Cleaning Up the Garbage after Long Weekend Revelry!

Garbage Cleaning At Cultus Lake
Empty plastic bottles, used junk food packets, filled garbage bags and a whole lot of waste were littered all along the dock area of the Cultus Lake in British Columbia after the celebrations of the Victoria Day during the weekend. Residents complained about a continuous stream of garbage not put in dumpsters, but carried along by the stream flowing into the Fraser River. They also complained about having to clean up their own backyards after such weekends, especially in summer. People living in the Cultus Lake area are surprised at the increase in garbage over the years.

Reasons for the Piling up of Garbage:
One of the reasons explained by Chilliwack Count. Sam Waddington is that the parks around the area are poorly funded and hence they are not able to engage the services of the garbage bins rentals services not the conservation officers, who could help in the preservation of the environment from being littered. The few officers who are engaged are rather busy with patrolling the parks for bear and cougar intrusions and attending meetings held in the community. The Count astonishingly mentioned that there were just two to three officers for the entire district of Chilliwack that covers an area of 260 square kilometers
Another reason was cited by a regular camper at the Campbell River site, Rick Curry, who explains that the campers need to be educated on the cleaning up of litter into garbage bins after their camping. Calling it the “”pack in, pack out” program, he said this concept of cleaning up after their camping program should be set as a rule.

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