TGM acquires Plastics Plus Recycling Group

Waste paper recycler TGM Recycling has expanded its operations in the plastics sector with the acquisition of the Devon-based Plastics Plus Recycling Group and its subsidiary Polymer Industries.

According to TGM Recycling chairman Graeme Coombs, the move “supports and cements our diversification into clean plastics recycling and manufacturing”.

The London-based company is seeking to grow its expertise and operation in the plastics sector, having traditionally operated in waste paper.

As part of the acquisition Polymer Industries, which deals primarily in rigid materials, will maintain its headquarters in Wrangaton, South Devon, where it will expand its processing and manufacturing capacity with investment from TGM. Jason Goozée and John Gibbins will remain with the business as managing director and business development director, having founded both PPRG and Polymer Industries in October 2013.

The company carries out sorting and granulation and pellet production at a 12,000 sq ft site near South Brent. It handles about 40 to 50 tonnes of mixed rigid plastics from businesses per week with materials ranging from food packaging and pallets to automotive components.

TGM is to aid investment in an extrusion line, which it is hoped will expand the range of products that the company will produce. This will include the development of rigid plastic products for the building trade.

Commenting on the move, Mr Coombs said that TGM had seen an ‘alarming drop’ in the production and consumption of newsprint in recent years – a market that the company had traditionally specialised in. This coincided with commercial clients offering a greater volume of plastics alongside other materials.

As such TGM has sought to become more heavily involved in the plastics market – establishing sister company Europlastix in 2015.

Mr Coombs added that TGM had been looking for a plastics specialist to join the company for around 12 months, and that the addition of the Plastics Plus team to the TGM portfolio is the right fit for the business.

Mr Goozée added: “I am delighted that Polymer Industries has now become part of the TGM Recycling Group. It not only strengthens our combined management team, but gives us greater support and confidence to drive the business forward and to further expand our polymer reprocessing and manufacturing capabilities. I see a bright future ahead for the Group.”

TGM Recycling is the holding company which owns TGM Environmental Limited, The Waste Paper Company, Surrey Waste Recycling and Europlastix Recycling Limited. TGM’s headquarters are in Charlton, London and it has depots in Charlton, Woolwich and Guildford.

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