Trying to reduce single use items, mainly disposable cups and paper bags

Number of problems which are created by paper cups and such disposable items
In the city of Vancouver, everyone is trying to reduce the use of disposable items such as paper cups, paper shopping bags and other items. This city is part of greenest city action plan and its aim is to reduce solid waste up to 50 percent from 2008 levels to the 2020 and also using disposable bin rentals. From the total garbage of Vancouver’s city, more than 15 percent garbage is paper, glass, and other plastic materials. This city is also encouraging the all recycling programmes so that there will be bin services and less wastage in future as compared to today.

More than 20 percent paper cups are found in local streets and 50 percent bin service used by paper cups. Every week, 205 million paper cups are used by people and need so much disposable bins rentals.

Everyone is ready to necessary step
People are trying to take compostable step for reducing paper cups waste. Number of companies comes forward in this area and ready to take suitable steps that may reduce economical footprints.

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