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New Westminster Bin Rental Services are Easy!


Call us

We need to know your New Westminster bin rental address that we can quote your disposal costs and timeline.


Approve our quote

We will give you a verbal or written quote and you can approve it by giving us your credit card to process


Plan the delivery

Together we can select the size , date for delivery and where to drop off the bin on the property


Load the bin

We charge your credit card when the bin is delivered, and you simply load at your convenience and call us when you are finished with it


Removal and Billing

Simply give us a call and we can come and pick up the bin and begin the billing process.


Receipts & Review

We will send you a receipt by email and if your bin is overweight, you can request to see the actual dump receipt. If you are happy with our service, please review us here


Extra Large

40 Yard Bin

  • Disposal Fees
  • 4000 Pounds included
  • Rental Fees
  • 3 Days Included
  • Free Delivery
  • Free Pick Up
  • Up To 80% Recycled
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Medium Sticker

20 Yard Bin

  • Disposal Fees
  • 2000 Pounds included
  • Rental Fees
  • 3 Days Included
  • Free Delivery
  • Free Pick Up
  • We Recycle up to 80%
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30 Yard Bin

  • Disposal Fees
  • 3000 Pounds included
  • Rental Fees
  • 3 Days Included
  • Free Delivery
  • Free Pick Up
  • Recycling Available
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Mix & Match All Of The Waste Below In The Same Dumpster!

  • Lumber Off Cuts & Wood
  • Roofing Materials
  • Residential Junk
  • Appliances & Metal
  • Renovations Debris
  • Attic Clean-Ups
  • Old Office Furniture
  • Construction Debris
  • Old Decking & Wood
  • Old Books & Boxes
  • Wooden Furniture
  • Couches & Chairs

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New Westminster Bin Rental Service

Top notch service and fair pricing.

– Stephanie P.

Dumpster Bin Services

Great service and friendly staff.

– Mr. Gwardies

Bin Rental Services

I would recommend Trash King to anyone in New West looking for a bin rental service.

– Melissa C.

No Contact Dumpster Rentals New Westminster

Hugging the northern shore of the Fraser River is the industrious city of New Westminster. Back in 1858, it was established as the first capital city of the new colony until Victoria took this position in 1866. New West is neatly tucked in by Burnaby and Coquitlam to the north and Surrey and Delta to the south. There is a fair bit of shipping activity that happens here, from the mills, factories, recyclers, and exporters that line both sides of the Fraser. Both the US border and Vancouver International Airport are only a 30-minute drive from New West, making it a convenient location to settle down for international business people and those who have the travel bug.

If you are new to this city, you will learn quickly that despite the busy appearance of the highway passing through, there are several peaceful, isolated neighborhoods in the area. Examples include Sapperton, Queensborough, Connaught Heights, Kelvin, and Brunette Creek. Although the population density here is relatively high (4,500 / square km), people are doing a fine job following social distancing and other provincially mandated health orders. New West is actually more densely packed than Victoria, North Vancouver, and even Toronto (as per the 2916 census).

When you need a large volume of junk removed from your business or residence and you have the muscle to do it yourself, renting a roll-off dumpster is a perfect solution. We service all 4 corners of New Westminster and are a top-rated junk removal company when it comes to customer satisfaction. We are eager to help you with your trash removal needs. Our pricing is competitive, and we can get a contactless bin drop-off ready for you at a day’s notice. Once we have all of your contact details, billing info, and an idea of what kind of material you will be disposing of, then our drivers can take care of the rest, generally without even leaving the vehicle! This is true at least when dropping off your empty bin, so long as you leave a clear space free of any obstructions. When the driver returns at your requested pick-up time, they will need to quickly inspect the load and tarp the bin before transport. They will not need any signature or payment from you as this is all taken care of electronically from our Vancouver office.

Construction Waste Bins New Westminster

New Westminster was not only the region’s first capital, it was the largest city in British Columbia until it was surpassed by Vancouver in the early 1900s. At the outset, the name Queensborough was nominated for this city, but England’s Queen Victoria apparently did not take to it. In early 1959, her royal highness renamed the city after the Westminster region of London where all the British Parliament is focused. This personal interest taken by the royal family has likely played a part in New West being nicknamed The Royal City. Some of the finer homes in Uptown and New Westminster’s West End are indeed fit for a king or queen. Yet other homes remain to be updated and brought up to the 21st century. Some custom woodworking contractors specialize in the restoration of the old character homes in this historic part of the province, and they need bin rentals too!

Young families are flocking here as a more affordable option than some other Metro Vancouver properties. There is an abundance of quality schools and playgrounds, as well as a very exciting annual May Day celebration on Victoria Day that has been going on since 1870. When building on your empty lot, or renovating a 50 or 60-year-old home, having a big enough dumpster on-site can help prevent many logistical headaches before they ever come up. Our fleet of New Westminster construction bins is ready to hit the pavement at a day’s notice and keep your project area free of clutter.

When thinking about Where To Recycle Wood after a home renovation or demolition, look no further than our local number listed at the top of this page! We accept offcuts, old pallets, wood flooring, and unwanted furniture. Many of these items can be recycled into particle board, landscaping mulch, or material for the paper industry. We have partnered with hundreds of commercial contractors, carpenters, and do-it-yourselfers over the years who depend on a reliable and affordable bin rental in The Royal City. If you are a contractor that has given your waste removal business to another competitor in the last 12 months, take the Trash King challenge and realize the benefits of going with our locally owned brand.

Garbage Dumpster Solutions in New Westminster, BC

Bins for rent are available, we are accepting customers. Its an easy process to get onto the list. Simply give us a call and let us know the type of junk that you need to get rid of. Then we will provide a quote for disposal and give you some options for sizes to choose. We can plan the date of delivery together and you can keep the bin for as long as you need it. When you are finished, just give us a shout and we will pick-up the steel bin and dispose of the contents. Bin rentals in New West have never been easier.

Trash Bins Recycling: We Divert Garbage from Landfills

Are you looking for a trash bin in New Westminster, BC? Look no further than Trash King – Dumpster Rentals & Bins for your next waste disposal container. We service the entire New West area including Queen’s Park and Sapperton.

Waste Bins Recycling: We Reduce Garbage from Transfer Stations

If you are on the hunt to recycle your construction waste from your renovation, give us a call. We have partnerships with local recyclers who innovate and find ways to turn your unwanted British Columbia trash into reused materials for resale. Wanna know the best part? It saves your bottom line!

Gravel & Rock Recycling for Landscaping Companies

If your business generates excess gravel and rock then we have bins for rent that are perfect for recycling. We use partnerships with companies near New Westminster, BC so that we can drop off the excess materials when its loaded into our bins. If you have questions about rock recycling and gravel disposal give our office a call at (778) 806-5119.

Recycle Waste Materials in New Westminster

Aside from the wood waste that we have already mentioned, we can divert many other materials from the local landfills. Scrap steel, drywall, and even broken up concrete and asphalt can be recycled and repurposed. Canada has a long way to go in meeting our environmental goals. As it stands, we are one of the worst producers of waste, per capita, in the entire world. As with many other top waste producers, a huge portion of this domestic trash is from the construction industry. As the technology for recycling continues to advance, we are also looking for new ways to help feed into these developing methods. New Westminster is home to one of the province’s primary gypsum recycling depots. This is a very busy processing center, handling tons of drywall waste every day from throughout the province of BC. Since gypsum board was banned from British Columbia landfills back in 1984, this has been an essential service and critical to breaking through the negative impacts of construction waste in the 21st century.

We can also help you recycle your old automotive tires, although there is an added fee of $25 per tire. After the metal fibers, rock, and other reinforcing materials are removed, the tires can be ground down into crumb rubber. This starting material is then often colored and used in children’s playgrounds, rubberized running tracks, and garden beds as a decorative mulch additive. We also look after the complexities of recycling your old mattress or box springs (again at an added fee of $45 per piece here). Roughly 905 of the materials in a common mattress can be recycled. All of the wood, metal springs, cotton, and other cloth materials get repurposed and given a new lease on life.

Whether you have a mixed load of household junk or a steady stream of cardboard boxes and mixed plastics from your place of business, Trash King is available to be on-site for your recycling disposal needs. Even if you have not sorted through your attic junk to see what is recyclable, we can often save up to 70-80% at our sorting facility from going into the landfill. We can recycle green yard waste such as yard trimmings and tree branches, household items like old books and magazines, as well as some electronic waste like old TVs and computers. Give us a call today to get a quote on your roll-off recycling dumpster that you can keep on your property anywhere from 3 days to 3 months.

Drywall Bins for Homeowners who Renovate

If you are planning a renovation or building then we recommend getting in touch with the City of New Westminster before you start. Often, they have regulations and ideas on how and when things need to be done to keep the permit process working properly. Some contractors may suggest that you skip this process, but in the long-run you are better off complying as your improvements will not count toward the value of your home if the permits are not applied.

Bin Rental Price In New Westminster

The cost of your New Westminster junk bin is going to depend on a few variable factors:

  1. What are you dumping?
  2. What size of bin do you need?
  3. How long do you need to rent it for?

Our basic mixed bins start at around the $400-500 mark (for our introductory sized 10 yard bins) and go up to $700-800 (for our largest 40 yard waste bins). These prices include your first 2000 – 5000 pounds of net weight, 3 days of bin rental, and pick-up/delivery anywhere in New Westminster. These prices do not include taxes, any overweight dumping fees, or add-on materials like rubber tires or mattresses. There are certainly other items that you should not put in your dumpster (like batteries and paint cans), but we will expand on that more later. For now, just know that any prohibited items in the bin will result in fines payable by the account holder.

The size of the bin, determined by you, will play a factor in how much it costs to rent a bin in New West. Keep in mind that if you doubt the volume whatsoever, the $100 for the next size up is likely going to be cheaper than booking a second trip or the fines associated with being over-height or overweight. Certain bins that take specialized heavy loads (like a rock, soil, or concrete dumpster) will be limited in size availability, just so that we do not risk breaking any municipal road weight limits.

When it comes to the length of the bin rental, we leave that entirely up to you. Some people have less mess, or perhaps more helping hands to get the job done in 3 days. If you do not have a speedy crew helping you, then extra days will cost you $10 a pop. Sometimes a home-build will take 3 months or longer, and for these cases, we can talk to you about long-term monthly bin rental pricing. We have worked with thousands of different customers in the region and can accommodate most custom requests. Our dispatch personnel can give you a rough idea of pricing, then when you are ready to provide your address and billing details, we can firm up the quote for you and organize a date for drop off. We pride ourselves on transparency, so any extra fees incurred by us at the dump will be shared directly with you via email.

Residential Skip Rentals in New Westminster

You may be looking to rent a Dump Container for a renovation on your home, or perhaps you are ready to tackle a long-overdue decluttering project. After living in the same home for decades, household junk just piles up. Attics, crawlspaces, closets, even spare bedrooms can become common culprits of the junk drawer syndrome. How many times have you thought, I do not need it now, but I may need it later, someday? When you finally open that door or drawer, and all of the maybe-need items come crashing down on you, that’s when it is time to call in the expert junk removers at Trash King.

It can be difficult to throw away your junk, so it may be wise to ask a friend to make those quick judgment calls with you. Watch an inspiring show like The Minimalists or Tidying Up with Marie Kondo for some inspiration to help you shake the attachments and get your mental freedom back. Most of these kinds of buried treasures hold no real financial value, so selling in the classifieds may be a wasted effort. Even a compact residential 10 yard bin can carry upwards of 5 truckloads worth of collected junk. Cardboard boxes, old books and magazines, broken photo frames, and other half-finished DIY projects can all be stuffed in together and taken to our local sorting and recycling partners.

A residential skip is just a slang term for a bin. These can be for mixed household materials (including appliances and furniture) or dedicated to outdoor landscaping materials. We are your one-stop-shop for New Westminster Dirt Removal, tree removal, and concrete removal. Digging up your old driveway? Putting in a new deck in the backyard? Give Trash King a call to book your short-term bin rental to live in the backyard or driveway while you finish the work.

New Westminster: Industrial Bin Rentals

Since its inception, the city of New Westminster has been an epicenter of industrial activity. Dating way back to the pioneer and gold rush days, this would have been the place to stock up on tools, supplies, and provisions for the trip ahead. Soon after this point in time, the Canadian Pacific Railway was extended here and brought plenty of new businesses and permanent residents to the region. Because of its proximity to the waterways of the Fraser River, and close connection with Delta, Surrey, and Burnaby, the industry here remains today as busy as ever. Many steelworks factories and assembly plants will keep a monthly Metal Bin Rental on-site to properly dispose of all their scraps. We are also called upon by leaders in the technology and shipping industries who need bulk disposal regularly.

The local sports industry is another prominent factor in New West that we have not yet touched on. New Westminster is one of the top places in Canada to play lacrosse, hosting the oldest professional team in the country, The Salmon Bellies. The town is also big on its monitor league hockey, high-school football, and youth soccer clubs. Stadiums will often have smaller rolling bins on site for the collection of sports fans’ trash. But if a major landscaping fix or renovation project occurs, you can bet they will need something larger like a roll-off dumpster to take all the resulting waste away.

Rent a Commercial Dumpster in New Westminster

For the many businesses that operate within New Westminster, it is a real inconvenience to step away from daily duties to drive several loads of piled up junk to the local refuse station. The city offers privately-owned companies with curbside collection service the same way that it does for the tax-paying residents who live here, but the costs are high for the comparatively small volume you get to turf out. With our bulk rubbish bins, ranging from 10 to 40 cubic yards, you will never worry about having too much pile-up of your outgoing waste and by-products of doing business.

You can also have peace of mind knowing that the waste from your store or office does not just get dumped in the landfill. We sort through the mixed loads looking for every opportunity to recycle, and we are often successful in diverting an average of 60-80% of each load from the landfill. Food wrappers, newspapers, bottles, furniture, boxes, and old textiles are all easily recyclable items.

Can All Materials Go Into the Bin?

Even though we love to recycle and are founded by a partnership of keen problem solvers, there are certain materials that we must simply forbid from all Trash King rental bins. This is either because of the harmful nature of the materials themselves, the risk of environmental damage during transport, or the difficulty of dumping large batches safely. We will not leave you in the dark about this at all, but rather have planned to give you a complete list of all forbidden items right here and right now:

  • No paint cans, large steel drums, or propane tanks
  • No treated lumber containing creosote (dating pre-2003)
  • No flammable, corrosive, toxic materials or other organic solvents
  • No batteries
  • No Styrofoam or fiberglass insulation
  • No large rocks or whole tree stumps
  • No PVC plastic, fluorescent light tubes, or fluorescent ballasts
  • No used motor oil or automotive parts containing fluids
  • No food waste canned, dried, frozen, or any animal parts

Because of the limitations of our large industrial bins to protect these items from tumbling around, they must be taken directly to a local recycling facility in smaller batches. Most of the above can be recycled for free at your local New Westminster transfer station. Nearly anything else you may have on hand can go in a Trash King dumpster. We aim to be as flexible as we can be!

Please do not think that you can simply hide a couple of small forbidden items in the bottom corner of your bin. Everything in the laid passes through an automated scanning system, and any disposal infractions will result in a fine added to your final bill.

Final Words

Among the trash disposal options laid out for the citizens of New Westminster, the Trash King roll-off dumpster delivery service ranks at the top of the charts for many companies that have used us for years. We are continuously adding new commercial and residential accounts to our growing list of partnerships and are always learning and developing our policies to better suit the industry. Now in the scope of the pandemic, we have perfected our online booking system and are prepared to tackle your trash problem in a hurry. There is no problem too big or too small for our rental waste bins, so give us a call for a free quote before you rule out any options. The best way to ensure you get a great deal on your bin rental is to make sure that you follow our company’s guidelines and are honest about the contents of your load from the very beginning. Keeping these three guiding policies in the front of your mind can help to eliminate any confusion or conflict around the outcome of your junk removal experience

Leave a clear spot. We run a tight schedule of deliveries all across town, and therefore cannot wait around for long periods while you clear a parking space for your bin. You can get the full dimensions from our dispatch representative at the time of your booking but expect the footprint to require roughly 10 by 20 feet of your yard or driveway.

Stick to the Rules. In the section above, we listed some items that are never permitted in roll-off dumpsters. Please adhere to these guidelines or risk the consequences of fines being handed down to you by the disposal yard. We can scan the load from above before it gets hauled away, but ultimately the onus is on you to know what is in each load.

Keep a level load. This makes sense if you think about the alternative risks with an overstuffed bin. Pieces of debris can fall overboard or hit overhead obstacles like street signs or branches. Our drivers are now in the habit of tarping most loads to mitigate this risk, but you still need to keep the loads level and below the fill line for this to be possible.

This is how you can do your part to keep the whole experience as positive as possible. We always do our best to show up within the scheduled window of time and give you full transparency of any extra fees incurred with the dumping of your junk. Trash King is here to help keep the streets, yards, warehouses, and construction sites of New West clean and safe.

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