Blue Box Recycle Bin

Blue Box Recycle Bin & Disposal

Many disposal companies do offer this service if you call in advance and check. For most cities, you can recycle for free at your local recycler.

Blue box recycle bins are great for excess that the city will not take for free, build ups of recycling over time that just have got to go and other recycling problems that need fixes that come up from normal business operations. Call us today and find out how we can help you get rid of your blue box recycle materials today.


Blue-Bin-Recycling Services

Trash King Dumpster Rentals & Bins doesn’t just remove junk and trash. We are dedicated to integrity and are happy to serve B.C. and the rest of Canada. Our Blue Box programs are designed for home, residential, commercial and industrial projects and we ensure that your reusable odds and ends are dealt with. We are trained and experienced in the eco-friendly disposal of all waste. Whether you are in the Lower Mainland, up and down B.C. or across the rest of the country, Trash King is always here for you.

Blue Box Recycling Bin

When you see a blue box, you think recycling, right? The little triangle with the three arrows somehow seems to be pointing toward a healthier way of life. As an added measure of comfort and flexibility to our clients, Trash King can provide different sizes of blue boxes and bins. Just as we consider junk removal and disposal of utmost importance in the day-to-day health and wellness of our cities and societies, we also accept the responsibility to maintain best recycling practices, so all you have to do is wash and toss. Call today for our blue box recycling program near you.

Recycling Bins

Though most municipalities have a local pickup service, there seems to always be a buildup of certain items. Our bins are designed to take all those everyday things which, instead of going to the fill, could go into making new and useful commodities. Because we use recycling bins, we are able to identify, separate and utilize those materials which would otherwise be lost in an unceasing sea of non-compostable trash.


Recycling has gotten to the point in Canada where we can reuse pretty much any material, as long as items are washed and grouped correctly. We know there can be some confusion over what can go into a blue bin, so here’s a list: cardboard, milk and juice cartons, tetra-paks, food tins and cans, glass bottles and jars, with or without lids, plastic bottles and lids, mixed paper products and plastic tubs and trays, such as protein packaging. Be sure to remove any pads and place these items in the black bin and remember to remove any soft plastics as they need to be recycled separately.


The specific function of a blue bin or box is to keep certain recyclables in one place. Their brightness serves as a visible cue for those who need to toss an empty and for the disposal team when they swing on by. Recycling bins help industrial paper companies keep their ends in one place and assist the homeowner or renter in sending back those materials which can be useful again. Blue bins are used on ongoing job-sites like construction and film industry projects. Really, blue bins are used for containing that which will later be utilized in the manufacture of future goods.


We know what we can throw into a blue box, but let’s talk about what cannot go into a blue box or bin. Ceramics and pottery, food waste, used diapers, napkins, tissues, shredded paper and polystyrene or Styrofoam must be disposed of elsewhere. Ribbons and bows, wrapping paper, layered bags and any electronics, as well as padded envelopes are also prohibited. Also, no aerosols, blister-packs or compostable or biodegradable materials, toys, tanks, cylinders, straws, appliances, scrap metal, foil or foil wrapping. We do remove all forms of trash so give us a call any time to discuss your needs.


However, aside from keeping your recyclables separated, there are a number of things you can do to help the process run a little more smoothly:

  1. Please wash your recyclables. It only takes a second and makes all the difference.
  2. Try putting the food-tin lid inside the can and squeezing the sides slightly inward.
  3. Put the heavy stuff on top so the lighter stuff doesn’t end up down the street when it gets windy.

Residential Blue Box Recycling Facility Directory


  • Aldergrove Return-It
  • 27482 Fraser Highway
    Aldergrove, BC V4W 3N5
  • (604) 856-2992
  • Disposal Yes
  • Recycling Yes
  • Innovation Yes


  • Coquitlam Return-it
  • 104 – 2560 Barnet Highway
    Coquitlam, BC V3H 1W3
  • (604) 464-6648
  • Disposal Yes
  • Recycling Yes
  • Innovation Yes

New Westminster

  • Sapperton Return-It
  • Unit 21 – 79 Braid Street
    New Westminster, BC V3L 3P2
  • (604) 523-9699
  • Disposal Yes
  • Recycling Yes
  • Innovation Yes


  • Burnaby Eco-Centre
  • 4855 Still Creek Dr
    Burnaby, BC V5C 6C6
  • (604) 294-7972
  • Disposal Yes
  • Recycling Yes
  • Innovation Yes


Blue Box Recycling Dumpster Rental

If you are in need of a recycling box or bin, give us a call or send us a message. We are always happy to hear from someone looking to help the cause and we operate all across British Columbia and Canada. We are available to work with different schedules and payment options, suited to individual needs, and our variety of bin sizes is designed to accommodate all clients. Our prices are competitive, and our service is unbeatable. We are fully trained, licensed and insured and are prepared to assist anyone in understanding best recycling practices. When you need a recycling receptacle, call Trash King.

Commercial Recycling Bins for Blue Box Waste

Trash King Dumpster Rentals & Bins is happy to supply our hard-working commercial friends with larger blue bins designed to house all of their blue box waste. Whereas we have been supplying Canadian commercial operations with waste and trash bins and with dedicated bins for hazardous or non-recyclable materials, such as drywall, we also supply their need to contain and effectively dispose of all things recyclable. A lot of people work on construction sites, out of which comes a lot of recycling. If you are on a large job and require a blue bin, Trash King is here and is always ready to deliver.

Industrial Blue Box Bin Recycling

Canada’s industrial complex is booming and, where there is progress, there is always waste. No matter what your business or volume of recyclables produced, Trash King is happy to work with you. We will help to design the perfect recycling plan for your company and will work diligently to ensure that all your excess materials are removed in a safe and timely manner. We understand the importance to Canada’s industry of helping to maintain a greener future through better waste management practices. That’s why we work so hard to help our treasured national industry keep up the good work.

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There is no one size fits all as far as waste management goes. Between the home, the business, the residential complex, the commercial job-site and the industrial manufacturing plant, there is a lot of difference in volume and needs. That is why we offer an array of blue boxes and bins. From the cafeteria blue box to the rolling bins of residential areas, from residential blocks to the industrial-sized top-loading bins which are necessary to larger projects, we have you covered. Give us a call and one of our trained disposal technicians will take the time to figure out exactly what you need, when you need it.


If you have decided that you are in need of a blue box and would like to get a rental started, drop us a line in our comment section or call us up. It is always much easier to work out the most efficient plan when speaking person to person. This way, we can learn all about what’s going on in and around your place of business, residence or those details of a job-site which make for a much more accurate assessment. When we have it all sorted, we will deliver your bins and, if you need more, all it ever takes is a phone call.


Massive projects need massive containers for all the waste. But commercial and industrial enterprises do not only generate trash, recyclable waste and non recyclable or harmful materials. Every corner of Canada requires recycling bins as well. Where a company has a lot of people-traffic, chances are, there is a lot of recycling as well. For these situations, it pays to rent one of our larger bins. This makes it easier to house the ongoing flow of recycling which comes onto the site and, when it’s full, we will pick it up for disposal. No matter where you are or what your business, Trash King can handle all of your garbage and recycling requirements.

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