Beautiful Lakes – A Waste Dumping Ground?

Two Hiker Buddies Hauled Trash From Upper Joffre Lake
A couple of hiker buddies did what others wouldn’t tread on; they hauled out about 40 pounds or more trash from the Upper Joffre Lake as they felt that this would endanger the bears. The hikers, Devan Francis and Vince Emond hauled up the trash to the parking lot which was a trail of 5-Kms long.

According to the two hikers, it was mandatory that people should be made accountable for the trash that they leave being in public places and they voiced this sentiment in their accounts on social media like Instagram.. The post also showed the beauty of the lake and the various trash that flows along the waters. Being inspired by the photograph, a photographer and filmmaker with Window Box an agency in North Vancouver, appealed to other hikers and visitors to parks to follow and post their own photographs to create an awareness for cleaner parks. Emond, in his Facebook Pages expressed his frustration as another site the Keyhole Wilderness Hot Springs in Pemberton was closed down due to bear intrusion. With bear intrusion on the rise due to waste food littered, it was a blogger whose article “You killed a Bear”, brought to notice that bears were killed in order to allow human survival.

Pack it in, Pack it out Slogan
Emond in his social media page expressed his sadness on the closure of both the scenic sites in Pemberton and urged people to follow the rule “pack it in, pack it out”. The BC. Park’s official map of Joffre Lakes Provincial Park requested people to clean up after use and bring along an extra garbage so they can fill out more than they brought in.

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