North Vancouver Dog Waste Disposal News

The Best Utilization of Dog Waste!
One of the most innovative methods of disposing off dog waste has been introduced by Bill Droeske and his team of workers. With just a pair of scissors, a table and some buckets, he has made sure that the local community in British Columbia is made free of dog or any other pet waste. Now, it is expected that with the introduction of Red Bins, it is possible to segregate the pet waste and make the project easier and simpler. Bill Droeske has a made a profession for himself by implementing the procedure that involves, the collection of dog waste in plastic bags from various disposal bins, empty the plastic bags into buckets and then use it in the waste water treatment plant. The waste is used to produce Methane gas which helps in the operation of the plant.

Dog Waste Removal Company
The company Scooby’s Dog Waste Removal Service, owned by Bill Droeske, is contracted by the Metro Vancouver and other Municipalities in Lower Mainland as well as other places in Canada. With the installation of the Red Bins by the bins rentals company in the various parks, Bill Droeske has found his business soring to great height as he now has increased his number of employees who are paid up to an hourly rate of $30. According to Bill Droeske, the more the number of Red Bins in the parks increase and the more the parks are installed with the Red garbage bin, he is sure that he can generate a community that is completely free of dog waste which can otherwise be found all over the place.

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