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Summer has arrived, and it’s time to start and finish all of those outdoor projects you have been putting off. You know the ones – digging out the gravel to build a raised garden bed, renovating your kitchen and getting rid of those old cabinets, or building a beautiful outdoor area for your family to enjoy the outdoors. Rather than spending your hard earned time and money driving your waste to the dump to dispose of it, we offer you a much more convenient solution. Rent one of our bins, and let us do that work for you!

Are you ripping up an old flowerbed to put in a new and improved vegetable garden? Call 604-433-5865 and we can get a bin for you to deposit the dirt and debris in. Perhaps you are taking down a fence or deck or looking to give your property that outdoor summer space that you have always desired? Allow us to provide you with a dumpster rental. Whether your project is just small or absolutely massive, we have a bin size that will be ideal for you. Are you tearing up a driveway or an old concrete foundation in the city? No problem, we have a bin that is perfect for your project in Vancouver. Finally getting rid of all that junk in your basement so that you can design a superior man cave? Simply give us a call and rent a TrashKing disposal bin for your next project and spend that extra time relaxing in your new space!

Junk Removal has never been easier with our mini bin rental service in the Greater Vancouver Area. We deliver the bin to you directly, you load it up with discarded drywall, dirt, garbage, junk, concrete, or anything else you are looking to dispose of, and then we come and take it away! Make your home or business project a breeze, by allowing us to be your junk removal expert.

Construction waste often includes resource rich materials that can be recycled or reused. At Trash King, we use facilities that source separate materials from construction waste bins and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill. We estimate that eighty percent of what our customers put into our mini bins is recycled. That equates to hundreds of tons per year diverted from the landfill and re-purposed or recycled.

In recent years, real estate and property values have been a hot topic in the news. Foreign investment localized in the Greater Vancouver area combined with low interest rates has created a construction boom in the Greater Vancouver Regional District. Many homeowners and landlords are renovating their houses to improve their return on investment when they sell. At TrashKing we have construction waste bins, dumpsters and junk removal services bins that are perfect for any renovation project. We also have mini bins, roll off bins, containers and disposal bins that are great for new home construction. Whether you are tearing up a lawn to make room for that patio you have always wanted or ripping up a driveway to put in raised flower beds for your organic garden, we have waste removal solution that is perfect for you.



Recycling Program Changes in the city

As of October 3, 2016 the City of Vancouver will no longer be picking up recycling from its residents and businesses. The city will pass the reigns to Multi Material BC, a company that already collects household garbage from areas around the province. Ultimately, the city wants to focus on cleaning up the curbside appeal of its streets and take care of the excess garbage and junk that needs to be removed from its alleys, curbs and parkways. The MMBC is a non profit association that with any luck can do the service cheaper and more effectively then the city workers. The recycling program has been hit with cost overruns and other inefficiencies and an abundance of abandoned junk materials left in the streets. The labor that was previously used to collect recycling materials will now be spread out among other departments. If you are a home owner, you might see your utility fees decrease because the roughly $15 levy is not going to be charged anymore.

Information From

MATT ROBINSON(Vancouver Sun)

Vancouver Garbage Management along with Recycling Program

By the precise Greenest City 2020 Action Plan, it has been claimed that Vancouver has developed a target so as to limit solid waste going particularly to the landfill and incinerator by 50% specifically from 2008 levels.

In order to fulfill this goal, individuals are committed to:

  • Make organics stay out of landfills through preferring food scraps recycling via education along with enforcement
  • Limit street litter as well as abandoned garage within public spaces, encompassing illegal dumping as well
  • Carry out a comprehensive litter management type of strategy
  • Aim to expand the construction plus demolition waste diversion strategy
  • Encourage Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste Challenge


Garbage Disposal of Vancouver

Things accepted and not accepted within the garbage bin

The below things are accepted within the garbage bin:

  • Candy wrappers
  • Diapers that are rinsed
  • Bubble wrap
  • Potato chip bags
  • Bags that are ziplock ones

The below items tend to not be accepted. These should be recycled, they can be safely disposed of also:

  • Excrement
  • Food scraps
  • Materials that are regarded as being hazardous
  • Yard waste along with leaves
  • Those items that are recyclable

To stop pests along with odors within the garbage you can try out the below steps:

  • Put your food scraps within the Green Bin that you have, for weekly collection.
  • Remember that the garbage cart lid should be closed tightly.
  • You can rinse food packaging.
  • You should empty the contents of diapers along with pet waste bags within the toilet.
  • Another thing to do is to double-bag diapers as well as personal hygiene products that you have.
  • Sprinkle baking soda upon the garbage that you have.

Recycling Guidelines for Vancouver

Recycling within apartments, condos, plus townhouses

The expanded recycling service effective claims to encompass:

  • All newspapers plus mixed paper may be put within the precise mixed paper cart
  • Those cans that are empty aerosol ones (non-paint), paper cups, along with TetraPaks can actually be recycled within the particular mixed containers cart
  • Styrofoam along with plastic bags can be taken to be recycled at some recycling depot, encompassing the Vancouver Landfill as well as Vancouver South Transfer Station

Separate glass collection: initiating October 2015

Initiating October 2015, the particular separate glass collection claims to be implemented city-wide particularly in three phases:

  • Those city-serviced precise multi-family buildings: particularly in October – December 2015
  • Those city- serviced precise multi-family buildings (particularly on single family curbside type of routes): in January – March 2016
  • Those non-city-serviced type of multi-family buildings: hoped to get separate glass collection particularly in 2016. Further information claims to be given closer to the anticipated initiation date.

You should be alert for a separate jars recycling along with glass bottles cart particularly at your building. Only till you view a particular glass collection cart precisely at your building, keep putting glass bottles along with jars into the mixed containers type of cart.

The reason for separate glass collection is that glass has the potential to break whilst collection is occurring. At the time that broken glass gets mixed with paper containers, plastic along with metal, it becomes tough to sort as well as recycle all of this.

It has been claimed that separate glass collection may be able to:

  • Make sure that more materials tend to get properly recycled
  • Connects with the aim to Zero Waste precisely as part of the Greenest City Action Plan
  • It supports the contract agreement particularly with Multi-Material BC

Information about recycling within single family homes along with duplexes

Being a part of the precise City’s commitment particularly to the expanded provincial recycling program that is new, launched in May 19, 2014 specifically across BC and that by Multi-Material BC, it has been claimed that there are alterations to how one sorts their recycling. These alterations as well as the expanded list particularly of recyclable materials actually supports the Zero Waste targets and is connected to the vital Greenest City Action Plan.

There claims to be a new grey box particularly for jars as well as glass bottles

Being part of the vital expanded recycling program, it has been claimed that collection of glass bottles along with jars is separate from the other containers. It is said that one should recycle all of their glass bottles along with jars in their grey box. One should not put any other recyclables within the grey box. It is said that replacement grey boxes can be found for pickup particularly at City locations.

The expanded yellow bag as well as blue box recycling

It has been claimed that expanded recycling service encompasses:

  • All your paper products, encompassing newspaper, may be put within ones yellow bag
  • Single-use type of coffee along with tea pods, paper cups, aerosol cans that are empty (non-paint), TetraPaks may be recycled within ones blue box
  • Blue bags are experiencing being phased out. For those who still possess a blue bag, they should continue employing it and at the time that it requires replacing, it has been claimed that they will be given a yellow bag.

Reasons that the particular curbside recycling program is altering

In 2011, it has been claimed that the BC Government made alterations to the precise BC Recycling Regulation so as to allow Producers of Packaging and Printed Paper (PPP) to be responsible for its processing along with collection, rather than taxpayers. The Multi-Material BC (MMBC) claims to be a non-profit type of organization which was made to represent the producers of PPP. Being mandated along with approved particularly by the BC Government, it is said that MMBC has formed a fresh Stewardship Program which was implemented on May 19, 2014 throughout BC.

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So when your fence needs to be removed or your deck needs to be replaced why not call 604-433-5865 and book a waste bin for wood recycling? When your moving or involved in an estate clean up, why not call us and book a household garbage bin rental? When you decide to take your 80’s architecture and make it open space by taking our some interior non load bearing walls, why not book a drywall recycling bin? Whatever the project that you have in Vancouver, BC its a safe be that we have the rubbish removal bin to fit the scope of work.