Commercial Services

What are commercial services  ?

Commercial Services in Canada are conducted between businesses. In the waste management industry, a waste disposal contractor will do business with a development company or other B2B relationship.



Over the years, Trash King has partnered with hundreds of businesses in the lower mainland to provide effective waste management solutions. We work with large corporations and small family run businesses as well. Call us today for a quick hassle-free quote on any particular size of our roll-off steel dumpster bins. There is practically no part of the lower mainland that is outside our service reach, so as long as we have a driver available, we will do our best to get a same-day drop off to your place of business. Commercial bins are available in 10, 20, 30, and 40 cubic yard sizes.


In the past, Trash King disposal bins have been brought to office buildings, apartments, warehouses, retail locations, school buildings and restaurants. Although we don’t accept any form of food waste in our bins, any renovations at your Vancouver or Burnaby restaurant will likely happen in a very fast time frame so you can resume regular business hours. Having a large steel bin in your back parking lot can help get all of the mess out of your lease space immediately and leave more room for safe and productive work to ensue. When you have no place for your trash to go, things pile up quickly.


Managing your own waste management solution usually falls on the shoulders of the renter of the commercial space. On some occasions, the building owner will have an existing relationship with a trash company, or perhaps there is a bin grandfathered in from the company that rented the space before you. Either way, you owe it to yourself to call the Trash King pros to make sure you are getting the best monthly rate that you possibly can. We aim to recycle as much of each load, and depending on your company’s specific waste, this can even reach 100% diversion from landfills (in the case of clean cardboard or wood loads).

How to Buy Commercial Services For Garbage Disposal.

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Professional Bin Rental Services

Professional Services For Commercial Companies & Organizations

Commercial Recycling Bins For Rental

By partnering with all of the best recycling centers and drop off sorting yards in the area, we can ensure that as much commercial waste is being diverted from landfills as is humanly possible. Whether you have mixed construction waste from a store renovation or perhaps a clean load of scrap steel after replacing your seasonal store displays, we can relocate your junk to the nearest scrap yards and smelting centers for proper recycling. We can even recycle your discarded automotive tires and mattresses as well. Renting a recycling dumpster for just a few days can have a longstanding positive impact on the future of our planet.


Manufacturing Company Bin Rental Services

In the manufacturing sector, there is always some unavoidable waste materials that are generated. Whether your shop’s by products are wood, steel, plastic, or fabric – there is a new purpose that awaits your trash after some re-working. In some industries, in-house recycling may even be available which is an amazing way of reducing costs as well as the impact on our local landfills. For speed and efficiency’s sake, it may make more sense to pay a small monthly fee to know that you can really dispose of as much as you need to, and it will still be recycled responsibly.


Commercial Dumpster Rental Service Company For Corporations

Large corporations know that maximum profits are attained by getting your product or service out there and reducing internal carrying costs. Depending on the type and size of business that you run, we want to get you the right sized waste removal bin that will give you flexibility and save you money. When renting by the month, there are no long-standing contracts or other barriers to entry. Simply pick up the phone, let us know where your corporation has offices or locations, and we can give you a quote for a bin rental at several consecutive locations if required.


Corporate Recycling Programs

The British Columbia government website encourages product stewardships, which involves taking ownership of the products that we choose to make and use. At the corporate level, there may be additional tax savings or grants available to large companies who are taking leadership in the green resource management movement. Be a champion for recycling in your community and get your company or corporation into a monthly recycling bin rental program with Trash King. Many corporations assign an external agency to manage their ERP or Extended Producer Responsibility. This is a strategy to help put more financial responsibility on the producer for what happens to their goods after their customers are done using it.



There are currently over 1200 businesses that fund the work of Recycle BC, which is a non-profit organization that manages much of the paper recycling within BC. Small businesses in British Columbia can volunteer to become stewards through the group’s online portal, but every business is required by the Environmental Management Act to have an approved plan for how their products are managed post-consumer. When it comes to paper, this takes only very simple technologies to produce huge energy and cost savings. Canada produces 16% of the world’s paper pulp, and only about half of the plants are using post-consumer products in their manufacturing.


Commercial Waste Dumpster Rentals

Whatever type of commercial waste you can come up with, we will do our best to get that mess out of your hair in a hurry. There are a few restrictions that we have on things like paint cans, insulation, and lead batteries. You can consult with our specific city pages to get a full list of rejected materials in your area. We give our clients full flexibility to decide if a weekly or monthly pick-up rotation is the right fit, and you can always change your mind along the way if you find that you require a smaller or larger dumpster size. Call Trash King today and let us walk you through how simple the whole process can be.

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