Metro Vancouver Disposal Service

Metro Vancouver Disposal Service
TrashKing is roll-off and junk removal company that provides a disposal service to homeowners and businesses alike. Whether you are looking for a waste audit to ensure your business is disposing of your trash efficiently, or a dumpster rental to get rid of construction waste on your project, we have just the solution for you. Call 604-433-5865 today and find out how you can get TrashKing to handle your disposal needs.

How to Cut Down on Garbage and Save Money
Most people usually don’t view waste disposal service as a viable avenue for saving money. It should be known to you that you take every opportunity you get to save as much as possible. With regards to waste disposal, either at home, in the office or at business place, it is vital for you to take active steps in reducing the amount of money you spend on the waste disposal services. To help you out, below are some nice tips you can use to cut down on garbage at your home and save some good money in the process-:

Do an extensive trash audit
Before contacting any garbage disposal company, you should have clear idea of exactly what it is they will be carrying away. There is no way to determine this other than conducting an extensive garbage audit so that you have a clear understanding on the nature as well as the amount of garbage you generate.

Though it sounds crazy, a trash audit comes along with lots of beneficial information that will give you more insights on your waste. From the audit, you won’t just discover what constitutes the bulk of your garbage, but also you will know what to cut down on so that you don’t generate a lot of waste.

Learn to use less
From the trash audit above, you can decide to cut heavily on those things that lead to lots of wastes in your home. For instance:

If you discovered that you throw away a lot of food, then you should stop buying in bulk and get only what you will need.
If you have lots of packaging bags, then you could come up with proper sustainable shopping baskets instead of having lots of bags each and every time.
You can decide if the trash can liner is really helpful or if you could simply host out the bin on a regular basis.
If you are using more than 2 tablespoons of dish-washing or laundry detergent, then you are probably using more than necessary.

Always choose reusable over disposable
Just like with paper bags, you can always choose reusable over disposable ones at all times to save on waste generation which will consequently save you on the amount you pay on garbage disposal services. For instance, the average American uses up to six napkins on any given day. If this number could be reduced to four, then over two billion pounds of waste could be removed from the landfills annually. Though this is at a national scale, you could also achieve almost similar results at the household level.

Choose disposal services wisely
Cutting on your garbage costs also comes down to the wise choice of a garbage disposal service. You ideal company should not just guarantee good service, but also the services should be availed to you at good rates. Therefore, take your time to do the research and ask for deals as well as discounts on the disposal service to help you save some money in the process.

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