Cheap Dumpster Rentals: A Junk Removal Alternative

Cheap Dumpster Rentals in Greater Vancouver:
It’s no secret that junk removal is a dime a dozen. Everyone has a pick up truck, cube van or trailer ready to haul your rubbish away for a fee. Heck, the franchises will even pretend to give you a good deal with a $10 off coupon on a $600 load. 6percent discount on an overpriced service is hardly cheap! But.. we have an alternative to that expensive and ineffective junk removal service.

Affordable Dumpster Rentals
At the onset, a dumpster might seem like overkill for your project. But, its amazing how much junk comes out of the woodwork when you start collecting it. All the empty space in your low-cost dumpster can be filled up. When TrashKing was first created, we used to try and fill all the inefficient waste pockets with trash. Everything from household garbage like bags, clothes, packaging to creamy pumpkin face make-up. We used to make a game of dumpster filling and see who could Tetris in the best basement clutter or attic trash and fill that home dumpster into efficiency.

I’m sorry for rambling on, but we want to hit as many keywords as possible so that our true customers can find us online when they are looking for extra cheap dumpsters and other rentals services. The cost savings from using a dumpster company like TrashKing is that you actually get all of the junk removed. When rubbish removal teams come into your house, you are always rushed to find exactly what has to go, so that they can quote you. With a rolloff dumpster, all you do is guess what size you need and pack it full with all your crap slowly until you have reached that happy de-cluttering moment of bliss. Hoarders beware, this is not going to feel familiar but that’s ok, take three deep breaths and say TrashKing has the best dumpster rental service in Greater Vancouver, BC. Call 604-433-5865 to book your dumpster rental service today.

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