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Dumpster Rental: What To Do When Your Roll Off Arrives
Dumpster rental has always proven to be an effective way for residents as well as businesses to manage their wastes in a more fashionable manner. With the dumpsters, you are no longer worried about haphazard collection which may end up making your waste management ineffective. But for you to get the most from your dumpster rental there are quite a number of factors worth considering, with the most important one being how you will handle the dumpster from the moment it is rolled off your property to the time the driver comes back for the collection.

Once you have chosen the dumpster rental company and agreed on the delivery date, the first thing you must do is prepare the actual location for the placement. As you already know, dumpsters can’t just be placed anywhere and depending on its size, you have to make careful consideration on the placement, lest its position becomes an inconvenience to you and others.
To begin with, the location should be easily accessible for the delivery driver and in case you notice potential barriers to successful delivery and placement, it will be imperative upon you to prepare the site before the driver arrives. Again, if you intend to have the dumpster placed along a street, you may need to get the necessary permits from the local authorities. But if you are going to have the dumpster placed in your property, there may be no need to have any permits.

When it comes to placement on the actual spot, it is recommended that you should place the canister on a soft ground. This is because they are usually heavy and they can do significant damage to the property if not supported well. Ideally, they should be placed on a soft ground or a grassy area, even if you have a concrete or asphalt driveway.

Once the container is placed on the right place and you start filling up the container, you should take care of not just what you throw into the dumpster rental but also the volume to which you fill it up. In most cases, you are discouraged from filling it up to the brim since this may make it difficult for the driver to cover it properly at the time of collection. The recommended volume for filling up the containers is 75% of the height of the wall.

You should also know that not every garbage or waste will be thrown into the dumpster. You should avoid dumping any material not recommended since this will do nothing but attract you fines and penalties from the dumpster rental company. If you are not certain about what you should toss into the container, simply consult with the rental company so that you are well informed of what is expected of you. But in most cases, some of the items you may not be allowed to dump include hazardous materials, chemical wastes, agricultural wastes, and electronics amongst others.
Finally, be sure to call for pickup in good time. The last thing you want is a sight of a dumpster full of garbage lying in your compound for days.

Avoid Dumpster rental service Fees with These Tips
A dumpster rental service is usually not very expensive, but you may find yourself paying a little fortune due to the extra fees and fines you get slapped with during the rental period. To avoid all these, it is imperative for you to know what is likely to make you get fined or be charged an extra fee and the good news is that none of these is a secret and you can always avoid the extra charges if you decide to.

Below are some of the tips you can use to avoid the extra dumpster rental fees
Begin by asking about the extra fees and fines

The first way to deflate any possibilities of you paying extra fees is to know about all of them and there is no better way of doing this than asking the dumpster rental service directly. Once you have made your choice of the service provider, take time and ask them about the various instances when you can get fined or charged an extra fees.

Of course, these will be included in the fine print, but if you are like most of us, you will never take the time to go through the print with a fine tooth comb and it is easier when you just pick up the phone and ask them. Your duty then, will be to avoid whatever they will tell you.

The location for placement should be free from obstructions
One of the sources for extra charges in dumpster rental service is poor choice of location. The location at the time of delivery and pickup should be free from any kind of obstruction. Where you intend to have the dumpster placed should not have things like low hanging wires, parked cars, narrow alleys, low hanging tree branches or any other kind of obstruction. Remember, if the delivery can’t be made due to such obstructions, you are likely to be charged for a failed delivery and the same applies if the pickup will have similar challenges.
Have the weight of the debris in mind while filling up the container

This is another common area where you may find yourself incurring extra dumpster rental service charges. You should always have in mind the weight of the debris you are dumping into the dumpster. As usual, you will be advised on the maximum amount of tonnage allowed for that specific container and if this is exceeded, then you will be charged an overage fee.
Don’t throw prohibited items into the dumpster

Certain items are not allowed into the dumpster and if you decide to toss them into the container, then you will be essentially earning yourself extra rental fees. When calling the dumpster rental company, the customer representative will tell you what is prohibited and you must consider these carefully if you don’t want to part with additional money in terms of fines or extra charges.

Always call for pick up
You are always free to use a dumpster rental service for as long as you want, but you must have in mind that there is always an extension fee after a certain number of days. Most companies will have a 10-day rental period, after which extension fees will apply. To avoid accruing a lot of the fees, be sure to call for pickup immediately you are done with it.

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