5 Reasons to Rent a Trash bin

5 Reasons You’ll Want to Rent a Large Trash Bin


Contractors often use huge trash bins to contain the waste they create when working on projects. What many homeowners may not realize is they have the option of renting these dumpsters as well. Instead of creating a huge mess of trash and having to take it to the local landfill by the carload or having to take it out in pieces so it’ll fit in the standard trash can, they can easily rent a larger trash bin.

Homeowners who rent a trash bin will find this is a much easier way to contain the waste created from many different home-improvement projects they might tackle. There’s no need to worry about whether the trash company will pick up something or trying to find a way to get it all to the landfill. They’ll simply have the trash bin dropped off at their home, fill it up with the waste, and then have it picked up again. Some of the major projects homeowners might tackle that could benefit from a trash bin are listed below.

Whole-Home Declutter Project

Just about every house has excess clutter that needs to go. It may remain hidden for a while, but homeowners today are taking charge of their storage spaces and getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit in their home or that they might not need anymore. Decluttering projects can be huge, especially if the homeowner hasn’t decluttered in a long time, or they’re dealing with items they got when a loved one passed or moved to a smaller space.

Just about all of the clutter homeowners may need to get rid of are easily going to fit in a large trash bin. As the homeowner goes through everything room by room, anything they want to get rid of can be tossed in the bin. They don’t have to worry about storing it any longer and can ensure they end up with a home they love, with more available storage space.

Home Renovations Big and Small

Home renovations, even smaller ones, will create an amazing amount of waste. Fixing up a half-bath, for instance, can mean getting rid of damaged drywall, tearing up old flooring, replacing the toilet, and dismantling and replacing the vanity, sink, and mirror. Everything that’s brought in to replace what’s removed is going to come packaged, which means there will be a lot of boxes and other packing materials to be disposed of.

All of this is going to fit in a trash bin. As items are taken out of the room, they can be tossed directly in the bin, so they’re not in the way anymore. When new items are brought in, the packaging can be tossed in the trash bin as everything is opened and installed. This helps keeping the area being worked on free of clutter, while making it easier to dispose of waste material.

Removing and Installing Flooring

Removing old flooring can be difficult. Laminate flooring is usually in one large sheet, so it needs to be cut down to an easily removable size while it’s removed. Carpeting can get heavy very quickly, so homeowners will want to make sure they cut it into pieces that aren’t larger than about three feet by 10 feet. This makes the carpet easier to manage. Once the old flooring is removed, it can go directly in the trash bin, saving space in the home and allowing it to be taken away easily.

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New Landscaping Projects

Sometimes, homeowners tackle larger landscaping projects to create comfortable outdoor seating, a new outdoor kitchen or fire pit, or a new place for the kids to play. Even if the ground is relatively flat in the area, they may need to trim brush, remove rocks or small trees, and even pull up some of the grass to create a solid foundation for whatever is being built. While some of the materials pulled can be reused elsewhere, most of it will need to be disposed of.

One way to do this is to offer the materials free to anyone who wants them. Many people will pick up landscaping rocks and pavers. However, debris and bushes that have been removed that aren’t in good health, or packed with dirt and grass, are not going to disappear so easily. Instead, it’s a good idea to rent a trash bin, so there’s an easy way to dispose of anything that needs to be removed.

Getting Rid of an Old Deck or Fence

While today’s fences are designed to last, they may wear out after many years or end up damaged in a storm. When a fence needs to be removed, no matter what type, it’s a good idea to have a place to put everything that’s taken out. Most of the time, there’s not going to be an easy way to recycle or reuse damaged fencing, so completely replacing it is going to be the best option.

Homeowners ready to remove a fence will want to cut it into smaller pieces so they can be easily carried. This makes it easier to get them to the trash bin. Though they’ll have more pieces to get rid of and may need to walk to the trash bin more times, they’ll find they aren’t working so hard and will be able to remove and get rid of the entire fence easily.

These are just some of the reasons today’s homeowners are renting trash bins for their projects. Though they’re commonly used by contractors, homeowners can rent a trash bin to make it much easier to deal with all of the trash created whenever they handle a project. If you’re planning a major remodeling project, thinking about adding to your yard, or otherwise considering a large project, make sure you rent a large trash bin. You’ll appreciate the easy way to get rid of any trash you might create while working on your project.


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