Residential Dumpster Rentals

For reliable Dumpster Rentals in the Greater Vancouver Regional District, trust the selection of dumpsters at Trash King to provide your next waste disposal solution. We recycle more than 80% of the residential materials that we collect including corrugated cardboard, plastics, scrap metals, scraps, lumber and other excess building supplies. We also use facilities that process materials from household dumpsters such as concrete waste disposal, asphalt waste disposal, gypsum waste recycling and other residential construction excess. Our goal is to recycle and re-purpose as much junk, trash and rubbish as we can and minimize our impact to the environment through ethical waste disposal practices.

If you are selling your home, its likely that you have some junk that you don’t want to bring with you to your next chapter in life. Have you considered a dumpster rental service to help with this process? Our team of waste and recycling experts can help you select a garbage dumpster that will fit all of your unwanted materials. You get to pick the date and time for our drop off service and we offer free delivery and pickup. You only pay for the dumpster and any excess weight costs. Don’t be fooled by companies with cheap dumpster rentals pricing with hidden add ons that end up bringing your bill up significantly. Choose a dumpster rental service with free delivery and ethical waste disposal practices. Choose Trash King. Call 604-433-5865 today and get a price quote for your project.

Residential Dumpsters: What Do They Cost?

The cost of renting a dumpster is often less than junk removal alternatives. Although, its never quite as cheap as homeowners would like, there are lots of factors that effect the price. For example, if your dumpster is really heavy, that increases the tipping fees. If your load weighs more than the allotted dump fees included, then their will be an additional cost. Another factor, is how long you need the dumpster-rental on site. Most of our services include the first week, but if you need a few extra days sometimes that costs a few extra dollars a day. If you are looking for a price quote on home dumpster rentals, then please call (604) 433-5865 and one our home services specialists can help you decide the most affordable way to get your junk removal done.