. There is always free delivery of your bin and we aim to provide same or next day services once when you call us.

Typically, we use recycling facilities that sort and recycle as much of the materials inside your Vancouver construction waste bin as possible. The wood and metal is separated out and used in manufacturing of pallets and scrap metal recovery. The plastics are recycled and the tires are crushed and ground up into a material that is used to layer landfills for traction in muddy areas. What is left, is household type garbage like old lunches and wrappers and those are taken to a landfill or dump or incinerator depending on the facility and municipal regulations.

Construction waste bins save time, money and the environment, so why not call 604-433-5865 now and get your today?


What are Junk Removal Services?

Typically, junk removal refers to a full-service solution to remove your unwanted household items like furniture, renovation debris and moving junk. Two people ready to work, show up at your house at a specified time and do all the heavy lifting for you to clean up your home, business or company. At TrashKing we offer junk removal services bin rental options to accommodate the people searching online who thought they wanted junk removal services but actually don’t want to pay the exorbitant amount the 1-800 companies charge for such services. With a little elbow grease and a bin from TrashKing, you can accomplish the same or better result for a lower cost.

One of the benefits of renting a bin instead of hiring a junk removal services company is that the container is on your property for a few days unless you want it gone sooner. What this means is that you have more time to carefully select the items that need to disposed of as often junk removal customers complain that they forgot some items and are left with junk removal that is 90% done. If you have ever had a HONEY-DO list, 90% done is definitely not ok. At TrashKing we prefer jobs to be 100% complete and that’s why we recommend junk removal services bin rentals to home owners and families looking to remove unwanted junk in Port Coquitlam.


Are you looking for residential rubbish removal services?

The Trash King company has been providing rubbish disposal to Vancouver since 2005. With thousands of satisfied customers, why not call 604-433-5865 and book your junk hauling bin now?

Why choose a Trash King rubbish removal bin? We offer professional bin rental solutions with upfront pricing and several options to pay. We have dumpsters for any project. Our bins range from 5 cubic yards to 50 cubic yards and will be perfect for your project. Recycling is Key. We recycle up to 80% of the materials that we collect so you are reducing your carbon footprint with us. Construction Waste Service. Turn your waste into recycling with our construction waste bins recycling program.