Residential Bin Rental

What is a residential bin rental?

Bin Rentals in Canada
Since 2005, TrashKing has been providing trash bin rentals to most of Canada. We have hauled everything from movie set props like a giant fiberglass whale to 12000 pound machinery used to clean engine parts.



Sometimes, we provide bin rental services and drop off bins to the site for the customers to load. Other times, we provide junk removal services and the labour to load up the dumpsters and then haul them away. One of the favorite spots our drivers have to drop off bins is the Okanagan, Greater Vancouver , Kitchener and Toronto Areas.

Permanent Residential Bins

One consistency throughout the process is our commitment to customer service and ethical disposal. You will never find the materials in our bin rentals dumped illegally on the side of a park somewhere. We love the mountains and the water and the views from the properties are amazing. More than that, we love the people.


We tarp our loads every time and take all precautions reasonably possible to ensure that your unwanted junk and rubbish ends up in a landfill or transfer station and not a park. We even use recyclers who use innovation to separate source materials like corrugated cardboard, metal and wood and repurpose it so that it can be reused in an industrial application.

How To Rent a Residential Bin Rental

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Affordable Bins for Homeowners

If you are looking for affordable bin rentals in North Vancouver, British Columbia then give us a call at (604) 305-2032 . We offer a same day bin rental guarantee so if you call before 10am, we can get you bins that sameday. Its just another small token of why TrashKing is the best bin rental service in North Van.

More Information On Our Residential Bin Rental Services

Residential Dumpster Rental Company For Bins

From Edgemont V7R to Horseshoe Bay V7W and everywhere in between. We  love Caulfied and Cypress Park Estates and WhyteCliff. The entire Nortshore is a great spot for a residential bin rental from TrashKing.


Trash Bin Rental For Homeowners

There are many reasons homeowners will appreciate a trash bin rental at some point in their life. Any type of home remodeling project can produce enough waste that you will need a trash bin rental. Perhaps it is time to dig up the concrete driveway and replace it with a brand-new slab. It might be that the roof needs to be redone or the yard is getting a facelift for summer. Whatever the reason for needing a trash bin rental does not matter. The only thing that matters is that you call trash King and ensure that your waste removal is handled professionally and ethically.


Home Dumpster For Rental

If you ask anyone who has ever moved houses, the one piece of advice they will give is to rent a home dumpster. The level of purging moving requires is intense but absolutely necessary. There will be some things that you can sell and give away but unfortunately a large portion has to be disposed of. This is when the home dumpster for rental comes into play. Simply throw all your junk into the dumpster and allow Trash King to take care of the rest. There is no job too big or too small that we cannot provide a solution for.


Waste Dumpsters for Residential Waste

A waste dumpster for residential waste can be an economical and smart option for many homeowners. It will save numerous trips to your local trash facility, not to mention all the headaches that go along with that. Simply call trash King and arrange for your waste dumpster to be dropped off exactly when you need it. Keep the bin as long as you require it and then let us know when it needs to be hauled away. Our waste professionals will take care of the rest and allow you to get back to enjoying your time away from work.


Garbage Bin Rental For Residential Customers

Have you ever thought it was time for spring cleaning but did not know what to do with all of the garbage that you needed to dispose of? Maybe this is a frequent problem that you and your neighbors discuss. If it is, give Trash King a call and allow us to find the solution for you. Maybe everybody on the block gets a mini bin delivered to their home or a large bin that everybody uses cooperatively. No matter what you decide, Trash King will be able to make it happen. Give us a call and get your garbage bin rental today.


Junk Removal Bin Rental For Tenants Who Are Moving

While it would be nice to think that every tenant that moves out is going to leave the place spotless and free of any junk. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  a tenant may leave their junk because they are feeling lazy but another very likely option is that they don’t know of the options they have for junk removal. Arranging for a junk removal bin rental to be dropped off as they get ready to move out would be extremely convenient that allows the move out process to go smoothly. At Trash King, we have a variety of sizes to accommodate every type of need.

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