Waste Dumpster Services

What is a Waste Dumpster Service?

Best Waste Services & Dumpster Rental Company in Greater Vancouver
TrashKing is now offering the best waste dumpster service that is available in British Columbia.



Our inventory of waste dumpsters includes food waste dumpsters like 1 yard and 2 yard sizes. We also have household waste dumpsters in 2 yard, 3 yard and 4 cubic yard sizes. Feel free to put anything from basement junk and to trash to the kitchen sink. We also have green waste dumpsters that hold tree trimmings, grass clippings and other organics waste from the garden. These dumpsters come in 5 yard, 6 yard and 7 cubic yard dumpsters for rent.


For junk waste dumpster bins trust our handy 8 cubic yard. It’s a smaller version of our weekend warrior special and a great foundation for rubbish removal decluttering and de-hoarding projects. If you are tearing up a driveway, then our concrete waste dumpster works wonders. If you have more waste to put in a dumpster then we have a 9 yard trash dumpster, 11 yard garbage dumpster, 13 yard disposal dumpster and 14 yard refuse dumpster for rent.


Our bins can handle couches, end tables, lamps, curtains, kitchen table, chairs, recliners, old wood furniture, old boxes, cardboard, beds, mattresses, wall units, pressboard, particle furniture, old letters, old toys, pool noodles, Dora collectibles.
Call 604-433-5865 today to find out more about our trash removal services and disposal bin rentals.

How To Use Waste Dumpster Services

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Low Cost Industrial Waste Dumpsters

Demotion of a foundation, carport asphalt or a walkway. We even recycle the cement from these waste dumpsters. Our delivery service is simple, just call 604-433-5865 and choose from our inventory of home-use dumpsters. You pick the date and time and we drop the dumpster off for free. You only pay for rental services and tipping fees.

Construction Waste Disposal Dumpsters in British Columbia.

Waste Recycling Dumpsters

When building a new home, its customary for the contractor to request a disposal bin to be left on site for the duration of the project. That way his sub-contractors can use the dumpster for trade related waste.


Open Top Waste Dumpsters For Contractors

A roofer might put asphalt shingles, cedar shingles or tar and gravel into the waste dumpster. A plumber might use the disposal dumpster for copper and pvc pipe off cuts or boxes for sinks, toilets and kitchen faucets.


Local Waste Dumpster Rentals Firm

A fencing contractor might put treated wood, nails and the old fencing materials into the wood dumpster. The carpet kicker operator might put underlay and old carpet cuttings into the disposal container.


Waste Disposal Dumpster Service

A landscaping contractor might put sod, turf and foliage from hedges, bushes and tree trimmings into the green waste bin. Whatever the case, call 604-433-5865 for a construction waste disposal dumpster today.




Waste Dumpster Rental

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