What is a bin rental ?

This is a bin rental Canada service where we deliver an open top steel container to your home or job site for a period of time. This is synonymous with a temporary dumpster rental Canada, disposal bin rental, garbage bin rental and waste disposal bin for rent.



Junk Hauling & Rubbish Disposal Made Easy by Trash King
Trash King is a bin rental company that provides an alternative for homeowners looking for junk removal but do not want to pay the exorbitant fees charged by 1-800-GOT-JUNK, TRASHBUSTERS, 604-TRASH-IT and the rest of the junk haul industry in Canada.


When you are finished with you bin, just call our bin rental hotline and request a pick-up. Our team takes the bin to the landfill, transfer station or recycling facility depending on the location and the contents. We weigh our truck before we enter the garbage depot, and then again on our way out. This way, you can be rest assured that you are only paying tipping fees for the junk that we hauled away for you.


Home disposal Bin rental services vary in price and fine print depending on the company. Our bin rentals include up to a week of rental time on your property and a certain amount of tipping fees depending on the size of the bin.

What Does A Bin Rental in Canada Cost?

> Step 1

Give our office a call or get a bin rental quote online.

> Step 2

Enter your city and type of waste for disposal.

> Step 3

Approve our bin rental quote by giving us a credit card for the disposal bin service.

> Step 4

Plan the date and delivery placement with our bin rental specialists.

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What are Other Names for Your Bins?

In the industry, some people refer to bins as containers or roll-off containers. Other companies call them garbage bins or disposal bins. At Trash King, we like the term dumpster since they are always dumped at the landfill and the name has connotations of garbage, waste and recycling etc. We have heard of bins being called baskets, canisters, receptacles, boxes, cartons or crates. But, we don’t really see those very frequently. Anyway that you slice it, bins for rent are simply large open-top steel bins delivered by a special truck with a roll off or hook lift delivery system.

Best Bin Rental Canada Company For Homeowners & Business & Industry

Recycling Bins & Rentals

Since 2005, when we had a dream of becoming the best bin rental Canada services company, we have been offering our rentals to happy customers. if you calculate the rate that you will pay for an average bin after their exorbitant tipping fees, you will soon see that our method is in the consumers best interest.



Best Bin Rental Services For Homeowners

We rent mini bins to homeowners and businesses who want to recycle or remove items from their property. We also have junk removal bin rentals and rubbish removal bins for household garbage. Please contact our bin rental service department to find out more information about our bins.


British Columbia Bin Rental Services

Whatever project you are working on, chances we have a steel bin that is perfect for your project in the Greater Vancouver Regional District or Central Regional District of the Okanagan including Kelowna and Penticton. We do our best to include an average amount of fees so that you are not paying for weight that you are not using. Over the last many years we have developed this program because it simply works better and is more cost effective for our customers than the “bin plus dump cost” business model. We also service the rest of BC including the West Kootenays, Interior and Shuswap-Anglemont area too.




Don’t forget to ask your bin rental company representative  about what materials are OK to mix together. Sometimes the rules we have to follow when we take your renovation materials to the landfill, transfer station or recycling facility have requirements that complicate disposal. Our competitors like TIDYBINS offer bins at a fixed rate and charge you per 100KG of disposal fees. At first, this looks like its cheaper than our bins.




For example, drywall is something that cannot be mixed into bin rentals and needs to be separate. Don’t worry, we can bring another bin just for drywall, gypsum etc. Check with our customer service for more details on accepted and unaccepted materials.



We offer bin rentals with free delivery to homeowners, businesses and other individuals. Our bin rent services are licensed, insured and bonded for your protection. We focus on a customer service approach and look to deliver exactly what we promise every time.

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