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Types of Waste Classification by Garbage Company
Proper waste management is a concern for all households and businesses all around the globe. Whether you generate large volumes of waste like in construction projects or you are just but a tiny office producing small amounts, you will still have need for proper waste disposal services. All around the world, there are a number of garbage companies helping households and businesses get rid of the various types of waste they generate.

For you to make the most from such companies, it is vital to understand the various classifications of waste so that you know the type of waste your respective establishment is producing and so that you can know how to choose the right garbage company. Here is a brief overview of how waste is classified by most companies all around the globe-:

Domestic waste
The first classification of waste by the garbage companies is domestic waste. This generally refers to the kind of waste produced at home and they can either be recyclable or non-recyclable waste. They include kitchen refuse such as food left over and spoilt foodstuffs amongst others. For management of domestic waste, households and business usually hire regular services of waste disposal companies who provide waste bins then come and collect them for disposal at regular intervals.

Hazardous and liquid wastes
Certain types of waste have properties that make them harmful or potentially harmful to the human health as well as the environment. These types of wastes are referred to as hazardous wastes. In some instances, the “hazardous” may be used to refer to the activity being carried out with the waste, such as transporting or handling it.

Most governments and local authorities have strict regulation on the generation as well as handling of hazardous wastes. These wastes are normally not handled by the ordinary garbage company, but by waste disposal companies that have specialized knowledge and equipment in handling such wastes.

Construction and demolition waste
These refer to wastes that are generated as a result of construction and demolition services. The waste may not just include rubbish and other unwanted stuff, but also-:

asbestos and contaminated soil
plasterboards, bricks, concrete, asphalt, vegetation and timber
excavated materials like soil and rocks

Since such wastes are usually generated quickly and in very large volumes, the garbage company tasked with its removal normally employs the use of big roll off dumpster to make the process faster and more efficient.

With the advent of technology, there are a lot of gadgets that are no longer used and as such, they are either lying idle in some store somewhere or they are careless dumped in the landfills. These constitute what is now referred to as e-waste and their careful disposal is very important. The e-wastes have components made of harmful substances such as lead amongst other harmful mineral and these should never be allowed to access the environment without proper treatment. In some places, e-waste is considered as a part of the hazardous wastes and will never be handled by any ordinary garbage company.

The other classifications of wastes include organic wastes, mineral oil waste, glass, lead acid batteries waste, dry cleaning waste, tire waste, medical and related waste and bio-solid wastes.

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