20 Yard Bin

How To Rent a 20 Yard Waste Container

> Step 1

Approve a 20 Yard Waste Container Quote by email or telephone.

> Step 2

Schedule a bin to be delivered to your job site or residential address and receive free delivery.

> Step 3

Once we drop off the bin, simply fill it up with your unwanted junk-removal items or residential waste over a period of days.

> Step 4

Call or email us to come and collect the 20 yard garbage bin rental and take it to the disposal or recycling facility.






How To Rent a 20 Yard Waste Container

> Step 1

Approve a 20 Yard Bin Rental Quote by email or telephone.

> Step 2

Schedule a waste container to be delivered to your job site or residential address and receive free delivery.

> Step 3

Once we drop off the bin, simply fill it up with your unwanted junk-removal items or residential waste over a period of days.

> Step 4

Call or email us to come and collect the 20 yard garbage bin rental and take it to the disposal or recycling facility.

20 Yard Waste Containers


Our twenty yard waste containers are perfect for most of the projects that homeowners come across. With enough room to get rid of old couches, tables, chairs, ottomans, recliners, cardboard boxes, old sporting equipment, boxes of Christmas decorations and even the kitchen sink. Our most popular dumpster rental is the 20 yard bin for a reason. With a low price under $500 and our same-day dumpster delivery guarantee, why wouldn’t you want to rent one of these disposal bins?


The twenty-yard bin is standard for residential construction projects. It can hold the contents of an old fence with room to spare for the crews lunches and discarded materials left on site from the old owner. The 20 yard junk removal bin takes up a small foot print compared to the larger bins and is much easier to use in the city, tight driveways etc. For your next drywall, construction or renovation project, the 20 cubic yard mini bin a great choice. We don’t use concrete or soil in these bins because they would be too heavy and our trucks couldn’t carry them legally. The next time you plan on doing a weekend real estate clean up or renovation project, choose a 20 yard disposal bin from Trash King.


Our 20 yard mini-bin is perfect for small residential waste like tiny renovations and junk disposal. You can keep the renovation container for a day or a week and fill it up at your convenience. Call or visit our pricing page for more information.


Looking for junk removal solutions or renovation container services, Trash King – Dumpster Rentals & Bins has you covered. With an inventory of waste containers ready for rent, we surely have the size that’s perfect for you next project. Call or visit our pricing page today for more information.


Entrepreneurs or large restaurant or business owners searching for mini bins Port Coquitlam, Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, and everywhere else around B.C. experience freedom through renting a 20 yard bin. Our 20 yard waste bin is capable of holding whatever junk you decide to throw at it. These bins are ideal for any site and will keep your outside space clean and safe. Constructed of thick sheeting and strong welds, our bins have been put to the test, time and again, and have always come out on top.


Our 20 yard roll off bin is excellent for any and all commercial waste disposal needs. For those jobs where there is a bit more than your average clean up, the 20 yard bin size will accommodate your commercial waste needs. If you have done an internet search for cardboard and paper recycling dumpsters near me, you likely have found a list of companies that may not meet your specific needs. There is no need to search any further because we at Trash King have a bin for everything. Do you have oil and grease waste and want it removed and disposed of safely?  Oil pollution can have negative impacts on the environment. It can contaminate groundwater and destroy natural habitats when it is disposed of like any other trash. Taking care of nature and putting money back into our clients’ wallets are things we love to do and, with our oil and grease recycling, we accomplish both. The materials you want to be removed are all taken care of promptly and kept out of the way so you can carry on with business as usual.


If you are running a busy restaurant, you know how expensive cooking materials can be. Did you know that, as long as your vegetable oil has not reached its smoke point, it can be used again and again? Unwanted mineral oils and waste cooking oils should not be poured down the drain. These greasy materials may seem undesirable, but did you know that they can be processed so valuable components can be recovered or they be converted into fuel for running vehicles? In some municipalities, garbage trucks and small community busses run on recycled vegetable oil and we have our restaurants to thank for such high-quality environmentally friendly fuel.


The point is not to pour your oil and grease down the drain. If you have to dispose of it quickly, we recommend locking it up in an old coffee tin or sopping it up with a paper towel before putting it in your green waste bin. For those larger commercial enterprises with more than can effectively be handled through average disposal methods, we are here with the bins you need.

Recycling Material With a 20 Yard Bin

Are you aware that pretty much anything can be recycled? From bottles and cans in the Tri-Cities to concrete and wood recycling Burnaby, from scrap metal and electronics to cars, our bins are capable of handling whatever it is you wish to get rid of. For decades now, where waste is concerned, recycling has been at the forefront of the minds of home and business owners worldwide. The importance of recycling cannot be overestimated because we produce millions of tonnes of waste each day in this country. Long gone are the unhealthy routines of the past where we would simply dig a hole and bury waste or light a fire and burn it. Innovation and modern methods have been adopted to reduce, reuse, and recycle. There are few materials that cannot be repurposed and we at Trash King are trained to deal with the best and the worst of it.


We are also known for dirt dumpster rental. All of your landscaping waste can be thrown into our bins. Dirt, rocks, concrete, green waste can all be recycled into new materials for future property beautification. Concrete can be crushed to make gravel and dirt can go into composting projects to be used as topsoil. They may be fun to skip at the lake, but rocks can be a nuisance when you are landscaping. They retain heat and can fry the roots of the trees and shrubs they surround. Rocks are not all bad. They can be placed to make a base for a pond or a nature walk or used as fill for retaining walls and other things. Our imaginations are the only limitation to what can be accomplished through recycling, so it pays to get on board.

Cost of Renting a 20 Yard Bin

Our 20 yard bin rental price varies with the type of products and services required and it helps to let us know when you order your bin just what you intend to use it for. If you want to get rid of your junk with a cheap dumpster rental Richmond, our 20 yard bin rental may be the one for you. Whereas our smaller bins are perfect for smaller jobs, this one is perfect for medium to large-sized jobs where more space is required.


To order a bin, simply fill out our order form or give us a call. Let’s talk about what you are planning on throwing into it and there may even be a rebate for you, if, say, you are recycling or are throwing a single material into your bin. Take as long as you need to fill your bin, taking care to utilize as much of the 20 cubic yards as possible. When the job is done and your bin is full, give us a call and we will come and pick it up. We are experts on disposal, and our costs for any job are competitive.

The Dimensions of a 20 Yard Bin

A 20 cubic yard bin is 18 feet long x 8 feet wide x 4 feet tall. These bins generally fit into most driveways and are not so huge that they take over the entire space. Our bins are tough and rugged, specifically designed to stand up to the range of batteries that the great diversity of sites we deliver to can put them through. Our 20 yard bin dimensions have proven sufficient for most home renovation projects, industrial cleaning projects, large restaurant and business garbage and recycling, as well as any commercial construction jobs which require a bit of extra space for all that waste. We suggest that a bit of care be taken to utilize as much of the space as you can because there is no point paying for empty space and, generally, the bin is more stable the fuller it gets.


One important piece of information to remember is that we do not care what you throw into the bin, as long as it is not piled too high. As we said, our bins can handle anything, but overfilling them is a no-no.

Rent a 20 Yard Bin For Construction Material

If you are looking for a bin rental for concrete or a delicate drywall dump, dirt disposal Vancouver, or drywall disposal Surrey BC, we have the bins for you. As a matter of fact, we deliver bins all over British Columbia and Canada and are happy to help you get rid of whatever construction waste you need to be gone. We are familiar with the necessity of a great go-to bin for construction personnel. Construction sites, job sites, and places of large scale dirty work can easily turn dangerous. In order to maintain safe and effective, clean, and efficient work sites, you need good bins.


No matter what type of material you have to throw away, we can take it. We try to keep some materials separate so, depending on the project, we may suggest ordering a separate bin for drywall if there is going to be enough of it. For all other materials, including wood, concrete, electrics, glass, ducting, piping, right down to stray nails, nuts, and bolts, we have you covered.

Rent a 20 Yard Bin For Rubbish Waste

Searching wood disposal near me may turn up all sorts of pages. When you really want to get rid of all that old crap, you may want to take a look at our 20 yard garbage bin. These bins are not too tall, so they are easy for just about anyone to use efficiently. Whatever it is that you do not want anymore, throw it in the bin. We take old boxes of stuff, furniture, rugs and carpets, old decking and fencing, roofing scraps, general trash, metal odds and ends, old electronics, and car parts. If it can go in a house, it can go in a bin.


There are some materials which need to be separated and, in discussing your needs, we will assess whether we need to send a smaller, separate bin for some materials, while your 20 yard bin takes care of everything else. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns you may have surrounding your use of our bins. We are always happy to help and are available every day of the week to make all your rubbish issues clean.

20 Yard Bin weight limit

Our 20 yard trash bin can take whatever you put in it. We recommend utilizing as much of your bin space as possible because, once the rubbish reaches the line, the top of the bin, that is, it is full. Overfilling these bins is unsafe and may result in injury to those around the bin or to those transporting it, so we urge you not to overfill. If your rubbish project is taking you to places further than you imagined, as is usually the case, let us know and we will be happy to bring you another bin, or a smaller, separate bin for the stuff which cannot go in with the rest. These materials include drywall, treated lumber, and those toxic compounds which only serve to harm our environment when not disposed of properly. You do not have to worry about how much weight is in the bin. Our track and pulley roll-off system can take the pressure, so you don’t have to.

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