Hazard of Bullying in a School in Queensborough

Bullying Causes Student to Switch Schools in New Westminster, BC
The hazard of harassment and bullying in schools came to light when a student of the school was harassed by senior students. This boy was called names, physically beaten, and rammed into a recycle bin. On getting to know about it, the mother of the boy Mrs. O approached the Principal of the school and complained, but was extremely disappointed with their lack of interest in the problem with no proper meetings allowed and an inadequate apology that came much later after pressurizing the school. The mother continuously felt that the lackluster approach of the school led to a sense of insecurity. However, the Principal denies these allegations vehemently and explains that any cases of bullying has been promptly addressed by the school staff. This explanation has not been accepted wholehearted by the mother, who says that the case must be considered specifically and addressed with the same specific seriousness. She also questions the School Act of the province, which does not take action against the bullies below the age of 16 years. This results in the victim having to either continue to suffer or change schools and allows such bullying to prevail.

Changes to Be Implemented Against Bullying In Schools:
Superintendent Duncan explains that changes to be introduced in the schools include establishing a gender-neutral washroom and a Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) in all schools soon, including the Queensborough Middle School. The Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Committee will be the new name given to the New Westminster school board’s committee. He also insisted on the need for schools to ensure that the privacy of the students is protected.

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